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“To request an emergency relief fund from the Council of Nobles signifies the urgency of the situation.”

The Duke maintained his calm yet serious demeanor in the face of Margrave Antes’s intense gaze.

“With this, you’ll automatically capture the public’s attention.”

“Oh, the public”

At the sudden subject, the guests widened their eyes.

The Duke elaborated slowly, unveiling the solution for Margrave Antes’s problems.

“His Majesty, the Emperor refused your request for assistance.”

The Duke’s voice echoed in the people’s ears. 

“So, Margrave Antes could not withstand the dire situation alone and thus requested an emergency relief fund from the Council of Nobles.”

No one dared to open their mouths.

Lest they miss a word the Duke says, all eyes were fixated on him.

“Margrave Antes’s lands are in such a difficult situation, it’s only a matter of time before the demonic beasts invade the empire after the Margrave’s lands collapse.”

The Duke’s eyes shone sharply.

“In the end, the people of the empire, the common man would suffer the most from the damage caused by the demonic beasts……now, what if you told that to the public”

The Duke slightly tilted his head as he saw one by one the astonishment written on the guest’s faces. 

“Mustn’t there be a consensus among the people of the Empire first before a budget can be approved and provided for Margrave Antes’s lands” inquired a guest.

Then the Duke shrugged his shoulders lightly.

“Even so, His Majesty is sensitive to public opinion, he can’t ignore it.”

“Yes, that’s right,” replied Margraves Antes.

The current emperor was, in truth, not very popular among the people of the empire.

This was because, despite the Emperor’s claim of acting as regent for the Crown Prince due to his young age, the decision resembled the removal of the legitimate heir to the throne and the usurpation of what should have been the Crown Prince’s throne. 

“In such a situation, if it was revealed that the Emperor had been neglecting even his duty to ‘protect the people of the empire’… ….”

“Well, you get the picture.

If public opinion becomes unfavorable towards his Majesty, he won’t be able to turn a blind eye to you any longer, Margrave Antes.”

The Duke of Rochester ended his speech masterfully.

“… … Damn, that’s great.”

“I didn’t know you’d come up with a solution like this.”

“That’s right.

I’m surprised by the insight you’ve shown me.”

Even as Margrave Antes was still fuming, he nodded his head in agreement. 

As the guests began to shower the Duke in praises, the Duke shook his head and raised his hand. 

“You’ve got it wrong.”


“I am not the one who came up with this solution, someone else did.”

The guests were puzzled.

If it wasn’t the Duke of Rochester, then who Who came up with this solution

The Duke wedged in the answer amidst the confused guests.

“This is the solution his Highness, the Crown Prince devised.”

As soon as she heard those words, the Empress dowager, who had been silent the whole time, raised her gaze slightly.

The many eyes that watched the Duke were left stunned. 

At the same time, the guests raced to ask questions.

“Do you want me to tell you about the Crown Prince” asked the Duke.

“But I heard that the Crown Prince is still imprisoned….”

“His Highness is currently under my protection.”

The Empress interrupted the conversation.

More questions followed after her answer but some doubted the Empress.

“Who takes care of who Is this allowed” questioned one guest.

“It was permitted by his Majesty, the Emperor.”

However, the Empress was only able to answer several of the guests’ questions.

“My thanks to you, Duke.

I was able to listen to the advice of the Crown Prince on this matter.

Give him my regards,” thanked Margrave Antes.

Unexpectedly, the guests began to whisper to one another.

The Empress dowager, who overheard the guests’ gossip, disregarded them because other things were on her mind.

The Crown Prince was deprived of his throne by the current Emperor and the Emperor’s wife.

I thought we couldn’t help but have a bad relationship after all that’s happened.….

‘…… Your relationship with my grandchild must be better than I thought, Empress.’

The Empress Dowager then looked at the Empress with a piercing gaze.

At that moment, the eyes of the two women met.


The Empress smiled awkwardly.

In return, the Empress dowager’s eyes softened.


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