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Why does he look terrifying

Charlize, who tilted her head, was first to say thank you. 

“Thank you for your help, your Highness.” 

By getting rid of that bothersome squire, Damian made a huge contribution.

However, Charlize’s gratitude was met with another out-of-the-blue question. 


I want to ask, have you been interested in dating lately”

Charlize furrowed her brows and glared at Damian. 

“Hmm, don’t you think that’s a very random question to be asking”

“Regardless, answer me first.”

“Hey, I just turned down that squire.

And yet you’re asking this type of question”

Unfazed, Damian showed no signs of easing up as his expression remained unchanged. 

“But I heard that you’re very, very popular with the knights and servants.”

“….where did you hear that”

“I heard it from somewhere, a lot of people are saying so.”

Just what on earth does that have to do with me being popular and Damian being sulky right now

Charlize was dumbfounded. 

But Damian’s jealousy had already been stirred. 

“And besides, why did you call me ‘Your Highness’”

“Why Well, because you’re the crown prince of course…”

“Didn’t you promise to call me Damian when we’re alone”

….wait, wasn’t that just a one time only

Charlize glanced at Damian. 

Okay, apparently not. 

Damian showed no signs of backing down. 


Charlize sighed deeply. 

‘Damian’s being awfully pushy today.’

It’s not difficult to say his name, still…

Charlize scanned her surroundings. 

Fortunately, no one else was around. 

She said his name in a low voice. 


It was then Damian’s expression loosened up. 

“Have you ever called other men by their first names”

“Of course not.”

Charlize shrugged her shoulders. 

In fact, she usually called them by their surname or positions unless they were very close.

She hardly ever called someone by their first name. 

‘….speaking of which, Damian asked me to call him by his first name.’

Looking at him, Charlize saw him in a new light. 

Suddenly Damian was holding her hand and smiling before she knew it. 

‘Besides, this is a tad too much….’

Since we met, I feel like physical contact is becoming more frequent. 

Charlize tried to pull away her hand. 

But as she did. 

“Why are you trying to pull your hand away”

Damian looked at Charlize with a doleful expression, strengthening his grip a bit. 

Charlize asked Damian in a voice that conveyed uneasiness. 

“Your Highness…no, Damian.”


As soon as she said his name, a sly smile spread across Damian’s face. 

Charlize waved the hand Damian held onto in front of him. 

“People could see us holding hands.”

“What’s wrong about that”

Damian was actually questioning why it was problematic. 

Charlize was just at a loss for words when she heard that. 

“Wouldn’t it be prudent to be careful in places where many eyes could be watching”

“Well, I don’t think so.”

Damian looked at their interlocked hands. 

He smiled happily. 

“I would rather show others-”

“Excuse me”

“That I have a close relationship with you.”

Charlize opened her mouth. 

“I’m sorry but I’m not okay with that.”

Charlize broke her usual cool demeanor without realizing it. 

“No matter how much I tell others that I’m not interested in dating, it’s the crown prince that ends up doing something like this…”

“So what if I do something like this”

“My love life seems to have been doomed from the start!”

Charlize forgot the person she was talking to was the crown prince as she raised her voice. 

The Empress is a hurdle difficult enough on her own, but if Damian gets involved, what will I do then!

Damian on the contrary responded to her repulsed reaction with content. 

“Is that right”

“What do you mean ‘Is that right!’”

Charlize was fuming. 

Damian however, only smiled at her with seemingly no intention to release her hand. 

‘Fine, fine.

There’s no point in arguing with you on this.

It’s not like I can wrestle him into complying.’

Charlize was first to concede. 

With her head bowed, she shook her head. 


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