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In theory, even people whose lives are at the edge or even those who can’t continue because their souls are hurt inside…

‘I actually was about to say it was a miracle.’

It was a nonsensical transfer that the first Emperor, Carpel who made direct contact with Aurelia had done.

To directly interfere in a human’s life places a huge strain on the caster who uses the power. 

‘Besides, the Damian in the original…hadn’t awakened the power of purification until the very end.’

I narrowed my brow. 

Damian was unable to exact vengeance and awakened the power of destruction. 

That power made Damian the strongest being in the world.

He eventually put the whole world beneath his feet…

That ending was probably lonely. 

So would it be better to awaken the power of purification 

I nodded my head satisfactorily. 

‘….yeah, it’ll be a bit different from the original.’

I always thought of changing the original since the beginning, most of all having Damian be recognized by the people. 

People now paid no attention to the Emperor. 

All their tribute was directed toward Damian. 

“To think this body of mine would get to experience the blessings of the divine beast from legends…”

“As expected, the crown prince is the only rightful heir to the Imperial family!”

“He is the successor to Emperor Carpel, how does he feel about that”

Praise upon praise was showered onto Damian. 

Damian without letting the praises go to his ego suddenly raised his head. 

The Emperor was staring at Damian with a murderous look.

Damian in contrast smiled at the Emperor who looked like he was going to explode. 

“Under the protection of the divine beast, endless glory to the Sun and Moon of the empire.”

Damian bowed his head before the Emperor and Empress, honoring them. 

The Emperor gnashed his teeth.

On the other hand, the Empress responded politely to Damian. 

‘It was like seeing the second coming of the divine beast.

That was incredible, Damian.”


A great cheer erupted. 

I watched Damian from behind, feeling overwhelmed with an indescribable joy. 

As I did, Damian sneaked his way to me and we made eye contact. 

He licked his lips slightly. 

‘Whaddya think Did I do well’

Seriously, this boy!

I stopped scrunching my brows and ended up laughing. 




Later that evening. 

The Empress with a melancholic expression on her face leaned closer to me. 

Laying her head over my shoulder, she complained softly. 

“Lize, I don’t want to go to the banquet.”

“Aww, but you have to go.”

I smiled, trying to comfort the Empress as she pouted. 

Wow, our Empress is pretty even when she pouts. 

She may not like it and that’s understandable. 

The Empress has been quite busy today. 

It was over for me and Damian but the Empress had to attend a banquet following the harvest festival. 

“You understand me, don’t you Charlize It’s irritating having to dress up for hours!”

The Empress moaned as she clenched her fists. 

In her frustration, the pearl bracelet on her wrist jingled. 

“Even with all the effort I go through, the only people I meet are His Majesty, the Emperor, and the nobility!”

“Please, calm down.

If you bite your lips, your makeup will be ruined.”

“How can you not be calm in this situation”

The Empress was now shaking her fists in the air. 

“I’m tired of smiling!”

Fortunately, I had an ace up my sleeve that would quell the Empress’s exasperation. 

I took a deep breath and blinked my eyelashes, putting on the cutest face I possibly could. 

“But Charlize likes that the Empress is beautifully dressed.”

Ugh, I’m already ten years old and I’m calling myself in the third person…

Isn’t this so cheesy!

I shrugged it off and continued anyway. 

However, for the Empress, it was just perfect. 

The Empress looked at me with sparkling eyes. 

“Really You like seeing me pretty Charlize”

“Yes! In fact, the Empress is the prettiest person in the world even when she’s idle.”

I said that earnestly. 

Although it was a clumsy compliment, the Empress seemed to feel better. 

“It’s better when good and good come together, isn’t it”

“When good things come together…what are you talking about”

‘Well…it’s like putting ice cream on a brownie…won’t it taste twice as good”

After hearing my crude parable, the Empress’s face looked like she could burst into laughter at any time if I spoke again. 

I was a bit miffed. 

Well, it’s just how I talk. 

The Empress placed her hand on my shoulder. 

“Charlize’s parable was so convenient, I understood it as soon as you said it.”


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