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Meanwhile, Lady Bennett couldn’t hide her exasperation. 

‘Lady! A Lady! She used to be a commoner maid who used to serve me tea!’ 

A girl like that doesn’t deserve to be with the crown prince.

Now she’s dancing with the Duke of Rochester too!!

Well, what about me 

People lash out in areas they’re weakest in 

Ha! I’ll show her, I’ll get a Madame Rosita dress somehow!

Lady Bennett couldn’t overcome the defeated feeling she felt and breathed heavily. 

It was true that she didn’t get one of Madame Rosita’s dresses, which made it all the more painful. 

Even the ladies who hovered around her were still disoriented from their sudden encounter with both the Empress dowager and the Duke. 

It was the expressions on their faces that left a lingering impression.  

‘Seriously, if it weren’t for the empress dowager and the Duke of Rochester, I would have-’

As she was gnashing her teeth, she saw someone unexpected. 


Lady Bennett’s eyes sparkled the moment she saw her. 

In the distance, Viscountess Antes was standing all alone. 

‘She’s by herself’

Viscountess Antes was by far one of the most popular people attending the ball party. 

Now’s my chance to speak to her alone!

Lady Bennett approached her all giddy. 

“Oh my, Viscountess Antes!”

“What’s the matter”

Sienna looked at Lady Bennett with a rather puzzled face. 

‘Who is this lady’

I thought she was pestering Damian earlier. 

Whether Sienna felt awkward or not, Lady Bennett placed herself right next to her. 

Lady Bennett then lowered her voice and whispered. 

“Truthfully, didn’t Lady Charlize act a bit presumptuous earlier”

Sienna’s face slightly hardened at Lady Bennett’s brashness when she openly spoke behind Charlize’s back. 

“You know, I think it would have been right for the Crown Prince and Viscountess Antes to have performed the first dance.”

“Well, I don’t really mind.”

“No, don’t say that.

You’re here as a representative of the North, aren’t you”

Lady Bennett acted as if she and Sienna were close friends. 

“When it comes to status and merit, Viscountess Antes should have been the Crown Prince’s partner…”

Lady Bennett gazed sideways at Charlize. 

Her eyes gleamed insidiously. 

“Not to mention, he’s dancing with Lady Charlize when he hasn’t even been recognized as the Crown Prince yet.”

“As I told you before, I don’t really care for that.”

“I’m upset that you’re watching from the side.”

‘… she’s upset’ said Sienna in her inner thoughts. 

I said I didn’t mind. 

Sienna barely caught herself as a retort was on the tip of her tongue. 

“Out of everything, Lady Charlize is…”

Lady Bennet murmured with malice. 

“She’s but a commoner and a maid, is she not”

“Lady!” gasped Sienna. 

“How could a woman from such a low-born background profess to be the Crown Prince’s fiancee….”

A terrified Sienna tried to stop Lady Bennett from saying anything else. 

But Lady Bennett’s rant continued unabated. 

“Truly, she doesn’t qualify to be his fiancee.”

After wrapping up her tirade, Lady Bennett was about to laugh to her heart’s content.  

But right then and there. 

“As Lady Bennett said, I’m just a commoner.”

A calm voice resounded. 

It was Charlize. 

Lady Bennett’s face became creased and wrinkled. 

She thought to herself. 

Up until now, no matter what I said about her, Charlize avoided confrontation, why is she suddenly starting one now

“And I am not at all ashamed of my commoner status.”


Out of habit, Lady Bennett was going to respond, but she quickly swallowed her words. 

Charlize smiled brightly at her. 

Like a flower blooming in winter, her smile was bright yet ice-cold. 

“Why do you think the Crown Prince has chosen me as his fiancee”

Silence enveloped the room. 

All of a sudden, all eyes were on them.


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