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As the carriage went on its way. 


William was suddenly reminded of Charlize’s and Damian’s intimacy. 

The two of them apparently had a fine relationship. 

Above all, His Highness, the Crown Prince… 

‘He was courteous when he touched his fiancee.’ 

Holding hands, sometimes caressing the back of her hand…

He didn’t want to be separated from his fiancee for one second. 

It was like that when he got onto the carriage earlier. 

‘His Highness, the Crown Prince, was affectionately holding his fiancee’s hand.’ 

Since they were the highest-ranking people in the empire, I presumed that they were going to be authoritative. 

Surprisingly, they were easy-going and gave off a warm-hearted feeling just by looking at them. 

Unlike the aristocrats who would pressure those with their authority, it genuinely felt like they cared for the people. 


Unbeknownst to him, he wore a mischievous smile on his lips. 

I don’t have a choice but to acknowledge it as a man.  

The Crown Prince was truly in love with his fiancee. 

I’d be ignorant if I didn’t notice how he was staring at Charlize with that honey-dripping gaze of his. 

‘…I don’t know why I feel this way, but I feel happy about that fact.’

As he thought to himself. 


William’s eyes dilated slightly.  


If the two of them really do rule Winsor…

If that happens, wouldn’t it be a much better empire to live in 

Though it was a distant future, Mr.

William leaned back in his comfy seat as he thought so. 

The carriage quickly passed the boulevard. 




The memorial service’s a week away. 

I need to hurry if I want to get this done. 

Of course, the Empress and Damian helped me a lot, but, naturally, organizers take care of this and that, right 

Just as I was locked up in my office. 

Damian called me. 

“Lize, are you busy”

“Umm, no.

I can listen to you while I do this.” 

I held my pen for the longest time as I raised my head and rubbed my stiff hands. 

Damian strode towards me. 

“What’s that”

“It’s an invitation for the veteran’s bereaved families.”

“Aha, right.

It’s about time you’ve sent invitations.”

Damian picked up one of the invitations. 

His expression darkened a bit. 

“You know Lize, this is…” 

Damian couldn’t bear to say it, blurring his speech towards the end.  

Then he looked at me with a pitying expression. 

I squinted my eyes and glared at him. 

“Hey, could you stop looking at me like that”

“No, I’m not looking at you like this because I want to…” 

“I know, I know I can’t write well!!” 

As I shot back, I was crying tears on the inside. 

Honestly, I’m not good at writing. 

I tried to write as much as possible, but improving my innately bad handwriting takes a lot of time and effort. 

No, a maid of the Empress’s palace is always busy. 

When is there free time to practice your handwriting!

After sighing inwardly, I finally let out a long sigh outwardly. 

‘…I shouldn’t have been so selfish.’

The truth is, the invitations themselves could have been printed out at the palace. 

I could have sent them as they were, but I voluntarily decided to sign each invitation and leave short messages. 

Just having them printed out and sent would look insincere. 

With how it looks now…

“I thought it would look insincere if I just sent them like this…” 

I ended up dropping my shoulders. 

But even to my eyes, my handwriting resembled a wriggling earthworm. 

Damian held back his laughter as he told me. 

“You’re right, you’re really bad at writing.”

“Your Highness, no, Damian.

I’m seriously trying right now.” 

I clenched my teeth and stared at Damian. 


As if my words were a catalyst, Damian took it as his cue to burst into laughter. 

He’s pushing it. 

“Hey, my Lize.

You were being serious”

…he did not just say that. 

This man’s going to die!

Just when I was about to explode. 

“Then why don’t you try doing something like this”

With that short question, Damian in an instant closed the distance between us. 

Reaching from behind my back, he gently placed his hands on mine. 

Hey, isn’t this too close! 

My shoulders became taut as I raised them. 

Damian moved my hand as he moved his. 

“Like this, it’s like this.” 

I stopped breathing. 

Because right next to me, was Damian’s glowing face. 

Beneath the shadow of his long eyelashes, his scarlet eyes radiated his jewels. 

After a while. 

Damian, who had completed a sentence with my hands, turned to me and smiled brilliantly. 

“How is it”

I glanced down at the paper. 

On the paper before me, was something too embarrassing to call letters, with how twisted they were. 

As I was looking at the scribblings, the excitement I felt, little by little, became volatilized and then vanished.  

I said in a cold voice. 

“Don’t try to cover it up with a smile.” 

“Ugh, didn’t you hear me before”

“You teased me earlier for not being good at writing, but this looks even worse!” 

“I know.”

Hey, how can you proudly shrug your shoulders 

I couldn’t hide my baffled expression. 

Meanwhile, Damian was staring at his hand as he was facing me. 

As if it wasn’t enough, he kept opening and closing his palms. 

He seemed satisfied with himself, the content smile on his face didn’t disappear. 

As I watched and watched, I got more confused. 

What, why is he so happy all of a sudden 


Honey dripping: A Korean expression used to describe someone when they’re looking at another lovingly.


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