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“Every time you use that handkerchief, it’ll remind you of me every day.


I tried putting on a cheerful smile.

Damian gazed intently at the handkerchief for a while as if taking in all its details. 

And then with a voice full of emotion, he asked me…

“…these grapes, did you embroider them yourself”

“They’re not grapes! Look again, you can clearly see they’re lilacs!”

I lost my temper. 

Grr, he says they’re grapes They’re lilacs!

Damian pressed further but with a slightly humbled face. 

“….lilacs These”

“Of course they’re lilacs! Your Highness, are you in dire need of glasses!”

It was almost unbelievable, the tears I cried were nearly dried up. 

Before I could fully process that, Damian nodded his head like he was convinced. 

“Somehow, I don’t doubt this is your embroidery.

I know you handiwork anywhere.”

Is he for real

I widened my eyes, shooting out my hand to snatch my gift from Damian. 

“Arr, fine! Give it back to me then.”

Damian quickly grabbed the handkerchief from the box. 

“No, it’s mine.”

The corners of Damian’s lips were now soaring, forming a blissful smile. 

“You’re taking it away after giving it to me”

Well, how about showing some gratitude when accepting something!

I was a bit miffed. 

In contrast, Damian smiled brightly. 

“I’ll use it, thank you.”

“After all those harsh comments, now you go on and say that…”

“You know what, Lize”  

Damian asked me out of the blue. 

I was about to say more but stopped and stiffened my shoulders. 

It was because Damian’s hand wrapped around mine. 

…h-hold on.

What’s going on all of a sudden

At that moment, the previous playful atmosphere evaporated in an instant.

In its place, a gentle and soft atmosphere permeated, surrounding us.  

I blinked my eyes blankly. 

“Because you’re by my side…I can say life is fun for the first time.”



Ever since I met you, every time I go to bed at the end of the day, I think of ‘tomorrow.’ I always look forward to it.”

Damian whispered in a gentle voice. 

“Cause I can get to see you again.”

Hey, what is he talking about!

His face became flushed in an instant. 

He bit his lip and stated.

At the same time, Damian took a step toward me. 

“So, I want to leave with a promise of ‘tomorrow’.”

“….a promise of ‘tomorrow’”



Damian nodded his head slightly, reached out and drew closer to me. 

“Honestly, I didn’t want to hear other people call me Damian…”

Damian ran his rough fingers through my long loosely tied hair. 

With each stroke, my silver hair fluttered. 

“But as long as it’s you…I don’t mind if you want to call me by my name.”


My eyes widened. 

It was because Damian, lifting the fringe of my hair, landed a short kiss. 


What the heck was that

Damian placed his lips on my forehead, lowering his gaze slightly until his gaze met mine. 

I heard a voice sweeter than honey. 

“So….see you next time.”

“Y-Your Highness”

“Call me Damian, not your Highness or crown prince.”

As I slowly raised my head, Damian looked straight down at me. 


Bluish indigo eyelashes fluttered. 

His golden scarlet eyes were right in front of me. 

Like a sun rising out of the deep darkness of dawn, they were noble and brilliant. 

I was the only person reflected in those eyes of his. 

“Can you promise me”

I was speechless. 

Usually, I would have taken a step back and said, ‘How could I call the crown prince by his name’

This time I couldn’t do that. 

My mind was blank, I couldn’t think of anything to say. 

Meanwhile my heart was racing like it was going to explode. 

I’m afraid he’ll hear the thumping. 

….but why is my heart beating like this

I tried to hide my confused look but to no avail.

“….I-I promise.”

But before I knew it, my lips moved on their own. 

After hesitating for a while, unsure of what to say, line after line came out. 

“Then promise me one thing.”

“What is it”

“It’s okay to return late.

Also, I’m confident I’ll manage.”

I continued to speak without faltering. 

“So instead…come back with no injuries, stay healthy.”

Damian’s face slowly became crinkled as he listened to me. 

And then I ended it on a high note. 

“You have to come back with a smile.”

It was then Damian took my hand, placing it in his. 


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