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he Empress clenched her fists. 

“She’s just become an adult.

She’s still so young,” said the Empress, turning to me. 

“Is that so” asked the Empress dowager. 


When I think about all the knights and servants who were chattering on and on even before Charlize came of age…”

The Empress was almost giddy in her tone, openly expressing her excitement. 

Um, well…

I rolled my eyes. 

It’s true that even before becoming of age, I had received dating offers several times. 

Of course, every time I get an offer….

‘The Empress would glare with such intensity at the other person, we couldn’t even get the chance to talk.’

*Sigh* After a scenario like that, I think I’ll never get to know any man’s name, let alone have a husband for the rest of my life. 

I continued to muse about it when-

“Anyways, Charlize is eighteen years old now,” said Her Majesty to the Empress dowager with a chuckle. 

“At such a young age, you should try dating.

Would you like me to arrange for you” offered the Empress dowager. 

“Oh, I’m fine,” I replied. 

I smiled and shook my head.

To be honest, I’m not interested in dating. 

Besides, I already have the Empress.

“I just want to live by her Majesty’s side.”

“Did you hear that My Charlize is one of a kind!” bragged the Empress as she raised her chin proudly. 

Then she looked at the Empress dowager with an unusual look.

“Besides, is it all right to rush in arranging a man for Charlize”


“If the crown prince gets angry, how will we deal with him”

“Aha,” I tittered uncomfortably. 

In an instant, the Empress dowager’s eyes lit up with amusement. 

“Well, you’re not wrong there.”



The Empress and the Empress dowager laughed to their heart’s content, disregarding everything else. 

What, why are you laughing like that

I couldn’t hide my flustered expression. 

The Empress, who laughed for a while, wiped the tears from her eyes and spoke again. 

“By the way, your Majesty.”

“Go ahead.”

“Actually, this time I invited the Empress dowager here to deliver a message.”

The Empress delivering a message What is it

Her Majesty, the Empress dowager, and I both tilted our heads to the side.

To which, the Empress revealed the bombastic news.

“The crown prince is returning.”

“…..I-Is that true!”

The Empress dowager abandoned her usual calm demeanor, raising her voice. 

I was no different from her Majesty. 

The two of us seemed to just forget our surroundings, focusing solely on the Empress and what she had to say next with our eyes wide open. 

The Empress explained calmly. 

“It is.

There will be a welcoming ceremony soon.”

“A welcoming ceremony Did his Majesty, the Emperor, allow it”

“Well, for this situation one doesn’t need permission, even from his Majesty.”

The Empress shrugged in annoyance upon mentioning his Majesty before continuing. 

“The achievements tallied by the crown prince are impressive, aren’t they”

In response, a proud smile appeared over the Empress dowager’s wrinkled countenance. 

Honestly, it’s a monumental and awe-inspiring feat. 

I felt so proud. 

In the eight years Damian spent in the north, the number of beasts has dropped to nearly one-fifth of their original numbers. 

At least for a few years, we don’t need to worry about beasts invading, right 

“Objectively speaking, no one currently has as much support from the people as the crown prince.”

“Goodness gracious, is that so”

“Of course it is.

I wouldn’t lie to the Empress dowager.”

The Empress kindly reassured her Majesty. 

“The whole empire is watching how the Emperor will receive the crown prince.”

“That means…”

“It means that the Emperor must unconditionally hold a ceremony to welcome back the prince.”

I glanced at the Empress’s visage. 

Umm, somehow….it seems like the Empress is satiated.  

As if to prove my conjecture, the Empress with a smug look, closed her eyes. 

“If the hero of the empire is shown neglect, not only will the North but the entire empire will be in an uproar.”

At those words, the Empress dowager’s face brightened like a lamp that had been lit. 

So did I. 

Oh, my dear Damian. 

You’ve grown so well!

Placing my hand on my beating chest, I inquired, thinking it prudent to ask. 

“Then, who will be representing this triumphant return”

“I heard the crown prince and Countess Antes will do so if I presume correctly.”

My heart sank in an instant. 

“….if it’s Lady Antes.”

“I mean Sienna Antes.

She’s coming as a representative for Antes’s lands.”

The Empress kindly clarified for us. 

“In the past, she was a young Lady, but recently she was designated as heir to her family and received the title of Countess.”

“I-I see.”

Swallowing my saliva, I asked again conscientiously. 

“By the way….why didn’t Margrave Antes come himself”

“Well, there’s no better time or place than the welcoming ceremony to introduce ‘Sienna Antes’ to the empire, right”

The Empress answered as if it was a no-brainer.  

“To gain acquaintances at the heart of the empire’s political sphere and to quickly solidify her position as Countess.

I would do the same in her shoes.”

I nodded slightly, quickly grabbing my tea, holding it ever so closely to cover my face. 

….I get it. 

As a representative for the welcoming ceremony, Damian and Sienna will be standing side by side. 

Am I finally going to meet the heroine

I put down my teacup, trying to get a hold of myself. 

I need to support both of them, even if I think otherwise….

The aftertaste of tea was somehow bitter. 


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