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Perhaps because of the eight-year gap, our conversation kept going without ever seeming to run out of topics to discuss.  

“That’s not all.

I recently changed the curtains at the Empress’s palace….”

I talked about the smallest of things. 

It wasn’t anything special but Damian always listened to me. 

“By the way, your Highness.”


Damian, who had been listening closely to my story for some time now lifted his head. 

I gently narrowed my brow. 

“I’ve been the only one talking for a while.”

“Really Don’t worry, I wanted to hear from you.”

“The same goes for me.”

I glanced at Damian. 

“I want to hear your story.”

“….my story”


How was it in the North”

 As I asked him, I strengthened the hand Damian was holding. 

Damian answered casually. 

“Hmm, every day was pretty much mundane.

Nothing out of the ordinary.”

“How was everyday mundane”

“Well….I cleansed any beasts that came invading and occasionally inspected the village.”

….it seems like there were plenty of extraordinary things happening on those ‘mundane’ days.

I can’t be the only one thinking this, am I

“Actually, wild animals also caused considerable damage besides beasts.

There were times I had to quell the wild animals…”

Damian, who seemed to be reflecting deeply on this, eventually mentioned more of his activities with a lively expression. 

“Oh, I’ve even helped supervise the reconstruction of the walls.”

Oh my. 

Without realizing it, I had a disgusted look on my face. 

Apparently, Margrave Antes had really put Damian to work. 

But then. 

Damian continued, this time laughing to himself. 

“Ah, yes.

I also had a bet with Sienna to catch a wild boar.

Long story short, I won.”


Did Damian just call Viscountess Antes, ‘Sienna’

Are they that close

My heart grew cold as if I had swallowed a large piece of ice. 

Damian shrugged his shoulders. 

“I did good, didn’t I”

“Um, yes.

Well done.”

I hurriedly corrected my expression, putting on an awkward smile.

Yeah, I already expected this to happen. 

Sienna is the heroine of this world and Damian….

‘She’s someone I’ll be with for the rest of my life.’

Even though I already knew it, my heart was still pounding for some reason. 

No, I shouldn’t be thinking like this.

I tried hard to set my mind straight. 

As a friend, it’s only natural to support the relationship between them. 

“I’m so glad Viscountess Antes is with your Highness,” I said. 


“You have someone of the same age to rely on, she also seems to be in great shape just as your Highness is.”

I smiled and asked a question. 

“So anyways, how did it go cleansing the beasts”

“Well….it was all right.”

“….just all right”

“Humans are adaptable animals, everyone has to adapt somehow.”

Damian gave a slight shrug, dismissing my concern. 

I can only guess how much hardship and pain Damian had to go through to say that nonchalantly.

While I was safe and comfortable with the Empress….

‘Damian must have crossed the line a number of times.’ 

Feeling sympathy for him, I held his hand tightly, trying to comfort him. 

Damian smiled subtly. 

“But there was only one thing I couldn’t adapt to.”

“What was it”

“That you weren’t with me.”

I looked at Damian. 

That’s strange.

If anyone else were to say something like that, I’m sure they would be thinking, ‘What’s gotten into him’

Hold on….

Is my-

‘My heart’s thumping.’

I quickly raised my other hand and pressed it against my chest. 

My heart was beating so fast that I was worried Damian might hear it.

Damian, fortunately, moved on to the next topic. 

“I’ve been meaning to ask you, ever since my arrival earlier.”

…..unfortunately, the topic chosen wasn’t exactly pleasant. 

I shrugged and stiffened my shoulders, bracing myself for what he would ask.  

“Why did you avoid me”

“Ah, that….” I blurted nervously. 

No, no, not just the Empress but Damian too. 

Why do they keep asking questions that are difficult to answer

I’d like to retain some of my pride, you know. 

Never mind, I can’t tell him it concerns Viscountess Antes!

“Hmm….maybe your Highness was mistaken”

“I was mistaken”

“Well, you could have.

There’s no way I can avoid his Highness, right”


I tried my best to smile. 

But Damian still looked at me with suspicion. 

I felt cold sweat running down my spine. 

Oh, I can’t do this. 

Let’s change the subject!


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