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“…So what do you think Our Charlize, isn’t she special”

“It just sounds like a child asking questions without thinking to my ears.”

“How can you say that”

The Empress intensified her gaze and glanced at her brother, who had an indifferent expression on his face.

“Well, she helped us out in the end!”

“Yes, well…I have to say, you’re right.”

Astonished by her brother, who so casually affirmed without debate, the Empress had a startled expression.

“Brother, are you saying I’m right”

“Is that something to be surprised about”

The Duke narrowed his brow.

“Anyhow, brother, what kind of person do you think I am”

“Well… for the sake of our friendship, let’s not answer that question.”

“Maybe next time then.”

Accepting that copped-out answer, the Empress smiled brightly when she recognized 2 figures coming in the distance.

Charlize ran from afar.

The Empress’ expression simply lit up.

“Did you come to see me, Lize”

“Yes!  Also, Your Majesty, here’s an umbrella!”

Charlize, who opened her umbrella wide, tried to position her umbrella above the Empress to cover her from the rain as she stepped forward.

But as soon as she realized the Empress’s stature was out of reach, she sullenly draped her shoulders.

Seeing that adorable face upset, a smile lingered on the Empress’s lips involuntarily.

“It’s alright, hand me the umbrella.”

“No, I can hold the umbrella instead of Charlize.”

Just then, chief maid Weber, who had followed Charlize, spoke.

But the Empress shook her head.

“No, it’s okay.

I want to share an umbrella with Charlize.”

“What Your Majesty is going to hold the umbrella herself”

“I think so.

Come here, Lize.”

The Empress had already made up her mind, opening her umbrella and motioning for Charlize to come to her side.

‘I wanna hug you right now, but… …’

Since there could be eyes watching, she put that thought on hold.

Regrettably, the Empress held Charlize’s hand tightly for now.

“Lize, did you come all the way here to bring me an umbrella”

“Yes, I am a maid of the Empress’s Palace!”

Charlize exclaimed enthusiastically.

The Empress looked like she was going to faint from all the cuteness as she looked down at Charlize.

“Oh Charlize, you’re so cute and I’m proud of you….”

At the sound of her gentle, flowing voice, Charlize became embarrassed.

‘Oh, I’m embarrassed… …’

It was a word that anyone could hear.

There was only one person who could protest to the Empress for improper interaction.

And that one person was the Duke of Rochester but he was preoccupied with his own world…….

The Duke pondered the relationship between his sister and that child.

Were his previous assumptions about them wrong The aftermath of the banquet and the Crown Prince was also on his mind. 

As to why the Empress loved Charlize, the Duke was convinced in real-time from their interactions.

‘Certainly, if it hadn’t been for the kid… … we wouldn’t have been able to solve this matter so easily.’

Of course, in the first place, this outcome was the result of the Crown Prince’s doing.

The solution that Damian came up with was absolutely effective.

And without Charlize, that very solution would not have never reached me.

“There’s a reason why Rose loves her.”’

He thought she just adored her because she was a cute child but apparently it was more than that.

Thinking about it, the Duke suddenly frowned.

“No, it’s not.”

In the end, if I recap, the little girl just conveyed the words of the Crown Prince, nothing more.

Just because things turned out well this time, it’s prudent not to make hasty judgments from now onwards however….

The Duke raised his head slightly, looking at the two people walking in front of him.

For some reason, he couldn’t take his eyes off the child’s small figure.


After a few days.

I was heading to the Crown Prince’s palace, humming along the way with a rolled-up newspaper in my hand.

My face was so cheery that the maids I usually pass by took notice and asked me a question.

“Lize, did something good happen”

I answered that something good did happen but didn’t explain in detail.

I reached the palace and met up with Damian. 

“Your highness, look at this!”

I held the newspaper I brought right in front of Damian’s face.

Damian freaked out.

The newspaper was too close for comfort, admittedly it was only a few inches from his face. 

“Gah! What’s this”

“Aren’t you going to read it”

I dangled the newspaper in front of him.

Damian narrowed his brow and began to read the newspaper.


Damian, floored, asked me with a surprised voice.

“Really, his Majesty, the Emperor, promised to provide full support to Antes”

“It’s true.

Oh, by the way, besides the full support.…”

I got close to Damian’s ear and whispered softly.

“Because of the newspapers, there’s a lot of talk about His Majesty, the Emperor having neglected his duty to protect the people.”



That’s why His Majesty said he was really angry.”

I added insidiously.

“Isn’t it so satisfying””

“Well, I know I shouldn’t agree with you… …”

Damian, who was frowning, eventually smiled.

“But you’re right.

It’s totally satisfying.”


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