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“Then, even if it’s not necessarily his Majesty, the Emperor… …”

I glanced at Damian’s eyes.

“Isn’t it possible for an older member of the royal family to attend the dinner”


Damian’s face expressed bewilderment.

“Are you talking about grandma”

I nodded my head slightly.

“This is my opinion, but it’s already been five years since Her Majesty, the Empress dowager retired to her  palace.”

“That’s right.”

“I know.

Can’t she slowly return to make an official appearance” I asked with earnest intent.

Damian’s eyes shook violently when he heard me.

I could tell he had mixed feelings about this.  

‘The Empress dowager… …the Emperor said that she was against him usurping Damian’s throne.’

In fact, it wasn’t a matter of debate.

It was natural succession for her Majesty, the Empress dowager.

Damian was the only blood left from his Majesty, Emperor Seon, whilst being the eldest son and all. 

By that logic, Damian should have ascended to the throne but her younger son, now known as Emperor Vincent, wanted the throne for himself.

She couldn’t bear to witness her younger son harm her only grandchild.

It was with that, Emperor Vincent was furious with his mother for choosing her grandchild instead of him.

‘How could a mother do this to me!’

His anger was so great that he threatened his grandmother openly. 

‘Live as if you were dead.

If you don’t want to see your beloved grandson get hurt.’

After that day, I heard that the Empress dowager lived for her grandchild in isolation.

“Now might be the chance for the Empress dowager to make her long-awaited comeback.”



In fact, this situation is close to being neglected by his Majesty, the Emperor, right”

I shrugged lightly with a grin on my face because of what I came up with. 

“That means if the Empress dowager is present at this dinner….”

“Then what will happen”

“On behalf of ‘his Majesty, the Emperor,’ the Empress dowager will fill the vacancy instead.”

Damian didn’t respond immediately as he was still concentrating on what I was saying.

So I continued to speak calmly.

“So, it’s a win-win situation for everyone.”

“… … That’s right.

Margrave Antes’s pride will be protected and grandma will be able to return to the public without any commotion.”

At the surprised rabbit-eyed Damian, I smiled satisfied.

“And her Majesty, the Empress doesn’t have to be troubled anymore.”

In fact, this was the main purpose.

I don’t want to see sister Rose troubled, even if dirt gets into my eyes.

After a while.

“Did you tell Her Majesty, the Empress about this”


I was going to tell her after I asked his Highness for his opinion.”

I shook my head lightly as I answered his question.

Then Damian looked at me as if something was out of the ordinary. 

“You know what, Lize”

” Yes”

“You sometimes act like you’re 500 years old, not five years old.

It’s like you’re different on the inside.

I would even say you’re sly at times.”

Hah, hum…..

I had to try very hard to brush that off and not give anything away.

That’s right, my real mental age is that of an adult.


‘I must have acted too childishly because I was in a rush to find a solution.’

I’ll have to be a little more careful about my behavior in the future.

I looked at Damian and he looked firmly determined, he even flashed a smile at me.

“Anyway, it’s a splendid idea.”

“Wow, really”


I think it would be good to tell the Empress dowager.”

Hearing that friendly voice, I somehow felt a little sad.

One day, a heroine who will monopolize Damian’s bright smile will appear.

For now, I’m not going to think about this.

Sienna Antes.

In the end, that name was like a thorn and I just couldn’t get it out of my head.


The next evening, everything was set.

Under the auspices of the Empress, Margrave Antes’s welcome dinner was held.

As a place to welcome the great lord, the banquet hall was impeccably decorated without any blemishes in regards to formality.

But the atmosphere was filled with tension.

“How can you do this to us”

“Yes! It’s because of us repelling the demonic beasts, we’re fighting tooth and nail so that the empire can be so peaceful!”

The people from Margrave Antes’ lands were full of anger.

It was because the emperor, who should have listened to their opinions, was not present at all.

The nobles also rarely came because they were busy keeping an eye on the emperor.

Thus, the number of guests who attended the banquet was small enough to be counted on only ten fingers.

“Everyone, calm down,” requested Margrave Antes.

“Margrave Antes!” greeted the Duke.

“The Duke of Rochester attended the dinner.

He must have something in mind.”

At least Margrave Antes was still holding onto reason and comforting the people around him.

However, it so happened that the Margrave also had an empty stomach.

I could hear his stomach growling.

“If there’s no clear solution from this dinner, they might turn this place upside down.”


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