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“Aside from that, Viscountess Antes!”

No, out of all the topics I could have chosen, why must it have been about Sienna!”

Inwardly, I felt like my whole body was aching at the thought of her. 

But outwardly, my mouth faithfully praised her. 

“She’s a much nicer person than the rumors.”

“Viscountess Antes”

“….am I out of the loop Why mention her”

Damian narrowed his brow. 

To have to say the name ‘Sienna’ in a friendly way again. 

I bit my cheek as her name left a bad taste in my mouth. 

‘It’s just a name, nothing more,’ I thought. 

So I shouldn’t be so engrossed by these trivial things. 

….and it shouldn’t have any sway over me. 

“Oh, well she and your Highness rode on horseback for your triumphant return earlier, right”

“We did.

But why bring this up all of a sudden”

“Um, just by looking at you two…I thought you two got along very well….”

At this point, I was speaking senselessly. 

Damian’s forehead became wrinkled. 

“Are you interested in Sienna”


“The answer’s no.

I won’t be introducing you.”

Damian shook his head resolutely. 

Hey, did I ever ask you to introduce me to her

What would be the point of introducing me to Viscountess Antes in the first place

“Listen, Lize.”

“Yes, yes”

“I don’t want other people to have your attention.”

Damian made an obstinate declaration. 


I blinked my eyes in bewilderment. 

“Even more so, I’m saddened that Her Majesty is number one for you…”

The way he spoke to himself in a faint voice had connotations of being treated unfairly. 

…..no, just what is he talking about

Oh, shoot.

It’s late.

Well, time’s up. 

I got up, sighing deeply. 

“Your Highness, I think you should be going now.

You have a busy schedule for tomorrow.”

After reminding him, I decided to get up. 

I couldn’t exactly do that though. 

‘What can’t I-’

Damian was holding onto my skirt, not letting me get up!

“I’m fine, stay with me a while longer.”

“But it’s already late.”

When I met up with Damian, the moon was just above the horizon, now the moon was right above our heads. 

Damian, on the other hand, was headstrong. 

“No, don’t go.”

“….are you going to whine about this”

“Yes, I’ll whine.”

Damian answered bluntly. 

I’m speechless. 

To be honest, I knew that Damian could be shameless when he needed to be….

I just didn’t think he would go this far. 


How dare I disobey the orders of his Highness, the crown prince”

I licked my lips and sat back down. 

“I’m nothing more than a powerless maid of the Empress’s palace.”

“A powerless maid of the Empress’s palace…..mmm.”

Damian pondered those words of mine with a heavy voice. 

Wait, wait. 

Did I say something wrong

I took a quick peek at Damian, looking into those scarlet eyes. 

“How long do you think you’ll remain a powerless maid in the Empress’s palace”


I was bewildered once again. 

Damian looked at me and gave me a peculiar smile. 

“No, it’s nothing.”

Hold on! What were you going to say Tell me!

Don’t you know that leaving someone hanging in the middle of a conversation is one of the most irritating things ever 

I tried to get Damian to open up by asking more questions. 

….I was going to do so until- 

“Say, Lize”

It was until Damian slightly tilted his head to the side, locking gazes with me. 

Beneath that flowing hair of his, intense scarlet-colored eyes sparkled enchantingly. 

And to my misfortune….he was really good-looking. 

I felt my face turn red, burning up like I had a fever. 

You, you’re using your good looks on me!

“I look healthy, don’t I”

Of course, he’s as healthy as ever. 

I nodded enthusiastically with a red face. 

Damian then whispered to me in a honeyed voice that melted my ears. 

“Then I kept my promise to you”

“Oh, a promise”


A promise to come back healthy and with a smile.”

Oh right. 

I made such a promise. 

Damian’s eyes were glistening as he looked at me. 

He resembled a puppy looking for praise. 

…I don’t know if it’s okay to compare the crown prince to a puppy but that’s what he looks like right now.  

“That’s right.

Well done, your Highness.”

Since I could tell what Damian wanted so I complimented him. 

Damian followed up my compliment with a smile. 

A very alluring smile in fact. 

“So it’s your turn….keep the promise you made to me.”

“Pardon The promise I made with your Highness”

“You promised to call me by my name.”

Wait Your name 

Erm, I’m positive I said that but…

“Your Highness, that’s a bit…” 


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