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Recovering from the initial surprise, I looked at him with a puzzled expression. 

Yeah, I might have been intoxicated by the atmosphere back then and made that promise. 

But no matter what, am I not a maid and he, a prince

It’s inappropriate. 

However, Damian seemed unwilling to concede this. 

“Ahem, I’m not ‘His Highness’ or ‘Crown Prince’.”

Damian said so with an aura that exuded determination. 

“I just….I just want to be called ‘Damian’.”

“But if there are other people watching….”

“If that sort of thing bothers you, then just say my name when it’s just the two of us.”

Umm, if you put it like that then.  

I cleared my throat. 

Even though I’ll just be saying his name, I couldn’t help but feel a tingly feeling in my heart. 

Taking a deep breath, I slowly said his name. 


At that moment, Damian smiled broadly. 

He was beaming as if all the happiness in the world had entered him. 

“Thank you.”


Feeling a bit embarrassed for some reason, I averted my gaze. 

Just as I did so. 

Damian suddenly got up and pulled out his hand. 


I’ll take you back to the Empress’s palace.”

“What I can get back by myself.”

“I want to walk you back.”

Damian waved his hand in front of me, insisting I grab it. 

I closed my eyes tightly for a second. 

Really, there’s no way I’ll refuse that hand. 

Eventually, I slowly placed my hand in his.

Those scarlet eyes gently widened. 




After some time. 

We finally reached the front of the Empress’s palace. 

“Thank you for accompanying me.”

I thanked him in the most nonchalant way possible but the truth is-

I can’t help but feel…lonely. 

If we split up again, will we ever see each other

Damian had just returned to the imperial palace. 

So…I’m sure he has a lot of things to take care of. 

Just by spending time with me, I knew that Damian cared a great deal but…

‘….I’m a bit down.’

That’s when I slumped my shoulders. 

Damian lowered his head, whispering into my ear. 

“Good night, I’ll be back tomorrow.”

At those unexpected words, I widened my eyes. 

Huh You’re coming back tomorrow 

But I’ll be visiting the Empress dowager tomorrow and, I know for a fact you’ll be busy.

Despite thinking that in my head, I answered before I knew it. 

“Yes, I’ll be waiting.”

Damian turned around, parting with a final smile. 

I stood there as if glued on the spot, unable to move as I watched Damian disappear into the night.  



That was the only word that left my slightly opened mouth. 

Come to think of it, I forgot to ask Damian more about that one subject. 

‘How long do you think you’ll remain a powerless maid of the Empress’s palace….’

What does that mean

Later that evening. 

I had a dream from long ago. 


Countless stars shone as if they were about to fall from the sky. 

And below those stars, was a woman who had a pale appearance. 

‘I will keep my promise.

So you do the same……’

She gazed at the man who seemed to slumber peacefully, her tears were endless. 

‘….keep the promise you made to me.’

As that whisper became fainter and fainter till it eventually became inaudible, I woke up. 

‘What, why am I having that dream again’

I raised my hand, gently wiping the tears from my face. 

Ever since Damian first used his purification power, I never had that dream since. 

The contents of the dream remained the same. 

A woman who says to ‘keep the promise’ and a man who looks oddly like Damian. 

I would have cast that dream to the side as I did at first but having the same dream a second time I’m starting to get concerned. 

‘What on earth did the man promise’

I tilted my head in thought. 

The woman’s sorrowful expression flashed in my mind. 

And to add further…she mentioned ‘Carpel’. 

Carpel, the first emperor who established the Winsor empire…

I pouted my lips, still concerned. 

That’s it.

No matter how much I mull my mind over this, I just get frustrated in the end. 

Besides that….

I should focus on something else…a certain someone else. 


I pulled my quilt, bringing it close, and laughed quietly. 

Damian’s back.

He’s back after so long!

The realization started to finally kick in. 

That fact alone made me feel blissful. 


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