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All right, then.

I clenched my fists and declared.

“Then, I must do better for the Empress dowager.”

“Huh Why all of a sudden”

Damian looked back at me with a puzzled face.

“Based on what you told me, Her Majesty, the Empress dowager saved his Highness’s life, right”

“Well, yes, but… …”

“In other words, thanks to Her Majesty, I and your Highness were able to meet like this.”

I stretched my chest and asked again. 

“So, she’s the person I should be thankful to, right”

“…..That’s right.”

Damian immediately turned the other way, pretending nothing happened but I already saw it. 

Damian’s ears sure do have a way of turning cherry red!

I poked Damian’ side.

“Hey, your highness.

Be honest, you feel better, right After saying it out loud”

“It’s not like that.

“Aren’t you being overly conscious”

Damian raised his voice in a fit.

Aww, that’s cute.

I looked at Damian with tears in my eyes as I held back my laughter. 

Actually, something that’s been on my mind countless times ever since Margrave Antes entered the palace was the ‘female protagonist.’

‘I came to the conclusion that the one who holds the key to Damian’s happiness is Sienna, the heroine.’

So after raising Damian well, let’s send him off nicely when Sienna appears.

If I do this… Damian will surely be happy this time, right

And if Sienna saves Damian, his desire for revenge will cease.

‘Yes, this is right.’

I made up my mind but couldn’t help but feel so heartbroken. 

And a few days later.

As I stepped into the Empress dowager’s palace, I heard an unpleasant whisper.

The source of the whispers were several maids gathered together.

“……Is that child the maid of the Empress”

“Oh, you mean that little maid that the Empress personally brought with her”

“Come to think of it, I heard that she was coming today…..”

“Just because she’s treated as a maid in the Empress’s palace, she’s not going to give us orders, is she” said one maid loudly in a condescending manner. 

The maids frowned amongst themselves, squinting at me with an air of hostility as they grumbled.


I let out a deep sigh.

It was because I felt all too familiar with this hostile feeling.

This is exactly the same atmosphere I felt when I first entered the Empress’s Palace, isn’t it

Nothing has changed since then.

Even the gossip is similar!

“How do I handle this” I whispered. 

In principle, I can punish the maids myself.

However, even if I reprimand them…….

“It’s a relief she won’t talk back,” said one maid.

It’s better if I don’t pick a fight with these maids.

Probably because I’m at a young age, it’s problematic when no matter how much I talk, my ears just won’t listen.

And it’s a problem to be too mature.

I remembered what Damian told me before, that I’m not like a five-year-old but I’m like a five-hundred-year-old.

I don’t want that to happen again, now do I

After contemplating deeply, my eyes lit up with a wickedly cunning plan in mind.


Should I try making a scene

I just want these territorial maids to see me as a young maid.

As thoughts rushed at the same time, I set my plan in motion and started by frowning a lot.

Sad thoughts.

Sad thoughts.

You have to think sad thoughts.

Let’s recall the sadness of losing the last remaining sausage to Damian.

I’m trying my best to cry! These tears will come out somehow or another!

“Heh, heh heh… …”

My efforts had paid off, tears began to swell in my eyes. 

The maids who pretended to not pay attention, stiffened their shoulders in surprise when they sneaked glances at me. 

“What, what”

“Why are you crying all of a sudden”

The maids looked at each other in bewilderment.

I burst into tears and dashed into the palace.

“Hey, maid!”

The place I was heading to was the supervisor’s office, where one of the handmaidens to the Empress dowager was staying.

Whoo! It’s a good thing I knew where I was in advance!

At the most convenient time, the handmaiden was in the supervisory office.

“Wait, little maid!” exclaimed one of the maids. 

“Wait a minute!” yelled another maid.

The surprised maids had followed after me, they looked as if they were going to faint.

Either way, I bursted into tears again in front of the supervisor’s office door.

“Ha-ah, ah-ah….handmaiden!”

“Oh, my.

What’s this fuss about”

She had suddenly opened the door and came out, frowning involuntarily at the sight before her.

“Why is Charlize crying”

“Well, we don’t know either!” responded one of the maids, still panting. 

“She just suddenly bursted into tears and ran all the way here!”

Excuse me

You talked behind my back.

You wanted me to hear you, now you’re saying ‘We don’t know either’! Are you going to come up with excuses next

I sobbed and complained to the handmaiden in the most pitiful voice possible.

“Madame, these maids must hate me.”

“…..What do you mean”

“Yes, I mean…..”


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