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Hence, the Emperor twitched his lips in discontent. 

Just then, the Empress stepped forward. 

“You’ve worked hard, Crown Prince.”

“Thank you, your Majesty.”

Damian bowed before the Empress. 

The Empress turned to Sienna, smiling radiantly. 

“Countess Antes has also done well.”

Contrary to the displeased voice of the Emperor, the Empress had a calm and gentle tone to her. 

And unlike Sienna’s stern attitude to the Emperor, she responded with a kind smile. 

“It’s a great honor to have Her Majesty, the Empress say so.”

“For now, both of you should rest up.”

“Yes, we will.

We’ll set up a separate palace for the knights who came with us.”

The Empress dowager hurriedly interjected herself into the conversation. 

She was still wiping away her tears with a handkerchief, the wrinkled corners of her eyes drenched. 

Damian, the Empress, and Sienna as well couldn’t hide their saddened expressions. 

Only the Emperor had an aversed expression in this situation. 

‘Must mother make such a scene She’s not right in the head.’

To the Emperor, it was an unpleasant sight to see his mother cry increasingly upon seeing her grandchild.  

‘No…what if he gains too many sympathy votes from the people!’

The Emperor cut off the conversation with a cold voice. 

“You’d better get plenty of rest before the celebration starts.”

“Thank you for your concern.”

“I take everything into account.”

The Emperor who answered in a suppressed but spiteful voice, took his leave as if he had done his part. 

But shouts of joy from the public continued to resonate. 

“Long live Winsor!”

“Long live his Highness, the Crown Prince!”

“They love you so much, will you keep pretending you don’t hear them”

Sienna couldn’t help but nudge Damian to step forward. 

Damian albeit reluctantly, gently waved his hands to the crowds of people. 

In response, a loud cheer erupted. 


The reaction invoked discomfort in him, but he couldn’t turn his back after sticking out his hand. 

Damian smiled embarrassedly. 

The Empress dowager encouraged her grandson with slight laughter. 

“Say something to the people.”

“….um, but.”

“They’re the ones who came all this way to see one person.


The Empress dowager’s warm gaze was focused solely on Damian. 

“Wouldn’t it be better to take this opportunity to address the people of the empire”

Just after that, the Empress dowager spoke in a hushed voice. 

“Because you’re the next Emperor.”

Damian’s shoulders stiffened upon hearing those words.  

Scarlet eyes sharpened. 

There was truth in that. 

He wanted to be emperor. 

Only by rising to the top could he protect Charlize and all those close to him. 

He would inevitably have to fight the Emperor down the line to do so.

Furthermore, in the present situation, the greatest weapon he had at his disposal that the Emperor didn’t have was…

‘The love and support of the people.’

Damian clenched his fists and took a step forward. 

All eyes were on Damian. 

“Everyone be quiet!”

“The Crown Prince is here!”

The sea of people became silent in an instant. 

Damian gazed at the multitude of people gathered before him. 

The people’s faces were full of anticipation and trust for their hero.  

…..it all felt unusual. 

Damian then corrected his posture and spoke in a composed manner. 

“Without the support of the empire’s citizens, these accomplishments would not have been possible.”

Damian didn’t raise his voice or express his emotions passionately. 

Nevertheless, Damian had the ability to overwhelm everyone with his voice.  

“Therefore, all my victories belong to the people of the empire.”

Damian lowered his head having said that. 

“Thank you.”


“Hooray, his Highness, the Crown Prince!”


A sincere ‘thank you,’ with no rhetoric attached was met with constant resounding cheers. 

Despite the Empress dowager gazing at Damian with pride. 

All of Damian’s attention was directed toward Charlize. 


He turned to look at Charlize again. 

However, Charlize bowed her head, pretending to be occupied with serving the Empress and thus avoiding Damian’s gaze once more. 

Damian was befuddled. 


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