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Chapter 19

TL: Zimmings

“But I wanted to put your opinion into consideration.”


“I also dont want to give you a hard time…”

The empress continued to quibble about it.

Despite her grouchy face and her grumblings, I felt the warmth from her gaze, as she acted so out of concern for me.

I smiled radiantly in response.

“Then, Ill do my best to be acknowledged by everyone!”

“…Yes Charlize, if thats what you want.”

The empress nodded, though she looked a little hesitant.

Right now is the best time to ask naturally.

I need to snatch this opportunity without fail!

It is the best time to get some information about Damian, the crown prince.

“By the way, Your Majesty.

Theres another thing I want to ask you about.……”

“What is it Tell me.”

The empress stared at me with an amiable smile on her face.

Alright, the atmospheres nice.

I asked her innocently.

“I heard something about a desolate palace near your residence…”

“Ah… what about it”

“Is it because of the crown prince that they avoided the palace”

When she heard my question, the empress face darkened slightly.

Huh Why did she look like that

I was perplexed.

“Why are you asking about the crown prince”

“I wondered why everyone avoided him.”

I could see a frown on her face as I answered.

Hence, I continued without waiting for her response.

“By any chance, You Majesty… do you hate him”

“No, thats not it.”

What I tilted my head at the unexpected answer.

The empress, who seemed to be agonizing for a while, continued,

“The crown prince… Hes a pitiful child, actually.”

“You pity him”


That child was deprived of his rights by the emperor.”

Gasp! But the emperor is her husband!

Are you saying that the emperor is a bad guy

“I-is it okay to say that”

“Well, its not like Im the only one who said so… I occasionally heard of people cursing the emperor when hes not there.”

The empress shrugged lightly.

Is that… is that so

“But why does the emperor hate the crown prince”

“I have no idea.

We often have conflicting opinions.”

The empress answered sullenly.

As she lowered her eyes, I could see complex emotions in her countenance.


It was guilt.

‘No way, did the empress feel sorry for the crown prince

I hold back my thoughts from coming out.

In fact, if the empress had common sense, it was obvious that she felt sorry for the crown prince, as the emperor forcefully took away his rights.

And the empress I know is a person full of kindness.

After a while, the empress continued.

“Ever since the beginning, I didnt really want to come to places like the Imperial Palace.”

There was a deep remorse in her voice.

Come to think of it, the two of them had just been married.

To be exact, the current emperor married the empress after he seized the throne.

So she didnt want this marriage from the beginning

It was slightly different from the original, so I felt a little bit confused.

“Lize, you didnt need to care about the emperor.”

Her Majesty looked at me and said determinedly.


“Theres no need for you to care about that old man.”

Ah, of course!

The one Im interested in is the empress, not the emperor!

Do I have to appeal to her again

I stared at her and said with a cute voice.

“Sister Rose.”

When I called her affectionately, the empress eyes widened.

“Lize is not interested in the emperor.”


“Sister Rose is the best in the world!”

I glanced at the empress as she closed her mouth with both hands.

“The emperor is your husband, thats why I was a bit curious….”

Now, I have to put on a sad face here.

I asked the empress another question.

“…Sister Rose, do you hate Lize for asking that question”

“No, I would never hate you!”

The empress shouted with her hands on her chest.

I think she wanted to hug me, but couldnt because the table was blocking her.

“In fact, I was worried that Lize had eyes on that worthless person!”

…What Worthless person

Uh, isnt that too cold

‘Well, though I agree with that.

While I was thinking so, the empress shouted, “I cant stand it anymore!” as she stood up and came to my side.

I guess her hands were itchy because she couldnt hug me.

“I dont get why other people are interested in the emperor, hes nothing out of the ordinary.”

I totally agree with that.

I nodded as the empress held me in her arms and put me on her lap.

‘Well, normally I should stop the empress from acting like this, but… Im in my cute mode now, so lets just stay calm.

I leaned on the empress.

“Ive advised the other ladies many times about this too.”

“You did”

“Yes, its a waste of time to get involved with the emperor.”

Unlike her sullen face, she touched my head very softly and affectionately.

“But instead of listening to me, they misunderstand me as keeping them in check.”

In the original, the empress who was said to be obsessed with the emperor, always keeps the other ladies in check.

Is that where the story came from

Ive always thought it was a little strange.

The emperor is a worthless person.

While the empress is the most beautiful woman in the original, why would she love and cling to such a man

“Anyway, Im glad my Lize is normal.”

The empress said in a sweet voice as her fingers gently stroked my cheek.

“You only have to give your attention and affection to me in the future, okay”


I answered quickly.

The empress smiled brightly at my response.


A few days later, it was unusually loud outside.

‘Whats going on

I glanced at the window.

It seems like the servants were moving some goods.

Well, its none of my business.


…The court lady suddenly came to see me.


In the midst of removing dust from the bookshelf, I raised my head up.

“Did you call me”

I rushed to the court lady, and saw a small trolley beside her.

‘Oh, there was a trolley that small

It was very small compared to a regular trolley.

As if it was made to cater to a childs needs.

“What is this”

“Its yours.”

“…Yes Mine”

I widened my eyes and the court lady smiled.

“The empress herself has requested it for you.”

No, what are you talking about

I opened my mouth widely.

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The court lady added an explanation in a delicate tone.

“She said it looked a little dangerous when you drag the normal trolley.”


So, the empress ordered that trolley

Only for me


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