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Lize, it’s me!

“Your Majesty!

As soon as she heard the Empress’s voice, Charlize leaped out of her chair, giddy with the brightest expression on her face, that just radiated joy.

Damian’s face instantly turned sullen.

“Noo, why does Charlize’s face just light up whenever she sees the Empress” thought Damian to himself.

“My Lize, I missed you!”

“Me too!”

The empress spread her arms wide open, regardless of Damian watching.

Charlize quickly jumped into the empress’s arms.

Damian’s forehead became even more wrinkled at the sight of their heartfelt reunion.

Meanwhile, the empress’s eyes widened upon noticing a ribbon tied to Charlize’s hair. 

“Oh my, Lize.

Where did you find that pretty ribbon”

“The Crown Prince gave it to me!”

Charlize replied with a vibrant smile.

As soon as she heard that answer, the empress’s eyes quickly widened again in astonishment.

“What ……regardless the crown prince is just a boy, he doesn’t have an eye for things.”

“No, I just said you were pretty, right!” retorted Damian internally.

Damian was very upset but kept quiet.

The empress looked down on the ribbon fluttering from the back of Charlize’s head with a look of rejection.

Then she continued talking.

“For Charlize, a more noble and elegant, splendid and beautiful ribbon suits her.”

While utilizing all kinds of adjectives and putting them together, the Empress delivered each word with a straight face.

Then, Charlize shook her head in disagreement, knowing clearly the true value this ribbon held for her and for Damian.


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