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Chapter 33.1

The empress fixed her gaze on the man in front of her.

His name is Vincent de Winsor, and he was the Marquis of Mod before becoming Emperor of the Empire.

Hes a man who sees her as aconnection to Rochester rather than as a person.

The emperor grinned as she averted her gaze.

After seeing his smile, the empress shuddered slightly.

Despite the fact that he was her husband, who had vowed to stay with her for the rest of her life, the handsome face gazing back at her seemed unfamiliar.

“Its been a long time since we met, empress.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

The empress elegantly lowered her head after opening her lips.

“I didnt know the emperor would come all the way here.

Im overjoyed.”

The empress stated this in the gentlest voice she could muster.

Im overjoyed.

Those words pricked the tip of her tongue like a thorn.

There must have never been a moment when they both liked meeting each other.

Meanwhile, the emperor could only smile.

“No matter how busy I am, I cant live without seeing my wifes face as your husband.”

However, unless theres a particular reason, he never comes to meet her.

The empress managed to straighten her brow before it could wrinkle arbitrarily.

Until now, there had been only one motive for the emperors visit to the empress.

‘To ask for or obtain something from the Duke of Rochester.

There was nothing else.

But this time, why

“Recently I heard that the empress had found a new pastime, so I came here right away.”


Youre looking after the crown prince these days, arent you”

…… As expected.

The empress took a deep breath.

The emperors grin widened slightly.

It was not a friendly grin however.

“Actually, I felt it was excessive to interfere in the empresss affairs, so I tried not to pay attention.

But there is some problem.”

The emperor lifted his head slightly and met the empress eyes.

The empress fixed her gaze on the emperor, her face expressionless.

“You seem to be interested in the imprisoned crown prince, may I ask why”

“I did it for your majesty, the emperor.”

The empress responded without batting an eyelid.

The emperor burst out laughing, however, his eyes became sharp.

“For me, you say”


Isnt his majesty the emperor neglecting the crown prince right now”

At the empresss answer, the emperors laughter ceased.

The emperor asked back a question in a bone-chilling tone.

“… … Are you rebuking me now”

“Theres no way.”

The empress smiled amiably.

Because of her response, the emperor cast a discreet glance towards the empress.

“I asked that simply because if you keep swinging the whip, it will hit you one day.”

“Even so, he is still a child.”

“A child will become an adult someday.”

The empress answered firmly.

For some time, the emperor kept his mouth shut.

The empress continued in a calm voice.

“And his bitter childhood memories would linger in his memory for a long time.”

“……Resentment lasts a long time.”


So, if the emperor stays away from the crown prince…”

The empress tilted her head slightly and looked at the emperor and the corner of her lips rose.

“Shouldnt I treat the crown prince nicely”

“Even so, what reason is there for the empress herself to take care of the crown prince”

“Hes still the Crown Prince of Winsor.

Your pride will not be harmed if someone else looks after him.”

Her emerald eyes shone brilliantly as she grinned.

She tried to act as nonchalantly as possible so that the emperors suspicion subsided.

“You need to treat him well if you dont want to regret it later.”

The emperor was silent for a moment.

After all, given the emperors treatment to the crown prince so far, it was well worth worrying about.

The empress pretended to care about the emperors worries.

Then, she said cautiously,

“What if, by any chance, the crown prince causes trouble”

“… Empress.”

“Wouldnt the succession to the throne be a headache in the future”

The empress pointed out the emperors sensitive subject.

The situation where the grown up crown prince demanded the throne was the most troublesome concern for the emperor.

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The emperor gave a small nod.

“Yes, that seems to make sense.”

“I am so grateful that you have accepted my loyalty.”

The empress made a modest bow as the emperor once again smiled politely.

“Then can I entrust the crown prince to you, empress”


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