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“Is…is that so”


I couldn’t help but feel my face getting hotter and hotter, I swallowed my saliva dry.

Oh my, really.

Oh, why now

My face, it’s definitely burning red!

Then Damian asked me in a worried voice.

“Lize, are you feverish Your face is really red……”

“Um, don’t worry about it!”

I shouted that aloud without realizing it. 

Damian grumbled with a dissatisfied face.

“No, why are you screaming”

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

I became embarrassed.

Damian, with a somewhat sweaty face, got up quickly.

“Okay, I’m thirsty, so I’m going to get some water.”

Damian, who spoke as if reading a Korean book, disappeared into thin air.

Left alone, I looked down at the towels lying in front of me.

Damian’s poorly folded towels caught my eye.


By the end of it all, I burst into laughter. 

It wasn’t until the sun went down that I left the Crown Prince’s palace.

“Oh, my.

I need to get back quickly.”

I glanced up at the red-tinted sky and made fun of my short strides.

Recently, as the time I spend at the Crown Prince’s palace has been getting longer, the number of times I’ve returned to see a sad expression on the Empress’ face has been increasing.

I wanted today to be different so I was going to go home early but…….

“It’s all because of Damian.” Who told him to leave towels open like that’

I stayed much longer than I expected, re-folding those messy towels.

Still, it was worthwhile to move as quickly as possible, and soon enough the Empress’s Palace came into view in the distance.

If I make good time, I don’t think I’ll miss dinner time, at least that’s what I thought.


A familiar cat popped out.

It was the yellow cat that was sitting outside the palace.

The cat pretended to be close to me by rubbing its body against my legs.

“Wow, what’s up with you” He’s being really friendly right now.”

As I was stroking the cat’s head, I hurriedly rummaged through the pockets of my apron.

Just in case there’s a day like this, I prepared snacks in advance!

When I placed the shredded jerky in front of the cat, the cat started eating the jerky with a sheepish sound.

Ummm, to think I ended up being a snack shuttle like this…….


I called out to the yellow cat.

The cat however was too busy having its nose stuffed in jerky, it didn’t pay any attention to me.

Still, there was something I really wanted to say to this cat.

“You know, you’re just a cute and adorable kitty.”


The cat lifted its head twinkly as if it had understood what I was saying.

As I looked into the cat’s lime-colored eyes, I smiled.

“You can’t be discouraged just because you’re an adult cat.

Got it”

After saying that, I got up.

My steps to the empress palace were very light.

But I eventually reached the empress’s palace just in the nick of time for dinner. 


It was a new day.

Today, however, was somewhat uneventful due to a difficult situation. 

As to how I got into this difficult situation, I have to go back an hour ago.

Today was the only day among all the people in the Empress’s Palace that I was the only one to keep working.

The empress who is passionately devoted to everything, suddenly decided to visit other palaces.

‘I wonder how the maids of other palaces work!’ said the empress.

Because she wanted that, maid Hayden took the empress outside to see the other palaces.

Chief maid Weber was also away from work for a while.

Left alone like that, I finished my work early and climbed up on a bench in the garden.


With a brief yawn, I blinked my sleepy eyes.

It’s really a good day to take a nap.

The sky is blue like colored glass, the summer heat is tolerable, and cool breezes every now and then.

Normally, I would have found a job other than sitting down, but I didn’t want to do that today.

That’s right, the weather is so nice.

‘I can take a break on a day like today.’

I relaxed and enjoyed the warm sunlight pouring over me.

After the ‘obsession to be young’ was gone, my mind was much more at ease than before.

…….Is it because of that I’m so relaxed

Unfortunately, I didn’t notice a dark shadow over my head until it was too late.



Startled, my body sprung into action.

Sure enough, the man standing in front of me was enough to shock me!

“The, the Duke of Rochester”

Why is the Duke here!


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