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Um, was what I said really weird

“So, you think that I adore you because you’re a child”

The empress has summed up what I said in a single sentence.

I couldn’t answer that.

Because… … she was right

“You’re afraid that when you grow up, I won’t feel affection for you anymore.”

“You’ve been working hard to make yourself a useful person.

Is that what you meant” 

Her sharp question lingered in my ears.

“Then, even when you’re no longer young, you can stay by my side, right”

At the empress’s sharp voice, I bowed my head.


Seeing me nod my head, the empress lifted her hand from my forehead.

“How did you come up with that idea No, no.”

The empress, who shook her head, had a fierce shining glare in her eyes.

“Ugh, until next time brother.

When I get my hands on you… ….”


Surprised at what I heard, I raised my head.

At that moment, the empress withheld her wrath, knelt down to meet my gaze, and opened her lips.

“Let’s say you have a brother.

If that sibling grows up and becomes an adult… …”

The empress asked me a question.

“Are you not going to love your brother anymore”

“Oh, no.

That can’t be the case… …,” I responded.

“It’s the same thing.”

At the resolute voice of the empress, I closed my lips and listened.

“Look at me and my brother.

I’m already an adult, but my brother treats me like a little sister, right”

“… …Your Majesty.”

“It’s the same for me.”

A faint smile appeared on the empress’s lips.

It was a smile as warm as the sunlight of a spring afternoon.

“I will continue to love you no matter how much you grow up, even when you become an old grandmother.”


“That’s what I meant when I think of you as a little sister.”

As soon as I heard that voice, something deep in my heart jumped up.

At the moment when Charlize was biting her lips and controlling her emotions, the empress’s sweet voice caressed her ears.

“I like you no matter what you look like, I don’t love you because you’re young.”

… … I see.

Suddenly, I remembered what Damian had said.

The reason people like someone is not because they have certain characteristics or conditions.

‘They like the person just because she or he is that person.’

That’s right.

The empress didn’t like me for any other reason, she liked me because I was ‘Charlize’.

My heart feels warm and fuzzy.

“By the way, I think I already promised not to abandon you the other day.

Don’t you remember”

“Oh, no! Remember!”

How could I ever forget such an important thing

I opened my eyes wide.

The empress spoke to me in an envious, stern voice.

“I can’t believe you were worried about such useless things even after receiving the promise that the empress made herself.”

The empress was about to tease her until a thought popped up in her mind.

She then smiled with mischievous eyes.

“Isn’t it too disrespectful to the empress”

“I’m sorry, that’s… …”

“If you’re sorry, eat the madeleines on this plate.”

“Eat all of them.”

The empress winked and pointed to the plate of madeleines.

With that random remark, I stopped being puzzled.

What does sorry have to do with eating snacks

As if talking about the greatest secret in the world, the empress lowered her voice and whispered.

“In these madeleines, there’s a spell that makes you forget your worries and troubles.”


“Yes, so if you empty that plate, all the worries that weigh on your heavy heart will disappear.”

I slowly picked up a madeleine.


I took a bite and the sweet taste brushed the tip of my tongue, spreading throughout my mouth.

As soon as I finished eating one madeleine, the empress reached out and wiped off the madeleine powder on my cheek.

“What do you think You won’t worry about that anymore, will you”

“No, I won’t.”

With tears in my eyes, I smiled broadly.

The empress’s face looked relieved upon seeing my smile.

I picked up another madeleine.

As I shoved the madeleine into my mouth, I swallowed joyful tears that were about to burst.

Because I can be with the empress in the future and because she told me that she will always like me…….

‘I’m so glad.

After finishing the conversation with the empress, my mind felt much lighter than before.

When I came to my senses, I was smiling so much.

I spent the next day smiling all the time and by chance met Damian on my way to the laundromat. 

Together in the laundromat, Damian asked me a question. 

“Why are you smiling so much”

Damian, who couldn’t understand why, scolded me.

As I was sorting out the dry laundry sent from the laundromat, I ignored his scolding and answered him. 

“It’s up to me.

Why You don’t want me to be happy”

“No, that’s not it……huh”

Damian, who was about to reply, suddenly opened his eyes wide.

“You……the way you talk.”

“What’s wrong with my way of talking”

“Since when have you been so…..bubbly Also, you haven’t mispronounced anything since we met today.

Did something happen”


For a moment, I was surprised too.

You’re right.

I’m no longer mispronouncing words because of my short tongue anymore.

“Wow, well you’ve finally become a little more human.”


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