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If you want to catch a tiger, you should visit the tigers den.

Therefore, if I wanted to make acquaintance with the crown prince, I should visit him.

But, by the way…

‘Why hasnt anyone mentioned anything about the crown prince No matter how disadvantageous his position is, hes still the crown prince.

But up until now, Ive hardly heard anything concerning him.

Hes like a ghost.

Though its understandable.

People who were wary of the Emperor wouldnt want to approach him.

Even if that wasnt the case, his “uncontrolled power” was also nerve-wracking.

As of now, my position as a maid of the Empress was a bit complicated.

She was the wife of the Emperor who stabbed the crown prince in the back.

If I came unprepared, I might anger the crown prince instead.

In the end, I made up my mind.

‘Lets gather information about the crown prince first.

And along the way, Id have the chance to test the water.

How the Empress thought of the crown prince was also an important factor in this mission.

Furthermore, I didnt even know exactly where the crown prince resided.

I went up to the head maid. 

“Sister, I have a question”

“Whats wrong, Charlize” she answered gently.

I softened my voice, feigning innocence.

“I heard that the palace the crown prince lives in is near the Empress palace…is it true”

“Goodness! Where did you hear that”

She revealed a terrified expression.

‘Is it true! my eyes widened in shock.

I was just saying it in order to bait her into giving out his location.

Based on that reaction, it was apparent that the crown prince hasnt been receiving the best treatment.

‘Hes only an 8 years old child, dont you feel sympathetic for him

“I heard it when I was working as a maid-in-training.”

“Oh my, what has the education hall been doing How did they manage the maid-in-training…” she shook her head in exasperation as she approached me.

I behaved innocently as I asked her.

“So…wheres the palace”

“Its not here, its near the Empress palace…”

Her answer came automatically, before she glared at me for the slip.

I scrunched up my eyebrow in confusion

“…isnt that the haunted palace”

I remembered that place.

The first time I hid in the palace of the Empress, I passed by the palace.

Unlike the Empress palace, that palace had a gloomy appearance.

‘Thats why I went to the garden…

Come to think of it, there were so many child abuse in this world.

I unconsciously frowned, although immediately eased it up.

I didnt want to look suspicious, I had to behave as if I didnt know anything.

“Anyway, dont approach that place, Charlize.”


“Your Highness the Crown Prince is of royal descent, hes the next in line to the throne.

Itd be horrendous for you if you commit lese-majeste.”


I looked up at the senior maid in response to the unexpected answer,

I vaguely expected that the maids of the Empress would hate the crown prince, but it was as if she was saying, “After all you two, you are noble.” …

Dealing with the Crown Prince, maid Hayden still kept the minimum amount of courtesy.

“Plus…its dangerous.”

After a moments hesitation, she added.


I gave her a puzzled look.

“His Highness the Crown Prince awakened the Power of God.”


“The Power of God is so powerful that its still difficult for the young prince to control,” the maid sighed.

Well, theres still a long way to go before the Crown Prince escaped from the palace in the original book.

I shrugged my shoulders.

Fifteen years old, it was when the Crown Prince released the power of divine power.

The Crown Prince didnt unleash the power because of his own will.

If it wasnt for the assassin the Emperor sent to kill him, it wouldnt be let loose.

After that incident, the crown prince used his power to escape from the palace.

“You must never approach the palace, okay”

To the senior maid words, I smiled brightly and nodded.

‘Itll be fine if I just dont get caught, right

“Oh my.”

At that time, the head maid, Webber, strode toward us.

A displeased expression was drawn across her face.

“Her Majesty is still burying herself with the documents.”

Huh Whats she talking about…

The head maid spoke to the maid with a worried look on her face.

“Im happy that Her Majesty is full of motivation, but what if she overworked herself”

…I think its part of my fault for some reason.

After reconciling with me, the Empress was influenced.

But its too much, shes working on the documents all the time

“I need to hurry and finish my work so I can play with Charlize!”

It was the only thing on the Empress mind lately.

Wow, my conscience stings!

“She didnt rest again”

“I told her to rest, but shed say, “Im fine” and laugh!”

Webber grumbled as she imitated the Empress way of speaking.

I hurriedly opened my mouth.

“Um…how about…”

The focus of the senior and her maid of Webber moved towards me.

I folded my eyes and continued to talk.

“Shall I go and suggest that she take a little rest”

“Yes, that would be good, since the Empress is weak against Charlize.”

“Thats a good idea.

Charlize, youre so smart.”

Both of the maids praised me.

Ooh, its not a big deal, but to hear compliments like this… it felt embarrassing.

Although it didnt feel bad.

I nodded shyly with my cheeks blushing.

‘Lets ask what the Empress thinks of the Crow Prince.

Watching the maids bustling around to arrange the Empress snacks, I gathered my determination.

* * *

After a while…

I was on the hallway, pushing a trolley laid with a teapot, a teacup, and cookies.

I wasnt strong enough to carry a tray with me, so the maids, being very considerate towards me, prepared a trolley.

The only problem was my height.

I was so short that it was difficult for me to hold onto the trolley handle.

I wish I could grow taller.

I knocked on the door of the Empress office.

“Knock, knock.”

“Who is it”

“Its Charlize.”

As soon as I answered, there was a sudden loud voice coming from behind the door.

What, what is it Why is it suddenly so loud

Its as if the Empress was running around her study room.

I blinked my eyes.

The door opened, and the Empress greeted me with a bright smile.

“Uwah, Her Majesty”

I was surprised.

The Empress was opening the door for a maid herself!

“Lize! What are you doing here”

“The other maids are worried about the Empress.”

When I said that, the Empress face turned sour.

No, where did her bright smile just go

“So the maids sent you You didnt come in person because you wanted to see me”

“Well, thats not true…”

“But I cant rest, I still have some papers to look at.”

The Empress answered with eagerness.


I swallowed a sigh.

I didnt want to use this lethal move.

“Sister Rose.”

The Empress stiffened her shoulders.

I looked up at the Empress with a charming expression.

“Charlize wants to have tea time.”


“Does sister want to have some tea with Lize…”

At the same time, the Empress embraced me.

“Charlize!” she shouted.

“Em-Empress, I cant breath!”

“Are you trying to suffocate me  with your cuteness” she said as she stroked my head over and over again.

Oh, my hairs all over the place!

“You should have a cup of tea first.” 

…anyway, the Empress Rest Operation seems to have succeeded, I sighed inwardly, feeling relieved and worn out.

* * *

The Empress pushed the trolley herself into the office.

I was still her maid.

Shouldnt I be the one to push the trolley

I tried to take over the trolley, but the Empress waved her hand and patted the sofa.

“Theres no need to help me Charlize, just go sit down.”


I sat on the sofa with a blank face.

The Empress laid out a plate of cookies and teapots on the tea table gracefully.

Wow, her elegance really showed in her every move.

The Empress gave me a cup of tea before sitting across my seat.

Then she pushed the milk and sugar cubes in front of me.

It was so natural.

“Charlize likes to put sugar and milk in tea, dont you”

“…you remember I love milk tea”

“Of course.

Its not anyone else, its Charlize.”

Its obvious, isnt it

I felt a lump in my chest when I heard the lingering question.

The Empress smiled sweetly.

“Hurry up and eat.”

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“However, the Empress should be the first to eat…”

“Well, I like to see Charlize eating.”

The Empress smile grew gentler.

I poured milk on my tea first, and dropped six cubes of sugar.

A sip of sweet milk tea struck me with a thrilling feeling from head to toe.


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