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Damian replied in a firm tone.

“Duh, of course.”

“It’s hard for me, imagining myself outside the palace.”

“Lize, why are you talking like that Is it because you don’t want to go out with me

Damian probed me for answers.

What Does he really think that way

I quickly shook my head. 

“It’s not like that.”

“Are you sure”

“Yes, I’m sure.

Like I said before, I like the crown prince very much.”

Seemingly hitting the nail on the head, Damian’s face brightened up. 

It seemed like he wanted to say something, but he stopped and avoided eye contact.

His white cheeks were so red, that if water were to touch them, they would just go ‘tssss.’

I barely withheld my desire to tease him again, instead, I stayed with him just grinning. 




That night, I had a dream.


A gentle voice echoed. 

There were two people sitting side by side under the dazzling night sky that was strewn with countless stars. 

There was a woman with long bright silver hair and a man with indigo-colored hair that resembled the early hours of dawn. 

The man rested his head on the woman’s shoulders, his eyes were closed as if asleep.

The facial expressions of the two were drastically different. 

The woman’s beautiful face was pale and covered in a stream of tears, while the man’s face seemed very serene. 

‘I will keep my promise to you.’ 

Whispering into the man’s ear, she raised her head afterward.

It was as if she didn’t want him to be caught in the tears she was shedding. 

‘So you…’

She shook her head slowly in a pained motion. 

Her voice was mixed with so many emotions such as sorrow and anger. 

But the obvious one among them all was her unconditional love towards the man.

‘…keep the promise you made with me.’  

At the same moment she whispered, I suddenly woke up. 


Across the midnight velvet sky, the countless stars were still shining brilliantly in place. 

The lush green fields swaying in the wind, patches of wildflowers blooming, the distinctive fresh smell of grass, and the even weight of the man’s head resting on her shoulders. 

It was a bizarre vivid dream. 

As if I was there, experiencing everything on the spot. 

“What happened…”

I’m having all sorts of strange dreams. 

Trying to brush it off, I raised my hand and wiped my eyes. 

“What, how”

I fully opened my eyes, surprised at my fingers. 

My fingers were wet and slightly wrinkled from wiping away my tears. 

As if I had been sobbing and weeping the entire dream…

No, why was I crying

I narrowed my eyes and looked out the window. 

Above the empty garden, there was only the darkness of early dawn. 

The bluish hue reminded me of the man I saw in the dream. 

That man…

“Hey, I shouldn’t think too much about this.

I need to get some rest.”

Frowning, I pulled the covers and laid down again. 

But because of the thumping of my heart, I stayed up all night, unable to sleep. 




A few days later. 

I was running towards the crown prince’s palace in exhilaration 

The chef at the Empress’s palace made a special duck dish, and it just tastes heavenly!

I was ecstatic to have Damian try it.

So much so, the Empress in the end though with a dissatisfied face agreed to have Damian tag along. 

‘As expected, our Empress is an angel!’

Just the thought of Damian eating this meat dish, put a big smile on my face. 

That reminds me of the time when I first fed him white bread with jam on it, Damian was really cute.  

I could clearly picture the look on his face, how wide his eyes were when he tried sweets for the first time. 

*Ahh* He’s grown so much. 

As I reached the palace, I stopped in my tracks. 

What Why is the door to the palace wide open

And the gate guard’s gone too

I felt something ominous. 

As I set foot into the crown prince’s palace, there stood a man in splendid clothes in the distance. 

…is he

My face hardened. 

The man was from the imperial palace. 

‘He’s dressed as a royal official.’

Emperor, what threats will you use to bully Damian this time

I curled my lips. 

“Prince Damian Carpel De Winsor, show reverence to his Majesty!” 

At those words, Damian knelt with an expressionless face. 

The official raised his voice, calling for attention. 

“As prince of the imperial family and as someone who has awakened the power of the divine beast, you must bear the weight of your nobility.”

…what kind of nonsense is that What does he mean by ‘weight of nobility’

Flames ignited in my eyes.

Don’t make me laugh, you and your honeyed words!

You all have never treated Damian with any dignity!

“Therefore I entrust you with the duty of defending Winsor.”

“What is that duty” Damian inquired. 

“The crown prince is to make way to the northern Kier plains to cleanse the beasts and defend our lands.”

Responding to Damian’s calm question, the official answered without any delay. 

N-Northern Kier plains!

I was wide-eyed. 

The Kier plains were adjacent to Margrave Ante’s territory in the frontier and are inhabited by demonic beasts. 

The land which the Empire has never been able to obtain. 


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