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His hoarse voice sounded strangely painful.

My voice trembled as I replied to him.

“Its me… Charlize…”


Light gradually returned to the hazy eyes that were staring at me.

Damian was startled at the same time and immediately relaxed his grip.

“Im so sorry!”

“No, its fine.”

I gently shook my head.

To be honest, I was taken aback, but there were no major problems with my body.

I was just grabbed by the neck.

Furthermore, Damian has been plagued by assassins in the past, so its understandable that hes sensitive while sleeping.


I glanced at Damian.

I felt that something was off.

“But… how long have you been asleep”

Thats strange, Damian doesnt usually sleep in right

Damian smiled awkwardly.

“Yeah, I overslept today after a long time.”

“Whats wrong Dont you usually wake up early”

“Just… I had some nightmares.”

Damians eyes grew dark as he said it.

He looked really tired, so I got a little worried.

“A nightmare What kind of nightmare was it”

“No, its nothing.”

Damian dismissed my question.


I narrowed my eyes.

Im not sure what nightmare it was, but it must be terrifying.

When youre feeling down, basking in the sun  can do wonders for your mood.

“May I draw the curtains”

“Do whatever you want.”

Damian agreed with a nod.

I moved closer to the window.

The drapes were drawn back, revealing the dark room throughout.

And I was shocked because the first thing I saw was Damians ghastly pale face.

“Crown prince, your face… !”

“Whats wrong with my face”

“You look so pale!”

I was so taken aback that I immediately dashed to Damian.

Even blank paper isnt as pale as he is right now!

Furthermore, his skin was flaky.

Damian grinned bitterly as he raised his hand to feel his cheek.

“Well, that happens sometimes.”

“There are times like this!”

“Its just when I have nightmares and remembering all of that…… I feel tired.”


I looked at him with suspicion.

Damian stood up and waved his hand.

“Yes, its true.

So dont worry about it.”

“How could I ignore it!”

I became frustrated and raised my voice.

Damians eyes were filled with mixed feelings as he looked at me.

He was grateful for my concern for his health, but he seemed rather perplexed.

He opened his mouth after a while.

“Thank you for your concern, but Im fine.”

No, you dont look fine at all!

I was worried about him but I couldnt keep insisting when he himself said he was fine.

I gave in and spoke to him after a deep sigh.

“I see.

Then, eat first.”

“Its fine, I dont have an appetite.”

“You still have to eat.

Right now, crown prince, you look like youre on the verge of collapsing.”

“… Yes, alright.”

Damian, unable to deny my remark, nodded slightly.

“Ill bring dinner back here.”

“No, lets go to the dining room together.”


“I said its okay, I didnt want to worry you.”

Damian rose to his feet after saying that.

Just as I was about to stand up, Damians body shook furiously as he swayed.

I quickly moved to his side and supported him.

Hey, I think were going to fall together!

“Crown prince!”

I shouted urgently.

Perhaps thinking about the difference in our size, Damian attempted to regain his balance after stumbling and succeeded.

Oh my god, Damian.

Why is he like this And why does it look like he had a hard time breathing

Damian gritted his teeth and asked me.

“…Im sorry.

Are you hurt”

Huh, is he worrying about me now

I looked up at Damian with a bewildered look.

The heat emanating from Damians skinny arms through his thin pajamas was scorching.

“Yo-your body is burning up…”

I stuttered and opened my mouth.

Is it possible for a persons body temperature to rise this high


Doctor, I need to call a doctor.

But will the Emperor, His Majesty, send a physician to the Crown Princes Palace

The fact that Damian was sick bothered me to the point that the issue was like a tangled thread in my head.

At that time, Damian looked at me.

“Please, Lize.”

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The hand on my shoulder was unbelievably hot as if it was a ball of fire.

He spoke in a voice that was exceedingly earnest.

“I know Im sick… just please dont tell anyone else.”

It was a whisper that sounded almost like a plea.

Along with those words, Damians body dropped to the floor.


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