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The day of the memorial had finally arrived. 

I stepped into the memorial hall with a strained face. 

The hall for the memorial service was set up outdoors. 

On both sides of the large memorial monument, were flags, adorned with the coat of arms of the royal family and of Antes, the family that had contributed directly to the purification of beasts. 

Below me, the green grass swayed in the wind. 

It was really invigorating. 

‘Huhu, I’ve prepared everything for the memorial service.’

Will they think I’ve done well

I smiled, inwardly bubbling with pride. 

In front of the memorial monument, there were many distinguished guests who were present, attending the memorial service. 

They were all nobles. 

“Oh my, the ground is green.” 

“How could they have laid the ground with grass during this season”

“I know, it must have cost a fortune…” 

“There was a lot of buzz in the newspapers that Lady Charlize squandered the memorial service’s budget, is that true”

“Well, I don’t know myself.”

The nobility gathered round and chatted away. 

It was tremendously unfair. 

No, it still wasn’t good enough for them 

It’s really hard to meet people’s preferences!

If I had left the soil frozen and exposed as it was, you all would have been furious at the shabby appearance, accusing me of having no respect for the dead. 

Now that the land’s green, you’re saying it’s a waste of money

Just when I was inwardly gnashing my teeth. 

“Well, the green land looks beautiful, doesn’t it”

A calm voice resounded. 

The main character of that voice…

“Viscountess Antes!” 

It was Sienna. 

I hurriedly placed a hand on my pounding chest. 

Phew, I was so startled I almost hiccuped!

People were taken aback but kept silent. 

Among the throng, Sienna was the only one who kept calm throughout. 

“The veterans were those who gave their lives, fighting in the snow and ice-covered North.”

“Well, that’s correct…”

“For them, grass has a special meaning.”

When one of the main guests of the memorial service said that, the people could only look at each other. 

In fact, Sienna was the most vocal out of everyone here. 

That’s right, because the family that made most of the achievements in battle with the beasts was none other than the house of Antes. 

No one can ignore Sienna, the heir to Count Antes and the representative of the North. 

I can’t believe she’s openly taking my side…

‘It feels rather strange.’

Meanwhile, Sienna’s words continued. 

“This is my opinion, but I think the veterans will be impressed by Lady Charlize’s sincerity and hard work.” 

Sienna glanced back at me and smiled.

“This will definitely be of great comfort to them.

As it is to me.” 

“Thank you, Viscountess Antes.” 

“You’re welcome.

I am delighted that Lady Charlize is hosting the memorial service.” 

Thanks to Sienna’s perfectly-timed intervention, the guests were all but silent.

I glanced at Sienna. 

‘You’re such a wonderful sister.’

It’s understandable why Damian had fallen in love with Sienna. 

How can he not have fallen in love with a woman so wonderful, right 

…hmm, somehow I feel like an obstacle to that love. 

No, let’s not think that. 

Didn’t I say Damian’s staying engaged because he needs it 

I struggled to overcome how depressed I felt right now. 

First things first, there’s something more important to pay attention to. 

‘The rundown for the memorial service’s ceremony is…’

After a moment of silence in front of the memorial monument inscribed with the names of veterans, I’ll give a speech in front of everyone as a representative. 

Actually, I initially asked Damian to speak as a representative. 

I thought it would be better for the Crown Prince to speak, rather than a fiancee who happens to be a commoner maid. 


‘This memorial service is more meaningful for you to represent, Lize.’

Damian shook his head resolutely after hearing my suggestion. 

With a puzzled face, Damian suddenly asked me a question. 

‘Whose lives do you think were lost the most when fighting the war against the beasts’

I was not expecting that. 

I stared vacantly at Damian. 

After a while, my lips moved. 

‘Of course…it would be the commoners.’


Damian quietly nodded his head. 

‘His Majesty most likely appointed you as representative with the intention of hurting me.’

‘Well, then.’

‘But in his hatred towards me, he’s blinded himself as a result.’


What does he mean by that 

I blinked my eyes blankly. 

‘His eyes are blinded’


His Majesty, the Emperor, has failed to remember something very important now.’

‘…what is it’

‘It has to do with your appointment as the representative…’

Scarlet-colored eyes stared at me with firm conviction. 

‘The fact that you can touch the hearts of the many commoner soldiers that fell in the North.’

I paused and tensed up. 

‘‘If the Emperor had personally hosted the service, it would have been a noble-focused event.’

As he continued to speak, Damian’s voice gradually became colder. 

‘Unlike ordinary soldiers, the nobles didn’t make sacrifices.’

Well, it is true. 

In the first place, the Emperor isn’t fond of ordinary people who didn’t support him. 

And apart from that, the Emperor doesn’t even see commoners as human beings. 

‘Why should a noble Emperor care for things he considers as refuse’

That was the general notion of the Emperor. 

Damian continued in a composed manner. 

‘But you’ve also met the representatives of the bereaved families in person.’

‘Um, your Highness…:

‘That’s not all, right You gave your best to give them an opportunity to actually participate in the memorial service.’

Damian concluded with an unusually firm determination. 

‘For them, I think you’re the best fit to be their representative.’

But that determination in his tone didn’t last long. 

Damian’s voice at the end began to quiver. 

‘I feel like I’m making you overdo it, I’m so sorry about that but…’

Then he looked directly at me with a gentle gaze. 

Damian somehow looks so cute at the moment…

‘Don’t think those thoughts.’

I shook my head and answered with a smile. 

‘Being your strength is enough for me.’

Hearing my answer, Damian widened his eyes and smiled brightly. 

‘Thank you, Lize.’


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