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“More than that, I dont think Lize will be able to sleep well today.”

“Um, thats…”

“You cant sleep because youre worrying about useless things.”

Immediately after dismissing my serious concerns as “useless things,” the empress rose to her feet and pulled the rope to summon a maid.

I hurriedly went to the bed after being startled by the sudden movement.

“There is no need! if there is anything you want me to do, Ill do it for you!”

“Yes, I am calling for you.”

After I gently laid down on the bed, the empress nodded her head in satisfaction.

Calling for me

My eyes widened.

“I heard that warm milk is wonderful for a good nights sleep.”

“I dont need it, you dont have to pay much attention to me…”

“But that will make me feel at ease.”

After saying that, the empress simply wrapped her arms around me.

She threw a blanket over my shoulders and laid me down on the bed.

“Since Lize likes sweet things, Ill add a spoonful of honey as well.”

“E- empress, no.

No need, sister Rose.”

“Of course, you need to brush your teeth before going to bed.”

In response, I blushed without realizing it.

Because the empresss smile towards me was sweeter than the milk mixed with honey.

The empress patted my body covered with the blanket.

After that, I gained a little courage.

“… … Sister Rose.”


“Every time… Im extremely grateful.”

I whispered so, full of sincerity.

It makes me uncomfortable, but I know that if the situation were different, it would be much more difficult for me to express my feelings to the empress.

Upon hearing my whisper, the empress leaned in and closed her eyes.

“I am also grateful to Lize too.”

Her loneliness in this vast imperial palace would have been unbearable if it hadnt been for Lizes presence.

The empress held me tightly with both arms.

I sighed and buried my face in the empresss arms, a happy smile on my face.

‘Its warm.

I want to keep living like this.

The relationship between the empress and Damian has improved, and the emperor is not interested in me at all..

I thought that everything was going smoothly at that point.

However, a few days later, in the middle of summer, something happened to Damian.


A few days later, I was walking down the road to the Crown Princes Place, carrying a cloth bag full of food.

Ive been in and out of the crown princes palace so much that Ive become as familiar with it as the Empresss Palace.

“Huh, now it seems like a place where people live.”

When I entered the crown palace, I looked around with a happy face.

Immediately following her promise to care for Damian on her own, the Crown Princes Palace was meticulously cleaned.

All of the weeds that had grown in the garden were trimmed, and broken facilities were repaired.

Its nice to see that the eerie atmosphere has vanished completely.


I tilted my head.

It was weird because Damian was nowhere to be seen today.

Usually, hed be waiting outside in time for my visit, but what happened

I decided to go inside for now.

“Crown Prince”

There was a feeling of uneasiness inside me.

Whats going on here

I looked around to the kitchen, living room, utility room…

I looked in all the places where Damian frequented, but he was nowhere to be found.

Finally, there is only one place left.

‘Damians bedroom.

Of course, Im aware that the bedroom is a private space.

But I cant seem to find Damian anywhere.

Would he be upset if I went into the bedroom just once in this situation

Well, I didnt raise Damian like that!

Having rationalized my action as such, I passed through the living room and went inside.

In the distance, I could see Damians bedroom.

The door was firmly shut.

I raised my hand after taking a deep breath.

Knock, knock.

I knocked on the door a couple of times, but received no response.

“Crown Prince”

I called him carefully.

Thats odd, because Damian has nowhere else to go but here.

After hesitating for a while, I eventually placed my hand on the doorknob.


The door opened with an unpleasant noise.

Im glad the door is not locked.

The room was dark with the curtains down.

I stepped into the room.

“Crown Prince.”

I could see the thick blankets as I approached the bed.

It looks like a person was curled up inside that blanket.

Could that person be Damian

I drew my brows together and approached the bed.


At the same time, I let out a scream.

Because a hand was suddenly stretched out, and firmly grasped my neck.

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The bright scarlet eyes stared at me with great intensity in the dark.


Damian, whats wrong with him

After a while, a voice that sounded like a growling beast echoed throughout the room.

“Who are you”


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