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“I’m letting you go today, but I hope you’ll visit me more often in the future.”

“Of course, we will.”

Ignoring his grandmother’s watery eyes, Damian replied. 

“I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Yes, get there safely.”

Before leaving the Empress dowager’s palace, Damian gave his grandmother one last big hug. 

The Empress dowager patted Damian’s back with her wrinkled hand. 




Damian headed straight for the Empress’s palace after his departure. 

He was on his way to meet Charlize. 


Damian’s eyes widened as he approached the Empress’s palace. 

From afar, he could see Charlize with a basket in hand. 

She seemed to be on an errand. 

Wait a minute. 

‘….she’s not alone’

Damian’s eyebrows twitched. 

His sight didn’t fail him, there appeared to be a young man next to Charlize, a squire. 

‘All right, who is that man’

Damian’s eyes flashed as he walked toward Charlize at a swift pace. 

The squire greeted Charlize at the same time. 

‘Hello, Lady Charlize.”

“Um, hello.”

Perhaps he was an old acquaintance, Damian thought.

Charlize though greeted him face to face with an indifferent expression. 

Damian felt his stomach twist for a short moment. 

The reason was the squire’s countenance was bright red. 

The squire asked Charlize a question in a friendly manner. 

“That basket looks heavy.

Mind if I carry it for you”

It was an attempt to strike up a conversation with her. 

Fortunately for Damian, Charlize only looked at the squire with distrust as if he was shifty. 

“Well, I’m sorry but my basket is empty.”

“Ah, that’s alright!”

“I appreciate your consideration, but I can carry this basket on my own.”

Charlize spoke softly but firmly. 

The squire realized he was overbearing and took a step backward. 

Having said that, Charlize walked several steps past the squire, ready to carry on with her day. 

Yet the squire was tenacious. 

“Wait, Lady Charlize!”

Charlize glanced back at him. 

Before she knew it, the squire was following right behind her, stammering with a red face. 

“I-I know i-it sounds really weird to s-say this in this situation b-but….”

Charlize stared blankly at the squire. 

The squire closed his eyes and shouted at the top of his lungs. 

“I’ve been infatuated with you for a long time!”


What kind of absurd, out-of-the-blue confession is this

Charlize was a little dazed. 

On the other hand, Damian’s heart sank. 

‘At this rate, Charlize might really fall in love with another man!’

The squire continued with a shaky voice. 

“So, i-if you don’t mind….”


Damian, who didn’t want to see this develop further, quickly placed himself between the two of them. 

Charlize, who had been disoriented by the whole encounter, widened her eyes as she looked at Damian. 

“Your Highness, the crown prince”

“Oh my God, your Highness, the crown prince!” exclaimed the squire. 

At Damian’s sudden appearance, the squire trembled and quickly bowed his head. 

But Damian completely ignored him. 

Instead, he smiled brightly at Charlize, his smile as gorgeous as a flower in full bloom. 

“I’ve been looking for a while for you, Lize.”



All day long….”

Damian, who glanced sideways at the squire, approached Charlize in a casual manner.

Reaching out with his hand, he straightened her ruffled hair. 

His touch was gentle. 


I have a close relationship with Charlize.’

….his previous gesture conveyed that meaning. 

Damian spoke to Charlize in the most mellow voice possible. 

“….you said you would come with me, remember”

When did I ever say that

Charlize thankfully didn’t inadvertently try to ask him back, but she bit her lips and smirked. 

It seemed like Damian was trying to help get rid of the troublesome squire. 

Charlize nodded her head quickly. 

“Of course, I remember.

I’m just out for a short errand.”

“Then let’s head back to the Empress’s palace.”

Damian wrapped an arm around Charlize’s shoulder. 

“I’ll walk you back.”

Hey, do you have to go that far

Charlize looked up at Damian with an irresolute expression. 

As soon as their eyes met, Damian smiled as charmingly as possible. 


….first things first, I need to follow Damian’s lead. 

I’m doing this because the squire is being persistent, it’s NOT I repeat NOT because Damian’s handsome. 

‘Ugh…why do I even…’

Charlize leaned against Damian’s body with a slightly stiff motion. 

At that moment, a colossal shock washed over the squire, leaving him devastated. 

The squire didn’t make a sound, puckering his lips as he moved his lips silently, ‘Lady Charlize.’

Damian with a victorious voice gave an order to the squire. 

“Leave us.”


I will obey your order.”

The squire quickly retreated from the scene, hiding his offended expression. 

Damian looked sharply in the direction the squire had gone before disappearing from sight. 


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