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“In commemoration of the graciousness of the divine beast, offerings are to be made. Candidates, bring forth the holy fire and oil.”

The Emperor deliberately emphasized the word ‘candidate.’

It was a foolhardy attempt to place Damian beneath him. 

I suppressed the urge to sigh, handing the Empress a flask of holy oil. 

The Empress evenly sprinkled the holy oil onto the offerings. 

Following our lead, Damian handed the torch to the Emperor. 


“Yes, Damian.

Humble yourself this way.”

“Your role as a candidate suits you well.”

The Emperor openly ridiculed Damian. 

The Emperor’s sneering whispers made my face and the Empress’s harden. 

Damian, being the afflicted party, remained astonishingly calm. 

The Emperor, who burst into laughter, threw embers over the fire. 


The embers upon coming into contact with oil blazed fiercely. 

The Emperor asked Damian condescendingly. 

“How is it, Damian”

With his back turned on the raging fire, the Emperor glanced at Damian. 

His eyes were as baleful as a hissing snake. 

“The harvest festival is essentially our way of expressing gratitude to the divine beast.”

Damian continued to listen to the Emperor with a calm demeanor. 

The Emperor raised his voice as if wanting to be heard by all those attending.

“In addition, Damian is a truly special being who has awakened the latent power of the divine beast, something unseen in 200 years. 

No way. 

I was wide-eyed for a moment. 

It wouldn’t end there, the Emperor’s next words were more than enough to make my heart sink. 

“So how about it Why don’t you unleash the power of the divine beast right here and now and bless all the people gathered today”

I see now.

This is what the Emperor had been aiming for from the start. 

I gritted my teeth again. 

Damian hasn’t fully mastered the power of the divine beast. 

However, Damian is indeed someone who has awakened that power.

‘If he answers ‘I can’t do it.’ right then and there, everyone will accuse him of being disobedient against the Emperor’s wishes.’

But to forcefully attempt to use divine power at the Emperor’s behest…

There’s no telling the toll it will have on Damian’s body. 

The Emperor would love nothing more than for something to go wrong.

If Damian makes a mistake in front of so many people, he would be jeered at by everyone. 

What should I do

The Empress, who had been in the background, for the most part, interjected.

“Your Majesty, withdraw the order.

Your Majesty is well aware that his Highness’s power is unstable.”

“No, I don’t think so.

Damian is an exceptionally gifted child.”

The Emperor gave a blunt response. 

Wow, Emperor.

Where’s your conscience

We won’t deny that Damian is outstanding in many ways!

But it’s a different matter when it comes to the power of the divine beast, isn’t it

“How many swordsmanship teachers has he replaced, hmm He’s not going to disappoint me with this, isn’t that right”

‘Isn’t that right’

That voice was ice-cold. 

I glanced back at Damian unknowingly. 

Our eyes met. 

But unlike mine which were frantic, his golden scarlet eyes were so tranquil. 

After a while, Damian chuckled. 

I could point out a faint smile on his face. 

…Damian, just what are you thinking

“If your Majesty wants me to.”

Damian, still bowing his head, raised his head upright. 

An indifferent answer rang out. 

“I won’t refuse.”


I blinked blankly. 

Embarrassment deeply etched the Emperor’s face. 

Perhaps the Emperor expected Damian to back out in anxiety. 

Because I did too. 

Damian took a step forward. 

Perhaps sensing the change in the atmosphere, the nobles looked our way again. 

“His Majesty has ordered me to bless all the distinguished attendees with divine blessings…”

Confronting all the eyes of the nobles that were focused on us, Damian grabbed their attention.

He raised his hand as he continued. 


Obeying his Majesty’s order is the duty of the heir to the throne.”

Damian emphasized ‘heir to the throne.’

The Emperor’s brow scrunched up when he heard that. 

“Although I’m inexperienced in controlling the power, I still…I’ll do my best.”

Damian shifted all the blame onto the Emperor should things go south. 

He just turned this situation on its head. 

Even though he’s inexperienced, he’s compelled to carry them out per the Emperor’s order. 

Well, he’s not wrong the Emperor is forcing him to do this but- 

Damian, will this go well

I put on a determined face. 

The nobles who were listening to him started to mutter and grumble among themselves. 

“Hold on, didn’t someone say the crown prince’s power is unstable”

“I heard that too!”

“If his Highness can’t control…”

A dark cloud hung over the nobles. 


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