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I ran like crazy to the Empress’s palace.

Seriously, how many times has Damian endured this kind of pain alone

While running, that was the only thought that engulfed my mind.

In the novel, it was simply described as ‘to suffer’, so I didn’t think much of it.

I clenched my lips in frustration.

‘How could I let that happen!’

I felt like I was going bonkers because I disillusioned myself that Damian didn’t suffer anything severe.

No matter how important my own survival is, how can I not worry about Damian at all

I even read the original, yet I was still oblivious!

I already knew that Damian was struggling because of the power of the divine beast!

The Empress’s palace could be seen in the distance, my thoughts were racing on how I would tell the Empress.

I was already breathing heavily but I still needed to put more strength into my legs.

I have to meet the Empress one on one!

“Oh my, Lize”

The Empress, who was out in the garden just in time, looked back to welcome me with a delighted face.

Perhaps she was looking at the blooming summer roses because she already had a few red roses in hand.

The Empress asked a question.

“Didn’t you say you were going to the crown palace today Why did you come back so early… …”

“Your majesty, the Empress!”

I staggered before coming to a halt in front of the Empress.

The Empress, although startled at first, lowered her head to meet my gaze.

“Oh my God, what’s going on Why are you crying”

At the same time, the Empress’s face hardened, preparing for the worst of what Charlize had to say.

Apparently, my flushed face was a mess with tears down my cheeks and a runny nose.

But I couldn’t afford to worry about that.

I desperately clung to the Empress.

“He’s in trouble, the Crown Prince is sick!”

“… … The Crown Prince”

The Empress opened her eyes wide.

I nodded my head.

Word just flew out the mouth at rapid speed.

“The Crown Prince has a very high fever! He’s also not breathing properly, and, and… …”

“Lize, calm down.”

A soft hand gently caressed my back, that single touch made me feel at ease.

I struggled to hold my breath.

As I tried to force myself to stop crying, a strange sound came out.

The Empress hugged me tightly and continued to speak.

“I’m going to call for a physician right now and let him know, so you can stop crying, Charlize.”

“However… … would his majesty, the Emperor, allow it”

Unable to dismiss my worries, I cried and looked at the Empress in desperation.

The very thought of the Emperor interfering was so distracting that I couldn’t put him off my mind.

The Emperor has done so much harm, poisoning food, sending assassins, would he even deny the empress herself from sending a doctor

In that situation, there’s no way he’d allow you to send a doctor to Damian.

Unexpectedly, the Empress’s expression became strict as her eyes narrowed and her posture became imposing.

This was the first time Charlize had seen the Empress like this.

“Lize, I am the one and only Empress of the Great Empire of Winsor.”

“… … Her majesty the empress.”

“As Empress, I have the authority to easily care for at least one sick crown prince at will.”

“… … Of course, that’s true.”

I nodded my head, slightly embarrassed that I doubted the Empress.

The Empress stroked my hair, each stroke was filled with love and attention.

“So don’t worry.

Isn’t the Empress the mother of Winsor”

Having said that, the Empress smiled softly with her eyes closed.

It was evident how much she loved Charlize.

I felt my heart flutter.

I was well aware that asking for the Empress to help Damian would be a burden on her.

The reality is that the Empress has already graced us so much.

Yet… ….

‘And yet the Empress… … she’s still here protecting us.’

Being protected by an adult…..

It felt unusual at first but the warmth, the feeling of security, where no one could harm you.

I was overcome by the Empress’s affection and felt like I was about to cry again, so I took a slow deep breath.

“I’m going to send a doctor right away, Charlize, calm down a bit.”

“Yes, but still.”

“If you continue to cry like that, wouldn’t it make the prince’s heart distraught when he has to see you so sad”

The Empress’s words made sense, so I nodded again.

The Empress embraced me in her arms, stopping a maid who was passing by before giving the order for a doctor to be sent to the crown prince’s palace.

Hearing the order to ‘send a doctor to the crown prince’s palace,’ I buried my head in the Empress’s arms.

The Empress is by your side.

That fact alone gave me peace of mind.

At the empress’s behest, a doctor was immediately sent to the crown palace.

Since the Empress had issued the order, patients would receive food, and necessary items such as blankets were also included.

Just as Damian had asked, I hid the fact that he was suffering from a fever.

After a careful examination of Damian’s condition, the doctor diagnosed that the increasingly warmer weather must have placed greater strain on his body.

The doctor later added that Damian just needs to rest comfortably for the time being and he would get better soon.

“Thank you, thank you!” exclaimed Charlize, relieved at the doctor’s diagnosis.

As the doctor took his leave, I bowed my head over and over again, grateful that Damian would be well.

Of course, the medications prescribed by the doctor would not be the fundamental solution for Damian’s fever.

Still, after taking the antipyretic, Damian’s complexion was far better than before when he looked like a ghost.

I sat next to Damian and looked down at him.

“Better than before… I think his breathing is a lot easier now.”

I gently reached out to tidy up Damian’s unkempt hair.

Come to think of it, it was the first time I’ve seen Damian sleeping.

Rich, well-closed eyelashes cast a light shadow over his white face.

His slightly opened lips were as red as petals.

Looking at him so defenseless… ….

‘You’re still young.’

… … All of a sudden, I had that thought.

The beautiful features still left a youthful feeling.

I can’t believe such a young child endured a difficult life of confinement alone for five years.

For some bizarre reason, something was stirring in my heart, pounding with a certain urge, so I reached out and poked Damian’s soft cheek.

Funnily, Damian complained a little in his sleep.

It must have been the itchy sensation when my finger poked him that irked him.

He was adorable as he frowned while tossing and turning in his sleep.

“Don’t frown, Damian, it wrinkles your handsome face.”

I burst out laughing.

How could Damian, someone who usually spewed out cheeky words just to tease me, have such a lovely face like a cherub

I pulled the blanket covering Damian up to his neck while pulling my chair closer to the bed.

My whole body is pooped.

As the tensions eased a bit, fatigued came rushing in like a tidal wave, washing over me as I slowly began to nod off.


I yawned involuntarily.

Oh no, I think I’m going to fall asleep at this rate.….

I tried not to doze off by pinching my thighs, but it was all in vain.

After keeping my eyes open for so long, I finally succumbed and fell flat, face-first onto the bed.

Huu, these sheets are so soft.

Nooo wait, I still have to take care of Damian… …


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