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“What is it, kid It’s not like I’m in a place where I’m not allowed.

Why are you acting so shocked”

In response to the sour answer, I froze solid.

No, hold it right there!

Can’t he please be considerate to this helpless and poor maid by contacting me in advance when he visits

If someone like the Duke of Rochester suddenly comes to visit, my heart will fail!

“By the way, I came to see her Majesty, the Empress.

Where is she”

“Oh, she’s not here right now.

She said she was going to meet the maids of other palaces.”

Then the Duke looked down at me with a subtle face.

“You mean Her Majesty will visit them in person Can’t we call the maids to the empress”

“Oh, she said she wanted to check personally how things are going at least once….”

“Really That’s just like her.”

Even if he hid his emotions, the Duke, who was a fool for his younger sister, could not hide his delighted smile.

I posed a question to the Duke as I quickly concocted an idea.

“Um, would you mind waiting in the parlor Or should I tell the empress that the Duke stopped by”

Giving him two options, I prayed and prayed in my heart that the Duke would choose the latter.

Of course, the Duke’s choice had already been decided though.

“I’ll wait in the parlor,” replied the Duke.

“……Okay, I’ll accompany you.”


To hide any sagging of my shoulders, I raised my shoulders and gave them strength.

At that time, I was walking ahead of the Duke at a brisk pace.

“Something’s different.”


The Duke had suddenly called me.

As I glanced back, the Duke of Rochester was looking at me with a sharp gaze.

“You’re speaking properly now.”

“Ah, yes.”

Yes, I really am speaking properly now.

I finally graduated from being short-tongued.

I smiled happily with pride.

However, the Duke soon had a change in tone, his face became serious.

“Don’t be mistaken.”


“Don’t think I’ll outright compliment you over and over again, otherwise how could I recognize your accomplishment as extraordinary, understand”

… … No, who asked for that I sure didn’t but I just nodded my head.

I guided the Duke to the parlor with a determined face.

‘Let’s not make a mistake this time.’

The last time the Duke visited the Empress’s Palace, I made a mistake while pulling the trolley.

This is my chance to make up for the impression of me that the Duke has devalued.

I dragged the trolley into the parlor, being cautious not to make any mistakes.

The Duke’s intrigued gaze followed me.

“I’m generous, so I won’t be disappointed if you make another mistake this time.”

“That’s not going to happen.”

I gritted my teeth and answered.

At that, the Duke chuckled.

……What’s so funny Am I funny

I was unaware that I had been staring at the Duke and as soon as the Duke noticed me staring at him, I was taken aback.

The Duke had wanted to question why Charlize had been looking at him for an uncomfortable amount of time but chose to let it go.

“Alright, carry on.” said the Duke.

“Fortunately, the Duke didn’t seem to care too much about me staring even though it’s considered rude behavior,” thought Charlize internally.

I set tea and refreshments on the table, being careful not to make any noise.

Placing the teaspoon and sugar bowl ever so gently, not the slightest of sound was made.

Okay, perfect!

Taking a step back, I looked at the table completely satisfied.

“Do you want a cup of black tea” I asked the Duke.


After I brewed the black tea, I poured the tea into the teacup, taking care not to splash the tea.

The Duke had been watching me the whole time, his face now expressed surprise.

He definitely didn’t expect this.

“By some way, you’ve managed to show me that there’s a maid in you yet.”

Excuse me, I’m the maid who rolled for the longest time at the education center.

I did my best but somehow that’s his only comment

If he was impressed by me then he should say it as he means it. 

I closed my eyes and breathed slowly to recollect my thoughts.

… … How can his every word be so annoying

I opened my eyes.

The Duke lifted the teacup in a picturesque motion and took a sip from the teacup.

He did it in such an attractive way, even I, who had seen the beauty of the century such as Damian and the Empress, was a little star-struck.


At the same time, I stiffened my shoulders.

Our gazes were locked with one another, I couldn’t help but be captivated by his looks.


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