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I glanced at Rose sideways.1

‘If I tell her all about the little problems I experienced, she will clear them up… However, I dont want to trouble her.

If I keep piling my trouble onto her, She might brand me as a burdensome kid…


Rose bent her knees and stared right into my eyes.

My sister asked me cautiously, “Lize… do you not trust me”

“Huh No, its not like that!”

“Of course, I know Lize doesnt want to talk about this, but…” Rose sighed and continued, “…but if you have a hard time, I want you to rely on me.”


“Of course, I dont want to force you, okay” said Rose, lowering her eyes.

Under the shade of the long eyelashes, the emerald eyes shimmered with dejection.

Her disheartened look was reeling me into confession before I finally gave in.

‘My angelic Sister Rose… she looks so sad.

So how can I keep the truth from her…

“…ok,” I nodded in defeat.

I still couldnt believe she didnt feel troubled by my tirades, although its way better than seeing her sad.[a]

Before long, tears were pooling in my eyes as I reiterated the harassment I had faced.

“You know, theres a maid in training called Becky…”


“She kicked the piles of dust Ive swept away, and she always orders me around.”

Recalling the recent incident made me glummer.

When I came to my senses, I was trembling.

“…did that happen”

“It did, but…”

I was only belatedly aware of Roses keen perception.

She was a compassionate listener.

With vexation fueling my heart, I spilled out everything Becky had done.

When she heard my stories, Roses eyes became sharp.

“Becky… Becky, the maid in training,” Rose eyes glinted as she whispered the name under her breath a couple of times.2

She abruptly stood out and stared at the wide corridor.

Whats she so worried about At the time, when I was snooping my head.

“…how should I get this done”

“Uh, sister What are you saying” I scrunched my brow in confusion.

I looked at my sisters standing figure, puzzled at her bizarre conduct.

“No, I cant do it now.”

“Uh, sister…”

My words didnt seem to register.

Roses expression had morphed into a mask of anger.

I couldnt help but feel frightened at the sight.

It was the first time I had ever seen her this outraged.

‘Sister, why are you grinding your teeth so fiercely

Eventually, Rose heard my call, and she looked at me with a startled look.

She shook her head, and a gentle smile replaced the intimidating expression from before.

“Its nothing.

Furthermore, Lize…”


“From now on, dont stay up all night.”

At my sisters stern words, I dropped my shoulders.

Well, its already been four hours since I started cleaning the hallway.

However, I hadnt finished the water puddle yet, so I had to stay up all night to clean it up.

“‘Lets clean the hallway together.”

“Huh” I was dismayed.

I couldnt imagine Rose with her graceful countenance holding a mop and cleaning the floor.

“Sister, its ok.

I can do it alone!”

I shook my head with my two fists clenched in determination.

Though I didnt have the stamina, I still had my conscience.

‘Its my job, and how can I let my lovely Rose do it I rather do it myself! I will do it myself!

“No, Lize,” Rose firmly shook her head.

She bent over and made eye contact with me, and she spoke mournfully.2

“When I see you cleaning up alone, my heart breaks.”


“Its all right.

I will tell the maids well so that you wont have problems with them in the future.”

…I was slightly tempted.

I didnt know her exact position yet, but at her confidence, I could envisage her as a quite high ranking maid.

I was hoping the head maid would take care of the hitches, but it wouldnt hurt to let Rose do it if she desired so.

After thinking over my choices, I nodded, “Alright, thank you, sister!”

… five hours later.

Rose was leaning onto the hallways wall.

Her eyebrow was scrunching up in frustration.

“Its okay, sister.”

My sister looked at me with a sullen look.

“Theres nothing wrong with not being good at cleaning the room.

Youre good at so many other things,”  I tried to cheer Rose up.

“Theres one thing I cant do now,” she spoke seriously.

I did love Rose with all my heart.

But her cleaning skills were a disaster.

When I looked at her, my sister was pursing her lips with a gloomy expression.

“Thank you for your consolation, Lize…”

I didnt think its a consolation at all.

I swallowed my dry saliva, and I took a step closer to my sister.

“Sister, even then,” she raised her head slightly at my words, “Youre good at watering and singing! Also..”

I put up my fingers as I listed all of her strengths one by one.

It was so obvious.

I was the witness! How many times have we met in our secret place The number of roses my sister had watered as a pastime hobby was blooming splendidly, and when I heard her lullaby, it lulled me to sleep! Besides, she had an advantage that was incomparable to anyone.

“…and my sisters face, the prettiest girl in the world!” my determined words made her dark green eyes went round.

After a while, my sister burst out laughing.

“Im glad you said that, Lize.”

“But thats the truth! My sister is the prettiest in the world!”

“‘Yes, yes,” she opened her arms wide, wanting to embrace me, but I hesitated to hug Rose as usual.

“…whats wrong with, Lize”

Looking alternately at my clean sisters clothes and my dirty clothes, I opened my mouth carefully.

“I-my clothes are dirty…”

It was.

I spent the whole day cleaning the hall, and my clothes were all dusty and dirty from the water.

I felt sorry.

If I hugged Rose carelessly, then it would dirty her clothes.

But Rose then said, “My Lize doesnt have to care about that.”

With loving words, my sister pulled me into a tight hug.

My sister gently stretched out her arms and held me tightly so that I could no longer recede.

Roses unique, elegant, and sweet scent tickled the tip of my nose.

“Lets rest a little and clean together again.

All right”


I grinned, hugging my sisters neck tightly.

‘Rose, you are the light of my imperial life!

After about two hours, we were able to finish cleaning.

While cleaning the floor, Rose mumbled something I couldnt understand with a fierce look.

“…how do you make this”

“Oh, sister”

“Pardon Why do you call me, Lize”

“We have finished.

Phew, its finally over.”

“Yes, weve finished!”

After a while, my sister and I scanned at the main hall.

Accomplishment filled our hearts at the sight of the polished clean hallway.

My sister, sitting on the floor, said affectionately, raising her hand on the top of my head.

“Good work, Lize.”

“You too!”

Then I noticed her sitting on the floor.

‘My sister is sitting on the bare floor!

“Its the first time my sister sat on the floor like that.”

“Is it true”

My sister, who had her eyes wide open, burst into laughter.

Rose had something noble about her.

She never sat on the floor without a handkerchief, but right now, shes smiling even though she had to go through this mess.

I glanced at Rose sideways.

‘Are you from an aristocratic family

Well, Rose radiated nobility from head to toe.

‘Perhaps shes one of the ladies and gentlemen from noble families assigned to the Empress Palace

The Empress, the mother of the empire, was the only daughter of the Empires most noble family even when she was unmarried.

Therefore, rumors had it that the Imperial Palace only accepted maids from the nobility.

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‘By the way… I gulped down my dry saliva, …why do I keep thinking about the Empress

‘No! Rose and the Empress have nothing to do with each other!4

“Lize, are you tired Your face is pale.”

But hearing Roses worried voice, I came to my senses.


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