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Of course, I was indeed an insignificant figure amidst this vast palace, but still, I couldnt stand the mistreatment.

‘Im sure those maids also started from the bottom.

That meant even a pebble like me might turn into a diamond one day.

‘So… I better cheer up.

I slapped both of my cheeks.

‘Lets get a hold of yourself, Charlize.

‘Dont be discouraged!

I silently slid the door open with a firm heart.

I didnt have to get up this early.

The maids were supposed to wake up at 6 a.m.

Around this time, I would only encounter the maids who went in and out of the palace.

But those maids were my target.

‘I have to impress them.

Determination was set within my eyes.

Help them with their works or help them clean up.

It would be alright for the maids to make me do any chores if it meant that I could change their perception of myself.

‘This time, I will work hard, I clenched my fists with resolution.

The maids were good people.

I was sure theyd listen if I offered my help.

But I know theres a limit to their kindness.


‘I dont want to disturb Her Majestys by causing trouble.

To be exact, I have no desire to encounter the Empress since I hadnt decided what to do if I met her.

As I was walking down the central stairs with complicated thoughts, my eyes glistened with eagerness.

Near the stairs leg, a maid caught my eye.

She was in the middle of cleaning the lower part of the stair.

“Hello! Ive come to help.”

The maid raised her head when she heard my voice.

‘Who is she I dont think shes one of the maids I saw yesterday, my eyebrows scrunched up in confusion.

The maids who worked at the Empress Palace could be counted with one hand.

I knew this because I had memorized all the faces and names of the maids.

It was one of my attempts to give a good impression.

Although… without the maid Webbers help, I wouldve never been able to memorize them.

Just as I was sighing deeply inside.

“Good morning, Lady Charlize.”

The maid bowed deeply as she gave me a polite greeting.


Her respectful greeting perplexed me.

Well, its true that the maids should call me “Lady Charlize.”

‘But where did their crassness go Besides, whos this maid

The maid asked me, who was blanking out, “Why did you get up so early”

“Well, Im going to help the other maids.”

“Its okay, its our job.

You dont need to help us.”

The unfamiliar maid told me warmly.

Uh, huh…

“Excuse me, but you arent part of the maids I saw yesterday.

Am I right”

“Thats right.

As of yesterday, all the maids in the Empress Palace have been replaced.”

…she said all the maids in the Empress Palace have been replaced Why!

Surprised by the news, I immediately asked her.

“What! Why!”

“Oh, Her Majesty gave a special order,” the maid replied casually.

‘What do you mean its the Empress special order

I was stunned into silence.

‘What the hell is going on here

All the maids who were against me yesterday, they were fired


* * *

From the maid, I found out the rough outline of what happened.

The Empress suddenly replaced all the maids, saying, “I dont need people who cant follow my order.”

‘…is the Empress finally turning into the villain like what she was in the original novel

No, she wouldnt do that…

I could feel the fluttering feeling in my stomach.


‘You didnt do it because of me, did you

‘Or is it just me being self-conscious

Eventually, out of curiosity, I asked senior maid Webber.

“I… senior maid, why did Her Majesty change the maids out of the blue”

“Well, I wonder why”

Webbers senior maid just smiled, instead of giving a clear explanation.

My heart felt heavier when I heard her ambiguous response.

‘Ha… what am I supposed to do

Fortunately, apart from the little incident, I adapted very well to Her Majestys daily life.

To be honest, Ive never felt as comfortable as I was right now in my five years of life.

Well, I was a bit upset because of the maids on the first day.

But now, the new maids were very kind to me.

Sometimes I wonder if they were angels.

‘…if this life is a dream, I wish I would never wake up.

I squatted down as I wiped the door frame with a wet cloth.

Maybe its because I ate well and slept well recently, but my skinny body has gained additional flesh.

Under the other maids watchful gaze at the education center, I could only eat their leftover foods.

Now, I didnt have to do that anymore.

Was this how it felt like to see the sun after countless cloudy days

I didnt know this day would come!

‘Although Im afraid if I keep gaining weight, I wont fit into my maids attire.

Jubilant yet anxious feelings enveloped within my heart when I measured my hands.

Albeit being very well managed, there was dust in several corners where adults line of sight wont reach.

For example, the dust near these door frames.

Unless you lower your head, you wouldnt be able to see this dust.

This was where my height came in handy.

“Huff, Im done.”

Satisfaction filled me when I looked at the shiny door frame.

But then.

“Oh my goodness, Charlize!”

Lady Hayden has come to me with an appalled expression.

She let out a sigh in exasperation and spoke, “Charlize, youre still young.

You dont have to do this job.”

“What But…”

I was puzzled.

When I was a probationary maid, I did more than this.

The Head Maid narrowed her eyes.

“First of all, you need to get up.”

She reached out her hand to me.

I unconsciously reached out but retracted my outstretched hand right away when I saw its state.

Uh, my hands were dirty.

But the head maid did not mind.

She took my hand and lifted me.

‘Ouch, my legs are numb.

I stumbled a little as I tried to steady myself.

Ive been squatting on the floor for a long time, and my legs have been sore.

The maid entreated me.

“Oh, my God, are your legs alright”

“Dont worry.

My legs are alright!” I answered with the most gallant voice possible.

I couldnt show my weak side because of this!

When she scanned my appearance, she reached out and shook off my skirt.

“Oh, my God, theres dust all over your clothes.”

“Head maid, dont touch it.

Its dirty!”

I was startled and instinctively tried to avoid her hands.

Then Head Maid Hayden looked towards me with sad eyes.

“Its okay, its dust, isnt it What if theres a little bit of dust”

“…but Im very dirty….”

“Its all right.

I can wash my hands late.

Charlize is more important.”


I bit my lips as an attempt to suppress the fluttering feeling in my heart.

‘Im just a commoner maid.

Why is everyone so nice to me

The people of the Imperial Palace were so kind.

Their kindness even buried the nightmare I faced in the education hall.

If I get used to their kindness….

‘…that cant happen.

I took a deep breath.

‘I shouldnt be presumptuous.

Then, the head maid asked me a question.

“By the way, did Charlize say that you are five-year-old this year”

“Yes, its true!”

I set my worries aside and answered with a flattering smile.

The head maids eyes darkened as she complained, “How can a five-year-old be so meticulous in cleaning every nook and cranny”

How should I interpret the head maids words-

I honestly didnt know how.

All I knew was I needed to prove my worth.

I opened my mouth with my fists clenched.

“I can do it! I did a great job before in the education hall!”

“Really What did you do”

“I can clean the fireplace, do the laundry, and wipe the floor until it sparkles!”

At the answer, the Head Maid Hayden revealed an astonished look.

She held me by the shoulder and questioned urgently.

“Charlize… Did you clean the fireplace yourself”

“Yes, I did…”

‘Huh Whats wrong with Head Maid Hayden Did I do something wrong I groaned in my head.

The head maid continued in a stunned voice, “The fireplace is too hot and its full of soot! If you made a mistake, you couldve gotten hurt!”

Of course, it was hard to clean the fireplace.

There were so much soot and dust in the fireplace.

When I scraped the burnt firewood, the dust would choke my airways and caused me into a coughing fit.

Besides, there was a time when other maids rushed me into the wall stove, which had not cooled down.

Although, that time, I ran away.


I wriggled in my place, as I sneaked a glance at the maids expression.

What I was doing at the training center was replacing what everyone hated.

“A child like you as a substitute…!”

Head Maid Hayden couldnt continue her words to the end, and pulled her lips to ask.

I was at my wits end so I could only cast my eyes down.

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Oh no, the head maid must be angry.

Was it such a big problem

‘Im worried…

“Charlize, is that true”

A voice intervened.


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