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TL/N: Here’s the chapter you missed out on yesterday.

I’ll upload a chapter on Sunday to cover for that missed day.

As a heads-up, I’ll be busy for the next few weeks, so expect some days where I might upload a chapter on the next day.

Anyways, enjoy reading! >_<

However, contrary to his angelic appearance, which made him seem like he wouldn’t harm a fly, this beautiful man was holding Becky’s wrist quite forcefully, I might add.

“Let, let go of me……!” cried Becky.

At the crushing pain, Becky’s whole body writhed in agony as she tried to get away from the man.

“Oh, you want me to let you go”

The man raised an eyebrow.

“If you want, I’ll do it.”

Then as if he had touched a filthy rag, he released Becky’s wrist.

Becky dropped to the floor like a disposed rag doll.


The man looked down at Becky with a bone-chilling gaze.

“Watch that mouth of yours or you’ll be screaming even more.”

Becky looked up at the man with a weary expression on her face, drained of all her energy.

The man returned her gaze with an eerie smile.

“That mouth is your undoing.”

“I, I……” stammered Becky in fear.

“She’s indecent, doesn’t know manners, and she disregards the status of her superiors.”

Contrary to the cheery tone in his voice, the man’s eyes reflected the complete opposite.

“She was gossiping all over the place.”

“But… …”

“Not only about the Crown Prince but her Majesty, the Empress as well, recklessly badmouthing them… …” said the Duke as he cut her off from speaking.

Becky was now trembling like an aspen in the wind.

As I listened to the man’s slow dialogue, my teeth chattered as if I had swallowed a piece of ice.

Not to mention, the man’s red hair and vivid green eyes reminded me of someone I was familiar with.

That person is… ….

“You’re, Your Excellency, the Duke of Rochester!”

A woman who entered the laundromat, almost screamed when she saw the man.

She was the court lady who was in charge of the laundromat.

Wait, you’re the Duke of Rochester!

Surprised as if I was going to pass out, I widened my eyes.

When I looked around, the other maids had the same expression as me.

No wonder I thought he resembled the Empress for some reason… …

‘You really must be the Duke of Rochester!’

Matthews Rochester.

The Duke of Rochester and the head of the noble family.

His splendid appearance proves that the young duke currently stands at the apex of the imperial nobles.

Also, the Duke… … He’s the older brother of our empress.

That means… ….

“Um…did our probationary maids do anything wrong” asked the court lady.

… … It was at this moment, Becky and the other maids who teased the Empress were done for.

The maids looked my way with contemplation, silent remorse evident on their faces.

The Duke’s smile darkened a bit.

“This probationary maid and those maids made fun of his Highness, the Crown Prince and Her Majesty the Empress,” he answered.

Although it was a simple statement, the repercussions it spread were truly enormous.

But the Duke’s words were not over yet.

“Besides, this probationary maid was not only arguing with an official maid but also threatening her… …” said the Duke as the atmosphere shifted to one completely dominated by his presence. 

How amusing.

The tone in his voice conveyed how apathetic he was to how Becky or the maids felt.

The court lady was speechless, unsure of what to do, and so-called out to the Duke.

“Y- Your Excellency!”

“It seems that the court lady must re-educate her maids and probationary maids.”

However, the Duke only answered coldly.

The court lady’s complexion became as white as a sheet of paper in an instant.

At that moment, Becky crawled miserably on her knees and grabbed the Duke’s trousers in an attempt to dissuade him.

“I am so sorry! This time, this time, so… …” pleaded Becky.

“If you are really sorry, shouldn’t you humbly accept the punishment”

Having said that, the Duke pulled his feet away with an elegant movement.

“Your Excellency, please… … !”

“I have no intention of letting this go.”

At those resolute words, Becky’s body slowly slumped to the floor.

Becky sat down with a bewildered look on her face, so utterly shocked to the point, she couldn’t process what had just happened.

“I’m going to ask both of you myself so that I can look forward to what kind of disposition will be made.”

The Duke of Rochester, who made his position clear, suddenly fixed his gaze on me.

Uh, me Why me

I felt like I was getting chills.

Excuse me, I didn’t do anything wrong.…

At that time, the Duke asked me a question in an indifferent voice.

“You said you were the maid of the empress.”

“What Yes, twat’s right.

I’m Charlize.” 

Perhaps he didn’t like my incorrect pronunciation as his dark green eyes narrowed.

“Are you going to the Empress Palace”

“Yes, I am!”

“Then go.”

Leaving only that remark, the Duke took the lead.

While following the Duke in a hurry, I glanced back unknowingly.

Becky and the maids were staring at us from behind with blank faces.

Something told me that I would probably never see their faces in the Imperial palace again.

Emotions surged as I jerked my head forward, only to be taken by surprise.

It was because the Duke had walked far ahead without me realizing it.

Why are you walking so fast!

“Such short legs,” the Duke commented quickly.

Only after teasing me about my short legs, did I start running and kept pace with the Duke.

“Well, thank you.

Thank you for helping me.…”

I gasped for breath, breathing heavily through my mouth.

Then, the Duke looked down at me with an emotionless gaze.


Can’t I even say thank you” thought Charlize, slightly unnerved and irritated.

Still focused on me, the Duke was slow to speak.


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