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Isn’t this just like sending someone to die!

I balled up my fists. 

My nails dug deep into my palms, but I was so fumed that I didn’t feel any pain. 

And Damian…

“The order, I’ll accept it.”

….he said so with a silent bow. 

I felt my whole world just come crashing down.

Everything seemed like a blur. 

Damian, what did you just say

Going to such a desolate place, have you lost your marbles!

When I came to, I suddenly found myself in front of Damian. 

“T-That can’t be!”


Damian looked at me in complete amazement. 

But I couldn’t afford to answer him right now. 

I immediately dropped to my knees, lowering my head till my forehead touched the floor. 

“Please reconsider, his Highness, the crown prince is just thirteen years old,” I implored the official sent. 

I bowed my head again and again in desperation. 

A stunned Damian watched in utter confusion but I didn’t raise my head. 

“How can the crown prince, someone so young, survive in such an unforgiving place”

I gasped for breath. 

Oh no, I can’t do it.

Not like this. 

I need to talk as clearly as possible. 

The official sent won’t take me seriously if I cry here…

To hold back the tears, I bit my lips till they bled. 

But even that couldn’t stop my tears from flowing freely. 

“Lize, stop it.”

“But!” I exclaimed with a crumpled expression. 

When I raised my voice, Damian shook his head in response. 

Damian wrapped his outstretched arm around me. 

“Would you kindly turn a blind eye towards the disrespect shown by this child”

Damian looked up at the man with an intense gaze.

The hand wrapped around my shoulder strengthened its grip. 

“She’s still young.

Aside from that, she’s the child whom Her Majesty, the Empress greatly cherishes.”

“Nonetheless, to show such impudence against the Emperor’s wishes…” stated the official. 

“You can’t punish this child over such trifles.

Any attempt to do so and you would be going against her Majesty’s wishes.

Are you prepared to be on bad terms with Her Majesty”

The official alternated between Damian’s and Charlize’s faces with a look that was lost for words. 

Damian spoke calmly. 

“If her Majesty, the Empress finds offense, you’ll certainly have offended the Duke of Rochester too.”


When the Empress’s brother was mentioned, the official seemed to back down. 

Damian nailed it. 

“Give me a deadline instead.”

“A deadline”


The Emperor’s wishes must be carried out,” declared Damian. 


I glanced back at him. 

Don’t tell me, you’re actually going to obey that unreasonable order

Are you serious!

However, Damian’s expression remained unchanged. 

I was in absolute disbelief. 

“All right.

But you must leave the palace within a week.”

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

After some back and forth, the official went away. 

I grabbed Damian by his collar. 

“Your Highness, what on earth are you talking about!”

“Lize, calm down.”

“A week! You have to leave in a week!”

I wiped away the tears with my sleeve. 

But as my tears continued to stream, my vision began to blur. 

I strengthened my grasp, holding onto Damian with all my might. 

If I don’t do that, Damian might disappear from me. 

“How…how could his Majesty, the Emperor do this to his Highness!”

“Don’t worry so much…”

Damian came closer, reaching out and wiping away my tears. 

His fingertips were wet from my constant sobbing. 

There’s no use in arguing like this. 

It wasn’t Damian’s fault. 

It’s the Emperor pushing him to accept…

“In a situation like this, how can you expect me not to worry!” 

“Well, that’s true, isn’t it”

Damian replied with laughter at my concern for his well-being.  

Why are you laughing about this!

I stared at Damian with a bewildered expression.

Gently wiping the corners of my swollen eyes, he muttered to me. 

“It’s nice though, having you be worried for me.”

“…how many times have you made me worry, and you just go and say that”

“Oh, the guilt! My conscience hurts now.”

Damian put on an awkward smile, something between a frown and a smile. 

Just as I was about to yell at him again. 

Damian stretched out his arms, hugging me tightly. 

…what’s this

I opened my watery eyes.


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