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…but my motivation didn’t last a single day. 

That’s because there were all kinds of headlines that started talking about me in an expressive manner. 

And in a negative way too. 

‘The Crown Prince’s Fiancee Snatches Away Veteran’s Memorial Service!’

‘The Fiancee’s Unreasonable Behavior — An Imperial Official Who Has Requested Anonymity, Expresses Displeasure at the Partiality Shown.’ 

‘The Crown Prince’s Fiancee — Commoner and Maid, Has Neither Experience nor Knowledge to Hold Large-Scale Memorial Service.’

I closed my eyes the more I read, eventually closing the newspaper I was reading. 

No, I’m not to blame!

I didn’t want to hold the memorial service in the first place!

Obviously, at first, I decided to do everything I could but…

‘How does one remain optimistic when all they receive from the start is negativity!’

Furious, I threw the newspaper on the table. 

“This is just too much!”

Of course, those newspapers were gossip papers that mainly dealt in, well, gossip. 

But, there’s nothing advantageous about having your reputation go up and down in a negative direction. 

‘More importantly, the people who would buy those kinds of papers were the common people.’

I pressed a finger on my throbbing temple. 

Despite the humiliation that came from those articles posted by gossip papers, a real effort to somehow undercut my standing with the common citizenry was revealed. 

Given the fact that the biggest supporters Damian had were the common people. 

‘…it must have been the Emperor’s doing.’

I held back my anger, just glaring at the newspapers stacked on the table. 

I mean he’s only diligent about things like this, when it comes to his subjects, he has no interest in them or governing state affairs. 

It’s because of things like that, the future of the Winsor empire under him looks bleak. 

But then. 

“Lize, are you okay”

Damian asked me in a worried voice. 

Oh, right. 

I was with Damian. 

I was so irritated, I forgot that. 

I smiled and nodded hastily. 

“Yes, I’m fine.”


“I said I was fine, right I’m much more concerned about his Highness’s demeanor.”

“…yes, I see.”

Damian loosened his expression a tad. 

I buried myself on the sofa, before gesturing to the newspapers stacked on the table. 

“I couldn’t handle those articles all at once. 

Damian nodded his head, understanding me. 

“It’s wiser to focus on the problem at hand.”

“If it’s the problem at hand then…”

“The budget for the memorial service was set way too small.”

The moment I saw the budget fixed for this memorial service, I realized how despicable the Emperor was.  

How can he be so stingy when it comes to setting a proper budget for the memorial service but no expenses are spared when it comes to the cost of driving the people’s opinion 

Ugh, that cheapskate! Give me the money I need for this!

After clenching my teeth, I sighed deeply. 

“The first thing that comes to mind is to plant grass all over the frozen ground.

I personally want it all covered with grass, even if the public at large isn’t concerned about it.”  

It’s all meant for the bereaved families of the veterans.  

How miserable would it be to see the memorial monument, all by itself on a patch of frozen ground 

“I also think that’s our most urgent priority.

But where do we find grass in the middle of winter” Damian questioned. 

“That’s what I’m saying.”

I nodded heavily as I racked my brain. 

First, there’s no way grass can grow in this cold weather. 

Second, even if we were able to get grass from the warmer southern territories, it would cost us a fortune, more than we could ever afford right now.


Third, with our budget set by the Emperor, I doubted whether the memorial service could be held when the budget was set to be as tight as possible. 

The bottom line is that no matter how much you rack your head over this, there is no solution. 

Oh, what do you want me to do!


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