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A look of doubt crept across Damian’s face.


“It’s nothing,” said the Empress.

The Empress turned her head to avert his gaze.

Damian, who was looking at the Empress, chose to smile bitterly rather than confront her about it.

‘You remind me of Charlize.’

Those words were so painful.

Although now imprisoned, Damian was still the Crown Prince of the empire.

And yet, at the very least, he resembled Charlize, that five-year-old maid.

‘That’s how powerless I am,’ thought Damian begrudgingly.

Even Damian in his current state was inferior to Charlize in every way.

Unlike himself, who couldn’t even think of leaving the crown palace, let alone come up with a way to change his predicament or at the very least have the will to free himself.

Damian remained imprisoned both physically and mentally.

But Charlize, she overcame all barriers to come visit Damian.

She took care of him when he was sick and even asked the Empress for help, how could he possibly live up to her.

On the other hand, Damian only kept on receiving help from Charlize, when would he do the same for her

When would he repay her for all she did for him and live up to his title as Crown Prince of the Winsor Empire

Damian’s thoughts ran silent in the whirlwind of emotions he felt.

He knew he couldn’t go on like this and sought for change.

Grappling with himself, one person came across his mind, Charlize.

In that moment, he found his resolve and would voice it with strength.

‘……But I can’t stay this powerless forever.’

Damian rolled his hand into a fist, clenching it forcefully.

As he clenched his fists, his bones stood out from his skinny arms.

He had to be a little stronger.

Only then will I be able to protect myself as well as those around me.

Damian opened his mouth.

“Now, I think Her Majesty, the empress, cannot help but feel burdened by me.”





The Empress blinked and stared at Damian, awaiting his answer.

A firm voice rang.

“From now on, I will do my best so that I won’t become a burden.”

“… … I’ll try my best.”


I may not have enough strength right now; I may not be able to protect the people around me but still- “

The scarlet eyes that looked up at the Empress were suddenly shining with determination.

“At the very least I don’t want any harm to come to the people around me.”


“So, one day I want to protect you somehow.”


“The person who reached out to me during my most difficult time.”

The girl who one day suddenly came poking her head through a dog hole of the Crown Prince’s palace.

The girl who brought laughter back to me when I had forgotten how to smile, shared warmth with me and cried when I was in pain.


The Empress, who still retained Damian in her sight, shook her head slightly.

“Well, I think the crown prince misunderstood one thing.”

Beautiful dark green eyes stared straight at Damian.

“From the beginning, I was not greedy for the position of the Empress.

So, the crown prince has nothing to fear.”

“What do you mean”

Damian’s eyes were like the startled eyes of a rabbit.

But the Queen’s words were not over yet.

“And I, rather than having to hear you say sorry, Crown Prince, prefer the opposite.”

“I would like to hear you say ‘Thank You’ more often from now on.”

The Empress said so with firmness in her tone.

Damian’s eyes fluttered repeatedly.

However, rather than looking at him with a gloomy face.

The empress smiled brightly.

” It’s good to see you so lively.”

Just then, the door opened.

“I’m here!”

It was Charlize.

With both hands, she carefully held a tray with a bowl of soup on it.

A savory aroma rose from the hot soup.

The Empress panicked, swiping the tray from Charlize.

“Charlize, what if you got hurt, why did you bring this steaming hot tray by yourself”

“I’m fine, I’ve done this a lot before!”

“Anyway, I wouldn’t ask someone a little older for this… …”

Though the empress remained concerned for her safety, she chose to trust that Charlize was responsible enough to care for herself.

The Empress then gazed lovingly at Charlize, her eyes full of affection.

With the affectionate air flowing between the two, Damian somehow felt like he was going to have an upset stomach.


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