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For a moment, my breathing stopped and my heart sank, crushed at the thought of the Empress abandoning me.

“If you think about it, she’s a clever one.” said Becky.

“I’m smart” whispered Charlize.

“Think about it, anyone not close to her got kicked out, remember She had us discarded like we were nothing, taking what should have been rightfully ours, our privilege.”

Becky had more to say but reminiscing made her more bitter, so she stood in silence for a moment.

Calming down, she spoke softly to the maids in hushed tones, wanting to lighten the mood, the pain she felt was ever-present, still fresh within her mind as if played on loop.

Nevertheless, she cracked a joke.

“In the end, she took advantage of the Empress’s favor, did she not”

“What exactly am I listening to” said Charlize.


Being really young and already manipulating others … …”

Loud laughter erupted from the maids.

When I heard the laughter, I instinctively raised my shoulders to protect myself as if I had been beaten with a whip.

It’s not like that.

But how can I explain anything to them in this situation

No matter how much I could say, they wouldn’t even listen to me.

I was discouraged.

But then.

“And you’re right, since when has the Crown Prince been recognized as the Crown Prince”

… … What!

In an instant, my eyes flared at the knowledge that Damian was being talked badly about.

I raised my head up defiantly, my mind racing on what to do, thinking of every conceivable action.

“That’s right.

There’s a lot of rumors that he’s going to be an abandoned prince.”

“Right! But I think he’s already exempted from inheriting the crown and only holds the title by name!”

“They’re serving at the crown prince’s palace but it’s still not enough.

Isn’t this too far, how can you all be so full of yourselves” said Charlize in her thoughts.

“Why does this brat have to bother us so much, doesn’t he know we’re the only maids that serve him He should be on his knees, thankful to have us!”

“We should give the brat a piece of our mind! Teach him a lesson to put him in his place!”

“What did you say about Damian! No, you’ll tell only me!” yelled Charlize internally.

Why is Damian the butt of your jokes and gossiping!

However, the insults and complaints from the maids continued endlessly.

I couldn’t stand it anymore and took a step forward.


As soon as I called the maids, the maids became silent as if I had poured cold water on them.

I narrowed my eyes and addressed the maids.

“Are you done talking”

“Who is she” said one maid.

“You little rat! How dare you intervene when the adults are talking.”

The maids chimed in, clicking their tongues, detesting Charlize.

But right then.

Becky pointed at me with a grimace.

“You, Charlize!”

“Oh, she’s ‘that’ Charlize”

Naturally, the gaze of the other maids also became unpleasant.

The maids surrounded me, pouring out rude words in an unrestrained manner.

“Oh my God, look at her with her eyes wide open! Scared, Charlize Too afraid to say something” exclaimed one maid.

“There’s nothing wrong with what Becky said, right” uttered the other maid.

“Someone as small as you, clever Ha!”

When I saw how the maids looked at me, I barely swallowed a sigh that was about to come out.

I don’t know where to start pointing out their actions.

“In the first place, it’s wrong to speak informally to an official maid of the empress, but…….”

“What kind of rude remark were you going to say to His Majesty, the Crown Prince”

This was what I wanted to ask the most.


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