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It is currently eight o’clock in the evening.

With my gaze fixed on the vast bed in front of me, I couldn’t conceal my conflicted emotions.

“Come here, Lize.”

She called me tenderly.

Uh, what should I do

The empress must have really meant it.

“Coming, Your Majesty.”

I took a deep breath and replied carefully.

The empress who called me had a sad expression when I replied.

“It’s not Her Majesty, it’s sister Rose.”

Of course, I’ve called the empress ‘Sister Rose’ on a few occasions to tease her.

Even so, isn’t calling her ‘Sister Rose’ a bit awkward

Even more so when she’s the empress……!

“I want to be called sister Rose today.”

“Sister Rose.”

Unlike my previous inner conflict, the word “sister Rose” rolled off my tongue like a second nature.

This is a problem.

Right I mean, I’m stupid!

How can I firmly carry out my will when the empress looks at me with such innocent and pitiful eyes!

I can’t! My resolve is as soft as the strawberry I ate last night!

The empress smiled and nodded her head, clearly pleased.

“Yes, what’s the matter”

“I’ll be upfront.

Do you want to sleep with me”

I took a few steps back and looked at the empress’ magnificent bed.

While it is true that the blankets are as soft as clouds, I believe it is too much for a maid to lie down on a mattress that is wider than the entire garden.

I spoke carefully.

“I’ve learned that it is against etiquette for a maid to sleep with Her Majesty the Empress….”

However, I was unable to complete my sentence.

As soon as I was going to bring it up, the empress’ shoulders dropped.

Her emerald eyes bore into me with a sadness that overwhelmed me.

It should be against the law for her to take advantage of those beautiful eyes.

“But I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep without Lize.”

I heard her sullen voice. 

The empress did not hide her sadness and spoke bluntly.

“What if I break the rules”

“Um, but…”

“We don’t sleep together every day, so today is the first time, isn’t it”

At that remark, I held back a sigh.

I believe I am the only maid in the world who has the privilege of sleeping in the same bed as the empress….

I closed my eyes tightly.

“Is it true that His Majesty the Emperor paid a visit to the Empress’s Palace today”

“Yes, why”

“But he just left… shouldn’t Your Majesty and the emperor sleep together”

“We use a separate palace anyway…… we felt uncomfortable with each other when we share the same bed.”

The empress’s expression became sullen when I referred to her as ‘Your Majesty.’ 

I was watching the empress when I suddenly remembered something mentioned in the original.

‘Because of her strong possessive desire for the emperor, the empress killed all the women who were entangled with him.’

… How big is the difference between reality and the original

I cast a sidelong glance at the empress as she brushed my hair behind my ears.

When our eyes met, the empress smiled brightly.

“I like Charlize better than His Majesty the Emperor.”

Oh my goodness.

I can’t believe the empress said she likes me better than the emperor himself.

Should I be happy with this overflowing affection or not

“Listen, more than that, isn’t it the duty of the maids to take good care of the empress”

As if she had thought of something to persuade me, the empress returned my gaze with a smile as dazzling as the sun.

“You’re aware that I have trouble sleeping, aren’t you”

“Yes, that’s right.

I heard that’s why you used to drink herbal tea a lot in the past.”

It was something I heard from the maids.

The empress used to drink herbal teas to help her sleep because she suffers from insomnia.

But I’ve never seen her sipping the herbal tea since I arrived at the Empress’ Palace…

I tilted my head.

The empress spoke proudly.

“I don’t expect to lose any sleep if I sleep with Lize.”


“That means Lize is very good at supplementing me.

Don’t you think so”

It was wonderful flattery, but the problem was that the empress who delivered the flattery is extremely beautiful.

As expected, the world revolves around those who are beautiful.

I had to do my best not to be captivated by the empress’ beauty.

Think about it.

The empress, widely regarded as one of the most beautiful women in the world, stared at me, her eyelashes fluttering like butterflies.

In such a circumstance, how am I supposed to refuse her

It’s impossible for me to refuse her when her face is so close to mine!


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