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“Oh, grandma.

It’s not…”

“Even when it’s been ages since we’ve seen each other, Charlize comes before your own grandma…”

The Empress dowager’s voice became muffled in sadness.

Damian looked at her, unsure of what to do. 

But then. 

The Empress dowager smiled with glee. 

“Gotcha! It was a joke.”

“Grandma mama! You tricked me!”

Damian now glared resentfully at his grandmother. 

Regardless, the Empress dowager didn’t even bother to hide the fact she was dying of laughter. 

“So how did it feel meeting Charlize again after so long”

“It…it felt terrific to see her again.”

“Wait a minute, that’s all” said the Empress dowager, expecting more. 

She blinked her eyes and added. 

“If I were you, I’d be pretty nervous right now.”


“Didn’t it ever occur to you How many beauties are there in the palace”

The Empress dowager held her chin as she spoke frankly, her voice a bit serious. 

“However, Charlize is the most beautiful among them all.”

“Well, that’s true but…”

“That alone is enough to win the hearts of men.

Wouldn’t you say so” 

After saying that, the Empress dowager examined Damian’s expression. 

Damian’s face became slightly hardened without him realizing it. 

Noticing that, the Empress dowager’s lips twitched as she barely held back her laughter. 

“So that’s it Nothing more to say She does well you know and she’s favored by the Empress.

I like her a lot too.”

“I’m aware of that.”

“Then how can you know that and be so laidback”

The Empress dowager explained with a calm voice. 

“Think of it from the perspective of the knights and servants.”

“From their position…”


Put yourself in their shoes.

In their point of view, what would it be like to have a maid as their wife, someone as beautiful if not more so than her superiors”

Damian clenched both hands that were resting on his knees. 

If he hadn’t done that his calm and collected expression would have fallen apart. 

Apart from Damian’s often loud reactions, the Empress dowager remained composed. 

“However…Charlize is too young to get married.

Hasn’t she just come of age”

“That’s just your take on it.

At least, I’m quite sure many men are attracted to her.”

The Empress dowager shrugged her shoulders. 

“Because she’s already received date offers from many knights and servants.”

“I-Is that true!”

Damian inadvertently raised his voice. 

The Empress dowager nodded with a smile. 

“Come on.

Why would I lie to you”

“Charlize….was asked to go out with others….”

Damian had a defeated expression as if he had lost the empire. 

With a playful look on her face, the Empress dowager added fire to the already burning house that is Damian’s psyche. 

“Among some of those offers were marriage offers if I remember correctly.”

“Wait, she’s getting married!”

Damian stared at his grandmother with a startled look. 

“Calm down.


I said she received offers, not accepted.”


“Still, if you make a mistake, you might not see her again.”

“What do you mean by that”

“I’m saying by the time you return, Charlize may have already married and left the palace.”

Damian’s face hardened. 

The Empress dowager shook her head. 

“You’re fortunate that the Empress loves her so much, every man ends up rejecting her or giving up in frustration due to the Empress.”

“….I’m glad to h-hear that.”

Damian replied with a suppressed voice. 

The Empress dowager silently observed her grandson’s expressions. 

He was usually a child who could deftly hide his emotions even when in front of the Emperor…

‘But when the topic of Charlize came up, all that was thrown out the window.

His expressions were too visible.’

She could only wonder how deep his emotions ran for Charlize. 

After all…..eight years is a long time. 

If his heart hasn’t gotten over her despite that….

The Empress dowager became a bit emotional. 

Damian, who drank all his lukewarm tea, suddenly got up from his seat. 

“Then I’ll be taking my leave.”

“Why Are you going to see Charlize”

“That’s right.”

Damian answered firmly. 

Despite the Empress dowager’s playful gaze, underneath that, she was filled with affection for her grandson. 

When did he grow up to be like that Becoming a young man who could have a woman in his heart. 

Now that she thought about it, it was the first time she had a long conversation with Damian. 

‘From the time Damian was imprisoned…it’s been eighteen years in total.’

The moment she recalled that her eyes became watery again. 

The number of years Damian lost because of the Emperor.

The Empress dowager, who managed to contain her emotions, found it hard to speak.


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