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Damian suddenly raised his head.

The first thing he noticed was a thick herbal scent that brushed the tip of his nose.

However, not even the strong smell could mask the distinctive body odor of a dying person.

Damian clenched his teeth.

A censer for burning herbs, as well as a dimly lit room with drawn curtains.

And a slender figure lying before him on a large bed.

This entire scenery was familiar.

…… I was so used to it that I felt like throwing up.


The young Damian was in tears as he opened his mouth.

Damian took a step back and looked at himself from five years ago with a fed-up look.

At that call, the emperor’s eyelids trembled.

After a while, the emperor struggled to keep his eyes open. 

Damian was the focus of his turbid sight.

“… Dian.”


It was Damian’s nickname, which no one ever called him anymore and could only be heard in his nightmares.

My son… 

The emperor stretched out his hand towards his son.

Damian, who was still young, cried as he held his father’s hand.

Looking from behind, older Damian quietly grabbed his hand still.


What was the feeling I felt as I held my father’s hand at the time


Those hands that were terribly cold, as dry as straw, and as hard as tree stumps.

Oh, I see.

That hand was like…… It was like a dead body.

The emperor cried out to Damian in a fading voice.

“I’m leaving you alone when you’re still young… … I’m so sorry.”

It was a complicated voice.

Three years old.

It was the age when Damian would lose his father and be left alone.

The empress lost her life early while giving birth to Damian, so his only relative is his father, the emperor.

“It will be very difficult in the future.

“But don’t forget.

You inherited the power of the divine beast and the name of the founding emperor, Carpel…”

The emperor‘s hands were folded with only a sliver of strength left.

He gave all of his strength in continuing his speech one syllable after the other.

The only crown prince of the Winsor empire.

Damian, who was pondering those words, lowered his head with a weary face.

If I hadn’t inherited that name, would I not have to suffer this painful existence

“……And, be wary of your uncle, Marquis Mod.

Cough, cough!”

After the deafening voice, a sharp coughing sound erupted.

Even though he reflexively covered his mouth, blood dripped down.

The bloodstains on the pajama’s front and the blanket was all black.

The three-year-old Damian, who had been clinging to the emperor’s side, was dismayed and grabbed his father.

“Father, father!”

Hearing the cry of his young self, Damian smirked.

It doesn’t matter how young you are, how can you so blind to reality The emperor is dead.

After the death of his father, the emperor, the peaceful world Damian had lived in until now was completely destroyed.

The death of his father, the emperor, completely shattered the peaceful world Damian had come to know. 

The fact that the crown prince will be treated as air was obvious.

“Ah, let it go! I mean it, let go!”

The young Damian was now being dragged by the nape of his neck by Vincent’s wretched hand, his uncle, the man who was Damian’s only family left.

“Do you still think you’re the crown prince”


Damian’s tiny body was slammed against the floor.


In a throbbing pain that racked his entire body, Damian crouched down.

A cold voice lodged in Damian’s ears as he groaned and crawled on the floor.

“Just be thankful that you’re a prince.”

Abandoned Am I an abandoned prince

Damian abruptly raised his head, unsure what would become of him.

Vincent proudly looked down at Damian.


“Oh my, Damian.”

Uncle Vincent squatted down, flipping Damian over and gripped his chin forcefully.

His menacing gray eyes shined with sick glee, accompanied by a sinister smile.

“You should call me ‘Your Majesty,’ not your uncle.”

That, what… ….

“In this empire, a new sun has already risen.”

Vincent snickered and burst out laughing.

The scorn for a man who was once an uncle was vividly inscribed inside the scarlet eyes consumed with terror.

Vincent stood up, leaving Damian all by himself.


The door is closed.

That’s how five years of imprisonment began.

However, there was no time to be bored.

It was just a constant ordeal to survive and live to see the next day.

Damian witnessed multiple occurrences.

Without much thought, Damian handed food to a bird that flew past his window and as a result, the bird vomited blood and died.

He saw someone enter his bedroom armed with a sword, only to leave and place the sword on the bed.

If Damian had not accidentally gone out that day, it would have been himself who was killed by the sword.


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