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“You remember”

“Of course.

The day I slept with your Majesty, you gave me the same warm milk, right” I said with a bashful smile. 

“Oh, and with a spoonful of honey.”

“Yes, because Charlize likes it sweet.”

“Ah, thats what her Majesty said back then.”

The empress and I giggled, it was nostalgic. 

I took a sip of milk. 

As the warm milk passed my throat, I felt a warm sensation all over. 

“Its as delicious as it was then.”

“Lucky me.”

The empress with a sorrowful smile sat down beside me. 

“Would you like me to brush your hair”

“Oh, no.

How can I have her Majesty do such a thing…”

“No, I want to do this.”

Well, if thats the case. 

I left my hair in the empresss care. 

In the silence, the only sound came from my hair being brushed. 

After a while. 

The empress sighed deeply. 

“If I had known this would happen, I would have never made you the Crown Princes exclusive maid.”


“I never imagined that the Crown Prince would whisk you away like this.”

The empress spoke with a heavy tone, expressing her regret. 

“Isnt it funny You wont be going far away, and yet, I feel like an older sister whos helping her younger sister become independent.”

….an older sister helping her sister become independent, ha. 

My heart was touched. 

The empress who braided my hair expertly and tied a knot, muttered sullenly. 

“By the way, I dont think youve ever called meSister Rose since you came to the palace.”


I paused, involuntarily stiffening my shoulders. 

Ever since I came to the empresss palace, I deliberately insisted on calling herYour Majesty.

I was afraid that I might slip up and accidentally mixHer Majesty withSister Rose.


‘For today only…I dont think theres any need for that.

Then, the empress called me. 

“Say, Charlize.”

“Yes, your Majesty.”

“Ive been meaning to…”

After some hesitation, the Empress continued with a resolute attitude.

“I was happy when you called me that back then.

I wanted you to feel like I was your sister.”

“You always were.”

“I was” gasped the empress. 

I looked back. 

The empress was looking at me with wide-open eyes. 

I took a deep breath. 

To say what came next, I needed to muster all my courage. 

“Ive always admired your Majes-….no, Sister Rose.”

I closed my eyes and ended with a final note. 

“Ive always thought of you as my sister.”

A brief silence enveloped the room. 

D-Did I

Did I say too much

I slowly opened my eyes to find myself looking at the empresss countenance.  


“…..yes, my Charlize.”

A smile slowly started to spread over the empresss visage. 

It was a smile as brilliant as the sun. 

“Im so glad.”

The empress hugged me tightly. 

I leaned on the Empress like a child.  

It was cozy. 


Right now, I was sitting in a chair, exhausted as a worn-out shoe. 

I had to sit upright. 

I didnt want to ruin my beautifully braided hair. 


I let out a long sigh. 

Sure, there were times I helped the empress get dressed when she had to attend banquets.

But when youre the one having to dress up….

‘I have so much to do! I screamed on the inside. 

My day began early in the morning with my hands already shaking. 

‘Charlize, Charlize! murmured the empress trying to wake me up. 


Your Majesty I whispered to her, still half-asleep.  

‘You have to get up.

Dont you need to get ready for the banquet

W-Wait a minute. 

Doesnt the banquet start at 7 pm!

…..even if I said that in defense, it wasnt going to cut it. 

All day long, I was held captive by maids and more maids instructed by the empress. 

I was given a bath, had grated grains applied to my skin to make it smooth, and even had my scalp massaged. 

I thought I was able to rest up just for a little while after all that, but…

‘I was sorely mistaken.


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