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The banquet concludes.

The Empress, who was about to step outside, abruptly stopped in her tracks.

Before she knew it, it was raining.

“Gee, it was sunny when the banquet started….”

It wasn’t heavy rain but that didn’t mean the rain wasn’t light enough to just ignore.

Just when the Empress narrowed her brow.


At the unexpected call, she turned around surprised to see who it was.

The Empress dowager was walking towards her.

“Yes, Empress Dowager,” responded the Empress.

The Empress Dowager coughed a bit before opening her mouth.

“I should have said thank you in advance but I’m telling you this now because I didn’t have any prior context.”


“Thank you Empress for taking care of Damian.”

The Empress dowager, who said so, respectfully bowed her head to the Empress.

“I heard you even assigned a dedicated maid but I was too late to meet her.”

“Oh my God, how could you bow your head to me…..”

Shocked, she tried to dissuade the Empress dowager from her current action.

“…..I haven’t done anything for my grandchild in nearly five years as it could have brought harm to him.”

“….Empress dowager.”

“I am very grateful to the Empress for taking such care of him.”

The Empress dowager’s voice turned to whispers as she was overtaken by her emotions.

She trembled upon remembering all that had transpired. 

After the passing of her eldest son, regret washed over her for only watching her younger son push away her only grandson. 

And the sense of helplessness for not being able to stand up in defense of her grandchild.

Numerous emotions gripped the Empress dowager’s chest.

But then.


The Empress shook her head and held the Empress dowager’s hand.

“As the Empress of the empire, as a member of the imperial family, and… … as an adult.”

The hands that held the Empress dowager’s hands grew tighter.

“I have an obligation to take care of the Crown Prince, who is still a child.”

In response to the firm answer, the Empress dowager’s gaze shook.

“Because the current situation isn’t favorable for your Majesty, the Empress dowager, I am merely filling in for you now.”


“So please don’t thank me.Okay”

The Empress nailed it once more.

Finally, the Empress dowager lifted her head, gently closed her wrinkled eyes, and smiled.

It was a smile as bright as the sun.

“Your Majesty, I’m here to escort you.”

Just in time, a maid from the Empress dowager’s palace arrived with an umbrella open.

The Empress dowager nodded and looked back at the Empress.

“Then I’ll be leaving first, Empress.”

“Please return safely, Empress dowager.”

And with that the Empress dowager left.

The Duke approached his sister.

“Your Majesty.”

“Oh, brother.”

Perhaps because he was wary of prying eyes, the Duke regularly called his sister, Her Majesty.

The Empress laughed a little because she was content after speaking with the Empress dowager.

The Duke who watched as the Empress dowager walked further away, suddenly opened his mouth when the Empress dowager was far enough.

“Her Majesty, the Empress dowager was invited to this dinner.”

“Pardon” reacted the Empress.

“It was a very wise decision.”

Oh, why must my brother compliment me like that

The Empress opened her eyes wide.

“If Her Majesty hadn’t come, Margrave Antes would have been very furious.”

“Hmm, is that so” replied the Empress rhetorically. 

“For one reason or another, high lords are usually people with great self-esteem.”

Meanwhile, the Duke suddenly asked a question.

“By the way, how did you come up with the idea of inviting Her Majesty, the Empress dowager”


“This event was suitable for the Empress dowager to attend in many ways, but… …

The Duke looked at the Empress with great attention.

“Until now, the Empress dowager has refrained from any outside activities.”

“Well, that’s true,” acknowledged the Empress.

“May I ask how you invited such a person”

Then, the Empress’ face was filled with pride.

“Well, it was because Charlize came to see me last night.

Can you believe that

“Do you mean that kid”

The Duke narrowed his forehead without realizing it.

Either way, the Empress continued to speak with an excited voice.

“Charlize and I talked about it.”

“What do you mean”


The Empress looked pleased and recalled what happened yesterday.

“Um, Your Majesty,” said Charlize in an adorable voice as she approached the Empress with her short-legged gait.

Charlize looked up at the Empress with her eyes wide open.

‘Yes What’s the matter, Lize’ 

‘I have a question for you.’


Ask me anything.’

With that said, the Empress opened her arms.

Charlize crawled up on the Empress’s lap and hugged the Empress tightly with her arms around her neck.

‘I thought of this when I saw your Majesty stressed earlier.’

“Yes, yes.


‘Her Majesty, the Empress dowager is as great as your Majesty, isn’t it’


It was someone I never thought of.

The Empress, who was caressing Charlize’s back, unknowingly paused and stopped her hand.

Charlize asked the question again in an innocent voice.

‘So the Empress dowager, can’t she attend this dinner on behalf of the Emperor’

In an instant, the empress’s eyes became sharp.

That’s right.

There was the Empress dowager.

Perhaps Charlize asked that out of childlike curiosity.

Nevertheless, for the Empress, it was like rain in a season of drought.

The Empress, who briefly explained what happened yesterday, smiled brightly.


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