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Would I be content if I had just died then at the hands of my uncle

While struggling to survive, Damian faced such temptations every time.

What if I gave up on everything

 For as long as I’ve lived, no one welcomes my survival.


I wanted to live.

I didn’t want to die in vain like this.

I wanted to be loved.

I wanted to hear kind words.

I don’t want to suffer from loneliness anymore.

So please, just someone.

“Hold my hand.”

Oh my god.

At that very moment, Damian opened his eyes.

His entire body felt like cotton drenched in water, and he was gasping for air as if he’d been running for a long time.

But now…….

There was a small hand holding Damian’s hand.

“Your majesty, the Crown Prince!”

A weeping voice called out to him.

Charlize’s eyes were filled with tears as she looked intently at Damian.

As if he had finally escaped a long dark tunnel, he felt warm relief.

 “… … why are you crying”

A terribly hoarse voice came out.

Charlize strengthened her grip and retorted.

 “Your majesty, I’ve been by your side the whole time because you didn’t wake up!”

 “Because of me” said Damian.

“Of course! Did you know how worried I was”

Damian raised the corner of his mouth.

Although my whole body is in agony, I have no idea if I’m even smiling properly.

I didn’t want to worry Charlize or see her cry.

Charlize continued to say more.

 “Huff, the fever is too high… … I can’t do anything.”

 “You can’t do anything”

As I looked into those lilac-colored eyes soaked in tears, my heart ached.

Damian wiped the corners of her eyes with his trembling fingertips.

Tears continued to stream down her face.

“Why so many tears,” said Damian with a faint voice.

“You always stayed by my side.”

“•••••By the way.”

“You’ve done so much… …

With his voice breaking off, Charlize sniffled and struggled to hold back her tears.

Damian’s strained smile grew a little darker.

“So don’t cry.”

He didn’t know whether his clumsy attempt at consoling her worked but fortunately Charlize stopped crying.

Charlize, who wiped her tears with her apron, clenched her fists and looked at Damian.

 “Hey, we need to get your fever down.”

Charlize sat down on her seat.

Damian noticed something in the corner of his vision, there was a basin filled with water next to the bed.

Charlize soaked a towel in the basin filled with cold water and groaned as she squeezed the water out.

“Wait a minute… … Wait… … !”

Moments later, Charlize compressed the towel on Damian’s forehead.


A towel soaked in cold water fell on his forehead.

“I guess I didn’t have enough strength, so I couldn’t completely squeeze out the water,” murmured Charlize to herself.

Drops of water trickled down the pillow.

 But Damian gave a small satisfied smile.

 “Thank you.”

“But this isn’t enough.

I have to call a doctor……,” Charlize muttered in a worried voice.

 At that moment, Damian frowned disapprovingly, shaking his head.

 “It’s okay.”

 “Huh, but… …

“Didn’t I tell you earlier “Please keep it a secret from everyone that I’m sick.”

It was a rare, resolute voice.

Charlize couldn’t hide the frustration etched on her face and glared at Damian.

“Why are you sick all of a sudden” Was it the heat or something Maybe a summer cold

 “That, that,” replied Damian.

“Besides that, when you’re sick you should get treatment.

So why are you denying me from calling a physician”

Questions came pouring in.

Damian hesitated for a moment.

Can I be really honest with you

 “Because this is… … It’s not a cold, and it’s not a heatwave.”

However, contrary to his initial hesitation, his mouth answered straightforwardly.

Charlize’s eyes widened, surprised by what he said.


 “This, it’s Shinyeol.”


At the first word she heard, Charlize tilted her head.

A pair of lilac-colored eyes stared at him, puzzled by what ‘Shinyeol’ was.

“What is Shinyeol”

Damian instantly fell into a state of confusion upon realizing.

He had never told another soul about Shinyeol and dreaded that fact.

Normally, I would have pretended it was a cold.

Reasons being because ‘Shinyeol’ was his weakness.

Why is it, when you’re in front of me… … do I end up being so honest

Damian pursed his lips irritated.

‘…There was a saying that when the body becomes dull, the mind also becomes depressed.’

It seemed that the saying was true.

Without that, there was no way to explain his abnormal behavior.

Meanwhile, Charlize was still looking at him with an innocent face.


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