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Senior maid Weber poked her head out the door and announced loudly. 

‘Madame Rosita sent the dress!’ 

“It’s here Let’s go, Charlize!”

The empress’s eyes lit up, she took my hand and pulled me along. 

….really, it’s the first time I’ve seen her so zestful. 

Madame Rosita whom I met today, looked at me while exuding an air of professionalism. 

‘What a relief.

Time was running out, I was worried if the proportions didn’t match….’ 

‘It’s a perfect fit.

Thank you.’

….And finally, the time-consuming process of getting ready for the celebration ball was over. 

I looked at the clock and it was six in the evening. 

My mouth was agape. 

No, I can’t believe I spent the whole day just getting ready. 

Does this even make sense 

The empress had a proud smile. 

“Charlize, I promise you.

Today, you’ll be the prettiest lady in the world.”

“You’re exaggerating.”

“Don’t say that.

Shall I show you the mirror”

After saying that, the empress gave me a hand mirror. 

A brightly dressed lady came into view. 

‘It’s a little strange.

I look….different.’

My fingers brushed my braids that ran past my shoulders as I gradually adjusted to my unfamiliar look.

I stared at the light pink dress I was wearing that resembled petals and the pink pearl accessories given to me by the empress dowager. 

I looked like a blooming spring flower. 

When I think about it, I also looked similar to those children whose aristocratic parents wouldn’t be embarrassed to take them anywhere they went. 

“…..thank God.”

I was talking to myself without realizing it. 

“What are you thankful about”

“Well….at least I don’t have to be ashamed when I’m with the Crown Prince, right” 

The empress widened her eyes. 

“Excuse me Why would you think that”


“On the contrary, the Crown Prince should be thanking you for the rest of his life.


“He’ll thank me”

“Yes! He’ll thank you for being his fiancee!”

The empress’s arms were crossed and her forehead crumpled.

“Where else would he find someone so beautiful, intelligent, lovely, and cute”

“I, your Majesty”

“Really, if I could, I’d want to keep living with you….”

“Well, that’s…..” 

I smiled awkwardly, unsure of how to deal with the empress’s passionate outburst. 

At the time, a maid, who was looking at me, spoke to me. 

“According to her Majesty’s words, you’re very pretty today.”

Then she covered her mouth and asked me, “Pardon me.

Should I call you Lady Charlize now”

“No, don’t call me that!”

“Still….you are the Crown Prince’s fiancee now.”

I shook my head repeatedly. 

“Please treat us like before even if we are together.”

I wasn’t the crown prince’s wife, I only had the status of fiancee.  

Seeing how repelled I was to that title, the maid smiled softly. 

“….yes, if that’s what you wish.”

Just then. 

Another maid came in. 

“The Crown Prince has arrived.”


I jumped up from my seat. 

The empress had an annoyed expression on her face. 

“He’s too punctual for comfort.

We still have some time on our hands before the ball, don’t we”

As the empress grumbled, Damian stepped into the room. 

“Lize, I’m here to escort you.”

“Oh, your Highness.”

I looked at Damian for just a moment, and I had forgotten how to breathe. 

Although he held the title of ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Man,’ today he embodied it in every sense. 

Damian was immaculately dressed in his suit that fits his figure like a glove, not to mention the neatly combed hair….

‘…..really, he’s like the male lead of a romance novel.’

I felt a bit defeated. 

Do I have to feel this way for a kid I’ve been caring for since childhood!


I glanced sideways at Damian. 

Well, I mean, I put a lot of effort into dressing up for today. 

So isn’t a compliment in order It is courtesy after all. 

But Damian on the other hand, stared at me as if entranced. 

Why, why isn’t he saying anything

Unable to overcome this frustrating silence between us, I opened up first. 

“Your Highness”

At that moment, Damian responded in a daze. 

“Hmm, did you call me”

….something’s peculiar. 

I squinted my eyes. 

And then it hit me, Damian’s face looked slightly red….

Ah! Does he have a fever

He can’t! Damian’s the star of today’s ball!

“Your Highness, are you sick”

I asked him in a worried voice. 

But Damian just stared at me vacantly. 

I approached briskly, reached out, and touched his forehead. 

“That’s weird, there’s no fever…”

Then, Damian took a step backward, his shoulders taut. 

“I-It’s not like that.”

“Then why do you keep blanking out”


“Hey, Crown Prince.

There’s no need to be flustered.”

The empress who couldn’t wait any longer, threw Damian a bone as he was struggling.

“You’re so pretty that I couldn’t think straight, is that what you wanted to say” teased the empress. 


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