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“…….I beg your pardon” Why didn’t this news come to me sooner”

The empress’s sharp voice disrupted my thoughts for a moment.

For now, let’s focus on the current situation.

I tried to shake off other thoughts.

At the same time, a calm and collected reply rang out.

“It’s because His Majesty the Emperor has rejected an invitation from Margrave Antes.”


I and the empress could not hide our astonishment.

The playfulness on the Duke’s face before disappeared as if washed away, just to prove that this wasn’t a joke.

“Is it really true”

“It is.”

The duke nodded his head slightly.

‘… … The great lord guarding the border asked for an audience but he refused’

Emperor, are you out of your mind

I opened my mouth.

The Duke seemed to have a headache, so he was pressing his temple with his index finger.

“Margrave Antes declared that he would not be able to endure any longer and that if the imperial family continued to refuse to provide support, he would give up the territory and resign.”

“Antes is the front line to stop the beasts.

And there hasn’t been any support as of yet”

“Yes.The Margrave has asked for support several times but his Majesty has rejected it.”

The Duke spoke without restraint, openly expressing his discontent. 

“Antes’s lands are receiving a half-price tax reduction due to the nature of its ability to keep the magical beasts at bay.”

“This can’t be…”


With the tax reduced, I was told to make up for the shortage by myself.”

In response, the Empress did not hide her disillusioned expression.

“Oh my God, why are you saying this now How can Antes survive without support!” exclaimed the Empress.

“I know.

But the Emperor is so stubborn, what should I do”

The Duke let out a long sigh, it was clear that persuasion was not working.

“Anyway, we can’t leave the matter unattended as it is, so I think we should hold a welcome dinner and prepare ourselves for it,” advised the Empress.

“Can we hold a dinner under the name of the Empress, brother”

“I think we should.”

The Duke, who nodded his head, continued speaking with a heavy voice.

“Actually, I don’t think the Margrave’s mood will get any better with a hearty dinner, so that’s the first problem.”

“His Majesty, the Emperor… …do you think he is going to attend”

“I hope so but it’s unlikely.”

In response to the empress’s earnest question, the Duke shed a brief laugh.

The Duke then rose up on his feet, his eyes still on the Empress.

“I’m sorry, Rose.

I have no one to ask but you.”

“Don’t say that, it’s something I must do as an Empress.”

At the Empress’s resolute reply, a slight smile crept over the Duke’s lips.

“Then I’ll take my leave now.

You’ll be busy preparing for dinner and I won’t take your time any longer.”

The Duke, who had finished speaking like that, unexpectedly greeted me as well.

“Goodbye, little one.”

“Hmm Oh, goodbye, Duke.”

I saw the Duke off with a bewildered face.

The Duke had taken his leave.

The Empress on the other hand gently laid both her hands on my shoulders and comforted me.

“Hey Lize, you just listened to stressing news.

I’m sorry you had to hear all that.”

“No, it’s okay.”

I gave a big smile. 

The Empress in return smiled brightly as well though her expression said otherwise.

“By the way, this is a big deal.”

“Is it a big deal”

“Even though I will personally host the event, his Majesty, the Emperor won’t be present.”

Her voice was heavy as if everything hung in the balance.

“From the standpoint of the Margrave, he’s been in a situation where he’s been neglected for long enough.”

Meanwhile, the Empress came to her senses.

“Hey, I don’t know why I’m talking about this with you.

You can leave while I try to sort this out.”

The Empress, who had said so, fell into deep thought again.

She seemed strained from all the thinking about how to entertain Margrave Antes and prevent him from succeeding from the empire.



Did I just come up with something

I blinked both eyes.

Even if his Majesty, the Emperor doesn’t attend, isn’t it enough to just show that he respects the Margrave Antes

At the same time, the Empress noticed I was still in the room and snapped out of her contemplation.

She glanced back at me.

“Lize Is there something you wanted to say”

“Oh, it’s nothing.”

I quickly shook my head and walked out.

After all, rather than judging and talking about this sensitive problem alone…..

‘It would be better to seek other people’s opinions first.’

Perhaps, Damian.

I’d say he’s a good match for counseling.


‘… … It would be good to know about Margrave Antes and his relation with Damian as well.’


When I thought of that name, my chest would become stuffy as if a large rock had been placed on my chest.

Because…..a person from the ‘Antes’ bloodline……

‘….will be the heroine married to Damian.’

Sienna Antes.


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