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“Hmm, its so good…”

I gasped in delight.

Oh, the dizzying sweetness! I felt ecstatic!

Yes, humans were designed to love sweet foods!

While I was intoxicated with the taste of milk tea, the Empress handed me one of the cookies.

“Come on, have some cookies, too.”


I hesitated as I was just listening to the cookies.

It is a soft-tasting butter cookie with a large chocolate chip.

“Oh, this cookie….”

“Do you remember”

The Empress blinked her eyes as she waited for my answer.

I nodded.

So, how could I forget this cookie

This is the first cookie the Empress gave me.

I dozed as I got caught amidst the old memories.

When she was still Sister Rose, she used to bring me all kinds of snacks.

“Eat up!”

I remember my eyes wide open at that time because of the sweet taste of the cookie I had for the first time.

On that day, she gave me several cookies.

I was so happy that I even saved the cookies for a few days.

“Its the same cookie as the first cookie Your Majesty gave me, right”

“Yes, thats right.

Im impressed that you still remember that Charlize.”

The Empress face was filled with emotion.

I clenched the cookies with both hands.

“Hap,”  I took a big bite of the cookie.

“Is it delicious, Charlize”

“Yesh, iwt iys.”

My mouth was full of cookies, so my words were gibberish.

I gulped down the cookies and answered.

“This cookie is the worst in the snow.”



Oh, my God.

I never knew Marcys snack was later, but….”

For some reason, my heart felt numb, so I took one more bite of the cookie for no reason.


Sweet things were the best.

Look, a cookie makes me feel like Im gone.

I ate all the cookies, and the Empress kept me within her gaze.

Her eyes were set on my cheeks.

She broke the silence, asking as she rested her hand on her chest.



“Can I touch your cheek, once”

I paused, the last piece of the cookies remained unchewed.

‘What, touch my cheek

That reminded me, didnt maid Webber request this as well, the other day

I guess everyone in the palace likes my cheeks.

“Ill just touch it once.


The Empress pleaded, even the glinting eyes that looked at me were filled with enthusiasm.

I gave in to her request wordlessly.

Well, my cheeks wouldnt wear out just because she touched it.

“Oh, my Charlize, how can you be so cute”

The Empress, who touched my cheek, shifted with glee.

She asked me with ecstatic eyes.

“About the cookies, shall I ask the maid to make some more in the kitchen So you can eat it  whenever.”

“Wow, what Its too tight!”

When I heard her offer, my eyes glistened.

‘Is the Empress a Godsend angel

‘Maybe if I looked closely I would be able to see her hidden wings on her back

For so long, talking about Dorando.

“By the way, Charlize”

Putting down the half empty teacup, the Empress looked at me with serious eyes.


I tilted my head.

“The maid thing, you dont have to do it if you dont want to.”

‘Why is she saying that out of the blue I tilted my head in confusion.

The Empress gave a long sigh before she answered, “I saw you pushing a trolley bigger than you, and it broke my heart to see you working so hard.”



“I just wanted to keep you under my protection, I never meant to pamper you.”

Regretful looks were painted over her face, as if she thought she was a poor master.

The fact that such a thought crossed her mind astounded me.

‘Well, Im thankful that she takes care of me, but Im fine.

“In this palace, no one is more comfortable than I am.”

Most importantly, I was very satisfied with my lifestyle right now.

No one bothered me, I was content with my meal and bedtime, and all the maids were kind.

‘And especially now, being under the Empresss care.

Power really was the best!

But the Empress still looked remorseful.

“Youre still young, so its okay.

Im sure all the other maids will understand.

You can start working after you grow up a little bit..”

“No, Her Majesty.”

I shook my head.

Her Majesty perked her eyebrows at my objection.

I concluded my words in a firm tone, “I only do what the Empress cares for me.”

I meant it, it was sincere.

I didnt want to get preferential treatment because of her favor.

I had been doing well with other maids, and I had been feeling a sense of incompatibility because of the privilege.

Meanwhile, I stiffened my shoulder.

Because of the sense of incompatibility, there was one problem that bothered me.

“Her Majesty.”

At my respectful call, the Empress glanced up.

Hmm, I had been calling the Empress at best, but… I dont know how to bring it up.

I wiggled my fingers for no reason, so I took a deep breath and opened my mouth.

“Well, did you become an official maid this time”

“Yes, I did.

Why is that”

….will it work”

To my question, the Empress raised her eyes thinly.

“Why do you think that”

“Im very happy with Empresss affection for me, but….”

I glanced at the Empress.

“Im a little worried about the trouble I caused.”

“Trouble What are you talking about”

The Empress expression darkened.

I gulped nervously.

“Honestly, Im a little worried if someone else is going to hate me for this favor..”

When I first stepped into the palace, I still could hear the voices of the maids who were jabbing at me.

‘No matter how cute the Empress is, isnt it too much”

‘As soon as you come to the palace, youre promoted to an official maid, dont you”

“What if they try to match us and other maids”‘

…of course, the maids were long gone, but the words were burned into my memory.

Their hostility and ridicule towards me as well as my helplessness.

“If I get promoted too quickly, there will be many problems…”

“Charlize,” the Empress called me in a determined tone.

Surprised by her voice, I immediately raised my head.

The dark green eyes that looked at me, they were still.

“Why do you think you got promotedtoo fast”

“Pardon Well, thats…”

“I know the rules when a probationary maid is promoted to an official maid.”

Unlike just before, the empress seemed subtly subdued.


Uh, whats wrong with you

“The maids, one with sufficient skills would be selected, with a training period of more than one year.”

The Empress didnt make even a single mistake in the promotion codes contents.

“After that, selected maid-in-training maids are promoted with permission from their superiors.

Am I right” she continued.

“Yes, as soon as possible.”

I nodded dazedly.

The Empress continued with a long sigh, “First of all, youve been a maid-in-training since you were born, so youve already met the requirements of the probationary period.”

Uh, was that what happened

I stared blankly at the Empress.

“And your ability as a maid has already been investigated.”


I opened my eyes wide.

When and how did you investigate

How come I didnt know anything about it until now!

“I asked the head of the education center about your work ethic and your skills.

She said it was very good,” the Empress spoke as she leaned on the sofa.

“Thats why I promoted you.

Ive been watching you working at the Imperial Palace as well.”

His Majesty the Empress.”

“Hayden and Senior Maid Webber.

According to them, youre very good at your job.”

The empress shrugged lightly.

“Even the new maids think the same.”

At that remark, I felt somehow the tip of my nose tingles up.

I see, everyone was aware of my efforts.

I thought I was the only one moving around.

Then, the Empress said in a calm voice.

“Youve been such a capable maid from the start that you could be a full-time maid.Thats why I promoted you.”


“But why are you so depressed, just watching other peoples eyes”

The Empress words were right and I was at loss at her explanation, I could only bite my lips in reply.

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The Empress narrowed her eyebrow.

“Actually, I dont like that you worry about this.”

“Well, you know… I….”

“Charlize, youre still young.

Its enough for a child to only focus on a day-to-day life.”

The Empress sighed as she reached out and patted me gently.


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