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The Duke continued his words.

“Caring for the Crown Prince… … is an act of great offense in the eyes of his Majesty, the Emperor.”

“That part has already been forgiven by his Majesty, the Emperor.

His Majesty also understood my explanation,” answered the Empress.

“Yes, I know.

But you’re in a position where you must consider how other people view you as well,” replied the Duke.

I held my breath.

The Duke’s words were like shards of glass.

They pierced deep into my heart.

But the saddest thing is…….

‘All of those words… … It makes sense.’

I bit my molars tightly without realizing it.

This whole time spent with the Empress… … am I merely a hindrance to the Empress’s responsibilities

Since I’m young, I’m still at an age where she can brush aside my immature demeanor because of my cuteness.

For now, she can dismiss all the inconveniences I cause, but… … 

Suddenly, I remembered the yellow cat I had seen earlier at the palace.

I remembered watching the cat and the voices of the maids passing by, “It’s not cute anymore now that it’s all grown up.”

“Others may think that you have lost your judgment because you are too fond of the little maid,” said the Duke.

“Stop it, Charlize is like my little sister.”

At that time, the Empress cut off the Duke’s words in a sharp tone.

“Even if you’re my brother, I don’t want to hear you speak so rudely……”


In an instant, the sound of teacups and teapots clashing rang out loudly.


I swallowed my saliva.

My whole body was exhausted, so I lost my balance and ended up slightly bumping into the trolley.

At the same time, the door to the room flung wide open, it was the Empress.

“Oh my God, Charlize! Are you okay”

“Yes, yes.

I’m okay!”

I answered hastily as I quickly tried to reorganize all the teacups and teapots on the trolley.

However, on account of me being extremely embarrassed, my hands just wouldn’t stop fidgeting.

‘Oh, why did I have to make a mistake now!

Seeing me in a cold sweat, the Duke had an ominous expression on his face.

But he quickly straightened his expression, opening his mouth ready to capitalize on this moment and speak his mind in a cold and blunt manner.

“No matter how young she may be, that child there is a maid of the Empress’s palace.

There’s standards to uphold and it’s time for you sister to face reality.”

“Really, brother!” shouted the Empress, fuming.

“Why, I didn’t say anything I shouldn’t have,” said the Duke.

… … That was correct.

I wanted to avoid the Duke’s eyes somehow, so I shrugged my shoulders slightly and slowly looked the other way.

Right now I’m just… … I’m just pathetic.

The Empress gently patted my shoulder.

“Lize, don’t worry about what my brother said.”

“… …but.”

“Tea and refreshments, thank you very much.

Leave the trolley to me.”

“It’s fine, you can leave now.”

The Empress ended it there, finishing her words in a friendly voice.

I nodded my head and hurried out.

Closing the door behind me, the breath I had been holding in the whole time came out.


After walking some distance away from the parlor, I just stopped, my body leaning against the wall, slowly sliding down to the floor.

I squatted on the floor, straining my eyes and staring at the clean marble floor in anguish.

If I hadn’t done that… …I felt like I was going to cry.



“Hey, Lize!”

Oh my god!

Startled, I lifted my head.

Chief Maid Weber was looking at me with a puzzled look.

“Why the long look, Lize”


“Is something wrong What are you thinking about” asked Chief Maid Weber worried.


I bit my lip.

I couldn’t hear what Chief Maid Weber said, her voice was drowned out by all my thoughts.

At that time, the words the maids whispered in the laundromat remained vivid in my mind, echoing clearly in my ears.

‘ I’m still a child, the Empress only cares for me because I’m cute.’

‘If I grew just a little…would I lose the Empress’s favor Would she dispose of me No, remember her promise! But, what if what the Duke said was true Maybe…’

The more I try not to think about it on purpose, the more it lingers in my head… ….

‘I keep spacing out.’

No, let’s not think about it anymore.

I shook my head to shake off my negative thoughts but it was to no avail.

Maybe the feelings that the Empress had for me were really only a fleeting moment of sympathy.

When I grow up and I’m no longer young.

Even if it’s a feeling that will disappear naturally… ….

Even if she has no sympathy left for me… … I still want to be with the Empress.’

To do that, I’ll have to work a little harder.

It won’t be easy but I’ll make it happen! The Empress…her majesty means everything to me!

So I’ll become the talent needed at the Empress’s Palace so that I can stay by her side.


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