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Chapter 27

TL/Editor: Eastwalker/Greatape

‘Come to think of it, a ladder… I think I saw it in the warehouse earlier.’

As I dragged the ladder behind me while groaning, I noticed something.

For some reason, the ladder seems to be lighter than usual.

Well, I’m not heavy so it won’t break against my weight.

Leaning the ladder against the wall, I started climbing the ladder with determination.

I held a long broom in my hand.

“Almost, I’ll be right there…”


I made a swiping motion with the broom.

Although the broomstick came close to touching the spider’s web, probably because of my short arms, it barely touched it.

After several unsuccessful attempts at swinging, I stared angrily at the corner of the ceiling.

‘I think I can reach it, just a little bit more!’

Why are my arms so short!

I gritted my teeth.

Do you think I’ll give up

I carefully measured the distance between the web and myself, then swung powerfully.


The sound of the broom brushing against the wall signaled that the cobweb had been swept away.

Aha, finally!

I was filled with joy at the moment.

All of a sudden, I felt something ominous. 

… Huh

I felt goosebumps race down my spine.

‘That sound just now… what was it’

I heard the sound of wood cracking.

As soon as I had that thought, the ladder steps snapped as my foot slipped.


I hurriedly tried to grab hold of something, but it was hopeless.

My hands swayed in vain in the air.

I-I’m falling!

I closed my eyes reflexively.

What if I got hurt!

‘The empress will find out that I’m going in and out of the prince’s palace then!’

Please, don’t get hurt!

However, I couldn’t feel the pain I had expected at all.

Instead, I heard urgent sound of footsteps…


All of a sudden, my body was safely held in someone’s arms.


A desperate voice called to me.

Are y-…you all right

When I quietly lifted my gaze, I saw Damian with a pale and tired face as if he was about to pass out at any moment.

He raised his voice.

“Hey, what are you… where did you find these broken ladders!”

“Fro-from the warehouse.”

Damian was so angry that I was surprised.

He kept frowning while scolding me.

“What The warehouse Did you drag that ladder from there to here!”

Yes, I did but…….

Damian couldn’t hide his amazement and stared at me intently.

“Do you think you’re strong That’s why I told you not to clean!”

“That, that…”

“Why aren’t you afraid of what had just happened If you hit the floor, you would be done for!”

Damian’s voice trembled softly. 

I became teary and reflexively apologized.

“Sorry, I’m sorry.

I made a mistake.”

“What are you sorry about”

“I made things difficult for you…”

I bit my lips.

What if the empress found out that I was in and out of the imperial palace

That would not only give trouble for me but Damian as well.

What I had done to help Damian almost made him in trouble.

Stupid Charlize.

I blamed myself. 

However, the expression on Damian’s face as he glanced at me…..

It seemed as if he was in pain.

But why though

It’d be understandable if he was angry.

Damian opened his lips as if to say something, but instead, he gave a sigh and shut his mouth again.

What should I do I feel really bad.

My body was trembling.

I slowly made eye contact with him.

“I’m, I’m fine with you scolding me.”

“…That’s enough.”

Only Damian would act in that manner.

After he placed me back on the ground he quickly turned around.

Why, why did you turn your back on me

I paced behind him, earnestly calling out to Damian.

“Your Highness, are you angry”

At Damian’s silence, my chest tightened with the tension.

After a while, he muttered, 

“What kind of person do you think I am”


“If you get hurt, I’ll be in trouble.

That’s why I got angry.… did you seriously think I would be like that!”

I froze on the spot.

Damian glanced at me.              

“I mean, you…”

Damian pondered on what to say for a long time.

His low voice somehow sounded melancholic.                      

“…You’re the only good person I’ve met after 5 years of being imprisoned in this palace.”

Good person. 

I bit my lips in response to Damian’s choice of words.

Damian clenched his fists.

“If such a person gets hurt, isn’t it natural to worry”

“Your Highness…”

“What are you…”

Damian couldn’t finish his words and let out a sigh.

I lowered my head.

… Oh no, what should I do, I can’t even lift my face.

This was completely my fault.

Damian did me a favor.

In the end, I caused him distress since I was unable to judge clearly.

“I’m sorry.”

“I’m telling you sincerely.

I’m sorry.”

My words was accompanied by tears.

I took my time approaching Damian and gently grasped his sleeve.

“Hey, Crown Prince, I’m glad you’re nice to me.”

Damian was still looking at me with disbelief as he opened his mouth.

“When I first met you, I threatened you with a knife.

If you don’t like me because of that……”


I was taken aback and raised my voice.

How many times have we met Why are you still worried about that!

“To be honest, I was a little scared at first.”

I nearly died because of him, how could I not be terrified of Damian at first


“But not now.”

I said it clearly.

Damian’s expression slightly softened.

I continued with a clear voice.

“I don’t care about that at all.

Crown prince, you’ve saved me.”

“If it bothers you… let’s call it even if you forgive my mistake this time.”

I let go of Damian’s sleeve. 

This time, I would never let go of him even if he pushed me away.

Damian, who had been hesitant for a long time, looked at me and asked.

“Really… You don’t hate me or anything”

“Of course.

I like you.”

I nodded my head repeatedly.

Damian’s eyes were shaking.

He opened his lips slightly.

“Don’t do that next time.”

“Yes, I promise.”

“It’s the truth, right You really don’t hate me, right

“It’s true.”

Damian glanced at me.

His clumsy fingers reached out to gently caress my cheeks.

“Okay, that will do.”

His voice was tiny and muffled at the end.

After hesitating for a while, Damian smiled awkwardly.

The smile he made was dazzling, I unknowingly laid my face on Damian’s palm.

At that time, unbeknownst to us, someone had come to the Crown Prince’s Palace.

* * *

Knock, knock.

A knocking sound resonated throughout the room.

The empress, who had been examining paperwork for a while, raised her head.

Who is it

“It’s Hayden.”

“Come on in.”

The empress furrowed her brow.

What’s the matter

She usually doesn’t interfere when she’s working… 

“What’s going on”

“I came here because I have something to tell you about Charlize.”

The maid Hayden spoke with a worried tone.


The empress opened her eyes wide.

“Tell me.”

“Well, Charlize has been out a lot lately.”

“Don’t you also go out There has never been any prohibition or restriction from going out of the Empress’ Palace.”

“Yes, but…”

Even though she initiated the conversation, she hesitated, unable to speak for a long time.

It might not be a big deal.

It might actually not be worrisome, but…

She was merely a maid, and she had no authority to judge the gravity of any matter.

It was the job of the empress, the owner of the maids, to judge the severity.

She shut her eyes tightly.

“It’s a bit suspicious to see her keep packing food and going out.”

“… She’s taking food with her”

For a moment, a suspicious look appeared on the empress’s face.

She can eat it at the Empress’s Palace, so why take it with her

“Isn’t she just taking a little bit to eat as a snack outside”

“No, the amount is significant.

It’s too much for Charlize to eat alone.”

She shook her head.

It implied she had more to say.

The empress questioned her.

“That’s it If she was just going out with food, you wouldn’t have come to me and even tell me.”

The maid raised her head.

The maid, who had been contemplating what to say for a while, carefully added her words.

“Recently, Charlize… I heard her once ask about His Highness the Crown Prince.”

The empress narrowed her eyes.


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