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The Empress muttered in a gloomy voice. 

“If the crown prince so much as makes Charlize shed a single tear, I won’t let him go…”

“Surely, that won’t happen”

“You never know men.”

The Empress replied with a harsh remark. 

Head maid Hayden after staring at the Empress, finally let out her suppressed laughter. 

The Empress scrunched her brows in response, squinting at her handmaiden. 

“Why are you laughing so much”

“Ha-ha, it’s nothing.”


Hayden continued to laugh uncontrollably even after saying so. 

The Empress had a sour expression. 

As her laughter died down, Hayden looked at the Empress with a friendly gaze and asked. 

“Does the Empress adore Charlize that much”


The Empress answered, still sour and pouting. 

The handmaiden smiled widely. 

“I like Charlize too.”

In the hecticness that is imperial life, she was the only one who could bring out the emotions within her Majesty, making her laugh, cry, and pout. 

Hayden would always be grateful to Charlize. 




I sprinted to the greenhouse where Damian was said to be waiting. 

As soon as I entered the greenhouse, the first thing that struck my attention was the characteristically strong scent of blooming lilacs which, regrettably, gives me headaches.

I wandered around the greenhouse that was colored pale purple with lilacs. 

‘Damian, where are you!’

I searched here and there. 

However, I couldn’t find any trace of Damian. 

My heart just sank. 

Have you already left

Did I keep you waiting too long 

‘…You can’t do this.’

I bit my lips, occupied with my inner thoughts. 

If this is the case, we’ll only drift further apart. 

The crown prince who was lauded as the Hero of the Empire, and a maidservant who used to serve the crown prince eight years ago. 

If I miss this reunion, any chance of Damian and I seeing each other again will be gone forever. 

“…..Please, wait a little longer.”

Feeling anguish, she unconsciously muttered to herself in a desperate attempt to bring Damian back. 

The tip of Charlize’s nose became stuffy at the thought of Damian and her never being able to meet again. 

But right then. 

“Well, there’s nothing I would wait for.”

A voice mixed with laughter, reached her ears, breaking the silence. 

“Until I met you.”

…..is that

I raised my head in a flash. 

Underneath the cluster of lilacs, a dashingly handsome young man appeared. 

“You’ve already been waiting for eight years, have you not”

Contrary to the question that was spoken nonchalantly, the scarlet eyes looking at me seemed to be trembling. 

A few seconds pass. 

Damian smiled brightly. 

It was Damian but- 

“….y-your Highness Is it really you, your Highness”

“Yes, Lize.”

Despite my idiotic question, Damian still nodded assuringly. 

“It’s me.”

I see. 

It was really him. 

I stood frozen in place, my eyes still locked on him. 

Damian walked towards me at a brisk pace, seemingly pouncing on me. 

I looked up at him. 

We had already met once during the welcoming ceremony, but this was the first time seeing each other up close. 

….maybe this is what it’s like to be under a spell. 

I couldn’t take my eyes off Damian. 



Damian reached out, his arms wrapping around me. 

His chest was warm and firm. 

The sound of his heart beating rapidly reached my ears. 


Damian’s voice dwindled in intensity, becoming a faint whisper. 

“I missed you.”

A strong force entered Damian’s arms as he embraced me. 

The way his arms wrapped around my waist and back just screamed desperation.

Damian right now didn’t seem to want to let me go, not even for a single moment. 

“…your Highness.”

I wriggled a little, wondering if it was appropriate for me to be held by him like this. 

But Damian shook his head, holding me closer. 

His whispers were like that of a lost child. 

“Lize, please.

Let’s just stay like this for a while.”

“But, your Highness….”

“If I let you go for even a second….”

His voice pleading to me started to get choked up. 

“You’ll disappear from me.”

“That won’t happen.”

“But when I see you in my dreams….”

Damian let out a heavy sigh. 

“….you always vanish when you’re out of sight.”

“You dreamed that”


I have the same dream every day.”

Damian clung to me like a baby. 


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