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I went to Damian again.

I wanted to show off the chick doll given to me by the Empress as a gift.

“What do you think”

I took out my chick doll in front of Damian, holding it proudly.

At first, Damian was baffled at what he was looking at, then he realized it was a doll of some sort……what was it supposed to be

 “… … A duck”

“It’s a chick!” exclaimed Damian.

Despite Damian’s first questionable answer, he.was correct so I congratulated him.

“Hey, I thought it was a duck too! But you recognized it easily like it was a piece of cake!”

Damian protested with a surprised expression.

“No, how can anyone easily see this as a chick!”

“It’s a chick!” Her Majesty made this for me!”

“… … What The Empress made this doll herself”

Damian gave a mysterious expression.

“Why are you making that face”

“I see you really like this doll but you’ve had other dolls before right”

I looked at my doll, appreciating all the effort the empress put into it.

I held it closely before answering.

“Yes! Actually, it’s my first time having a doll!”

It really was.

A doll is usually something that children play with, right

But since I’m a maid, I thought I wouldn’t play with things like dolls in my life.

I stroked the soft fur of the chick doll with a pleased face.

Damian, who was looking at me, asked me in a serious tone.

“Then, what about the ribbon”


“How many times have you ever received a ribbon as a gift”

“Well, that’s my first time, too.”

I answered but was puzzled, just what point was Damian trying to make

In that moment, Damian made a satisfied expression.

“… … I don’t know why you’re satisfied just from asking me that.” Damian wasn’t telling me something but I chose to ignore it.

I shrugged and pulled out the ribbon he gave me as a gift.

“Anyway, here’s the ribbon you gave me, Crown Prince.”


“I’ve decided I’m going to use it to decorate Pippi.”

“… … You’ve already named it Pippi”

Damian was obnoxious, so what if I named him Pippi, he’s precious to me.

But Damian didn’t care and made fun of my doll.

Who cares It’s my doll, I’m going to name it.

I tied the ribbon around the doll’s neck and held the doll towards him.

Look at this, it’s pretty!

“Like this!”

“That ribbon, I gave it to you, for you.”

“If you add the both of them together, it’s even better!”

See how great the two are together I asked rhetorically.

I didn’t hate Damian.

Damian had a face with a lot to say but this time, he kept quiet and said nothing.

That’s odd.

Normally, he would have said a few mean things by now.

I handed the doll to Damian.

He suddenly took the doll and hugged it.

“… … It’s soft.”


I smiled at him as he hugged the doll.

Damian, who was stroking the doll’s fur, eventually smiled after me.

I left Damian afterwards to continue with the day.

It was early in the morning and the sun was shining brightly.

That said, walking down the hallway early in the morning, I was full of ambition to change all the cloth-related items in the Crown Palace.

I’m doing this just for Damian.

Of course, I’m well aware the reason why Damian had been seriously ill recently was because of ‘the fever’.

However… ….

‘ Damian could still be affected by some parts of the Crown Prince’s palace that haven’t been cleaned yet.’

Of course.

Dust is the source of all evil.

Besides, who else would be able to take care of Damian’s health

Agreeing with myself, I nodded my head and proceeded to move quickly.

Then, a familiar face caught my eye from the other side of the hallway.

It was Maid Hayden.

“Oh my, Lize.”

Maid Hayden spoke to me in a soft, delicate voice.

“Are you headed to the Crown Palace this morning as well”

“Oh, no! I’m not going to the Crown Prince’s palace, I’m off to go to the laundromat at the Imperial palace!”

“Oh, the laundry room at the Imperial Household Why are you headed there”

“Is it already that time again to wash the drapes and blankets in preparation for winter in the Crown Prince’s palace”

I nodded my head repeatedly.

Maid Hayden lightly patted my head with a beautiful smile on her face.

“Oh my, I’m proud of you.”

“Hehehe, even though it’ll be summer soon, it’s good to prepare beforehand.”


Now it’s time to change the bedding and curtains.”

I clenched both fists, eager and excited!

Alright, we need to put a soft summer blanket on Damian too!

We’ll even replace all the curtains with new ones!

“But Lize, don’t overdo it.

Because you’re still young, okay”

“Yes, I won’t!”

After sharing one last friendly smile, Maid Hayden left to perform other chores and tasks.

Watching her depart, I made up my mind once more.

“Because everyone is so nice to me…… I have to do my best, too.”


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