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A soft bed comfortingly enveloped me. 

Damian, who sat me down on the bed, looked into my eyes. 

“Come to think of it, you haven’t said it all day today.”

“Say what”

“My name.”


In an instant, my heart began thumping loudly. 

I licked my lips a bit. 

“Good night, Damian.”

With just that whisper, Damian had the widest smile on his face, like he was the happiest man in the world. 

“Sleep well, Lize.”


The door closed. 

After a whole day of keeping my posture upright, I just laid down, or rather planted myself on the bed for a well-deserved rest. 

‘I feel like my heart’s going to explode.’

My heart pounded with such force that I think even with the door closed, Damian could hear it.

Placing my hands on my stomach, I closed my eyes tight. 




Damian couldn’t take his eyes off the door for the longest time. 

Does Charlize know 

How difficult it is to act so calm while in front of her. 

Every time she looks up at me with that clueless face of hers and smiles softly…

‘I feel like my heart skips a beat.’

Damian ruffled his slightly tousled hair. 

“Haaa, I’m going crazy….” 

That low voice of his was filled with an indescribable ardor. 




The next morning. 

I was in a great mood. 

Maybe because it was Damian’s massage yesterday or because I slept well without waking up one bit! Either way, I’m on cloud nine!

“Goood morning!” 

I entered the living room with a vibrant greeting. 

However, Damian looked back at me with a not-so-cheerful expression.

“Why, why the long face”


Damian spoke with a complicated expression on his face.  

“His Majesty’s orders have arrived.”

“….his Majesty’s orders”

I felt shivers go down my spine. 

In my experience, nothing good ever happens the moment the ‘Emperor’ gets involved. 

Damian handed me the roll of paper bearing the seal of the imperial family. 

The paper in my hands, I busily skimmed the contents of the paper. 


“Hold on He wants me to be in charge of the memorial service!”

I inadvertently raised my voice. 


No, why ask me to do this!

My mouth was agape. 

No, if I’m to become the Crown Princess, I can’t speak out against it.

Still, it’s hard to believe he entrusted such a big responsibility to someone who just made her first public appearance yesterday…

Emperor, are you out of your mind!


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