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However, what if Damian loses control 

I might just lose my life trying to get a blessing. 

‘Just maybe it won’t come to that, after all everyone seems to be against it.’

As I watched Damian give off the aura of a natural-born leader, I felt so proud. 

Who brought up that handsome boy Me! That’s who!

‘Well, if we’re being precise, I did have the support of the Empress…’

But my contribution was the largest!

I enjoyed watching the nobles whine while rambling on with their trivial thoughts. 

“Your Majesty, surely you won’t have the crown prince use the divine beast’s power!”

“No, it can’t be true!”

“Please take back this extreme order!”

At just a moment’s notice, the nobles were anxious to stop Damian, fretting at the thought of him wielding his power.

All right, I think we can safely put this all behind us in this case. 

I was relieved. 

Then, Damian shook his head. 



I turned to Damian with a grim look on my face. 

Damian, what did you just say

“His Majesty has placed great expectations on me.”

Hey, you aren’t going to…you’re going to bless everyone

I was freaking out on the inside. 

In the original novel, Damian completely mastered the power of the divine beast only after he was over 20 years old! 

But Damian seemed earnest. 

An unfamiliar smile hung on his lips. 

Damian with his eyes closed proclaimed to the Emperor. 

“With that said, I have to live up to his Majesty’s expectations.”

“That’s enough, Damian.”

The Emperor replied with a stony face. 

Finally, Emperor!

That’s the first time he said something I agree with!

“I didn’t think this through.

I didn’t expect the nobles to oppose this.”

“No, I have an opportunity to show my loyalty in this way…”

Damian’s smile grew wider. 

His smile resembled a sharp blade. 

He ended his speech with two words.

“I’m happy.”

In the blink of an eye, I was speechless at the sight unfolding before me. 

It was something out of fantasy but this fantasy had just descended into reality. 

From Damian’s back, 3 huge pairs of wings made of light sprouted forth. 

They were wings of a solely silver color that symbolized the divine beast. 

I held my breath.

I realized I couldn’t even cry after witnessing such a majestic sight. 

The three pairs of wings fluttered with force.

As they fluttered, feathers filled the air, emitting wondrous light before fading.

“….wow, your Highness, the crown prince,” I said under my breath. 

I licked up my lips a little.

Even though my voice could barely be heard, Damian turned around to face me. 

His eyes, which were as sharp as broken glass, softened the moment they saw me. 

Why is that 

That’ll have to wait.

All I could see at the moment was only Damian alone.

Damian whispered back in a low voice. 


Damian came up to me, grasping my hand gently. 

As our hands overlapped, radiating energy coursed from every part of his body. 

I breathed in. 

How can I explain this sensation

If I had to compare…

It felt like the touch of the warmest spring descending onto the ground that was frozen for the longest time. 

The power to sprout and grow life. 

But somehow I couldn’t help but have a faint feeling that something was out of place.

It was because the power flowing through me felt somehow familiar. 

As if I’ve known this for a long time…

‘No, useless thoughts again.’

I shook my head. 

That can’t be right.

Where’s your common sense, Charlize

What does a maid like me have to do with the divine beast 



Trying to shake off those thoughts, I bit my lips and looked at Damian

Will something go wrong if Damian continues to use the power

“Your Highness, are you okay”

“Yes, I’m fine.”

At my concerned question, Damian gave me a slight nod. 

Then he turned his head, getting a glimpse of the multitude of people looking back at him. 

Past the Emperor’s twitching eyes and the Empress’s faint smile…

He cast a glance at the mesmerizing nobles one after the other. 

At the same time, all six wings that sprouted from his back expanded to immense proportions before receding magnificently as they had appeared. 

“Be blessed everyone.”

Those words rang out. 

His wings emitted light like a mist that poured down onto the people. 

It was a warm light. 

The people watched the spectacle as if enthralled and were soon erupting in shouts of astoundment. 

“…my God, the scar on the back of my hand is gone!”

It began with admiration from a middle-aged aristocrat. 

Following that, people began to exclaim praises one after the other. 

“I-I don’t feel the back pain I’ve had for so long!”

“My legs have been paralyzed for years, what is going on!”

“How on earth, how did this happen!”

People were now looking up to Damian with awestruck eyes. 

Then I remembered the power of divinity in the original novel. 

The power of the divine beast is split into two types, destruction and purification. 

Among these two, the power of purification is the power to purify evil.

Since human suffering is considered evil, the power of purification also grants the power of restoration (healing). 


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